The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Twenty Years. I really can’t believe it’s been that long. Right after I graduated Paul Allen started a program to showcase his love of music, and the local heroes of the city. He called it the Experience Music Project, and it was one of the coolest things I’d ever been to. But it didn’t really catch on, and went through several different rebrands. Enter Frank Gehry (yes, the Guggenheim designer), a couple of smashed guitars, and viola! The MoPop was born. I’ll be honest, during its construction and subsequent opening, I was NOT a fan. The exhibits were amazing, don’t get me wrong. But the building….well, it was just plain ugly. It got a lot of press, some calling it brilliant, others “the ugliest building of our time”. Regardless, it is part of the Seattle Center landscape, and has changed how our city views not only music, but pop culture in general. So if you have a heart for art and all things contemporary, a stop at The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is a must!

Modern Marvels and Wonders

The Museum of Pop Culture is located in the Seattle Center at 325 5th Avenue N. and is open to the public daily between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. This one-of-a-kind nonprofit museum isn’t hard to miss with its sleek, abstract silver façade waiting to greet those who walk through the front door. The museum was co-founded in 2000 by Paul Allen, perhaps better known for his work with Microsoft. Initially, the museum was developed as part of the Experience Music Project but has since grown to embody, highlight, and display a wider variety of topics, subjects, and genres that relate to pop culture as a whole.

A Museum with a Mission

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is committed to cultivating creative expression that brings the community together and highlighting the best and most memorable of pop culture is a great way to do that. Guests who make their way to the Museum of Pop Culture can browse displays that feature everything from Minecraft and video game production to the culture of tattooing and a closer look at the rise and music of Nirvana. The museum features a sound lab where visitors can work on creating something unique of their own while those with a passion for guitar will want to be sure to wander through the guitar gallery and marvel at the impressive collection. The combination of continuous and revolving exhibits makes each stop at The Museum of Pop Culture a new experience to be enjoyed.

Enjoy the Best of Seattle

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Coronavirus Seattle: Keeping you safe.

While it’s easy to joke about the outbreak of the Coronavirus around the world, we here at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals are taking it quite seriously. We daily welcome guests from across the country and around the world, and we want you to feel safe while visiting our great city.  Like many, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus and its recent emergence in Washington State. We consider the health and well-being of our guests our highest priority, and as a precautionary measure have implemented a heightened daily disinfection practices for all homes, above and beyond our strict cleaning practices. We in Seattle Oasis Vacation are concerned about the health and wellness in Seattle.

These expanded practices include sanitizing hard surfaces within our homes, paying heightened attention to:

  • Doorknobs
  • Cabinet handles
  • Faucets
  • Eating Surfaces
  • All bathroom Surfaces
  • Television edges, remotes, and other electronics
  • Banisters
  • Light Switches

Our laundry is washed at a commercial laundry site that runs a sanitizing cycle as part of our normal service. Our floors are mopped with a sanitizing solution.  Our cleaners are using fresh cleaning rags and wipes as they travel from condo to condo, to avoid cross contamination.

In addition, while we have supplies are on hand, we are stocking our condo homes with alcohol swabs and Lysol spray, so that you can wipe down you own personal electronics and other devices you bring with you. We want to help you be comfortable and have peace of mind by providing wiping and cleaning products for your daily use of your condo and home’s spaces.

At this time, we will continue to follow the guidance of CDC and local health authorities. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming stay with us, please contact us, we’re here to help!


Two Great Places for Pinball in Seattle

Pinball: an intransitive verb meaning to move abruptly from one place to another, according to Merriam-Webster and their famous dictionary. Their example of using pinball in a sentence is “At 150 feet up, Harrington slipped and fell, pinballing off the rocks before finally being caught in her rope.” Ok. That’s probably accurate seeing as how it’s the job of the fine people at M-W to know what words mean and how to properly use them. Yes, you say. It’s most likely accurate. But who uses pinball as a verb? Not I, my friends. When I (and most of the world, I’m guessing) hear that word it instantly takes me to a happy place where the hot dogs are amazing and the beer is served in tall cans….Shorty’s! 

Shorty’s  – Seattle’s First Pinball Bar

This Seattle institution has been offering a Coney Island type experience to it’s patrons for over 20 years, and is one of the most fun attractions in Seattle. Named after the owner’s dog, it’s widely recognized as the first pinball dive bar in Seattle; and while I can neither confirm nor deny that statement, it’s rings true. I know I’ve been going there for after hours fun since the late 90’s. It was a kind of right of passage for those of us growing up in the Emerald City. The passage of time has seen the Belltown neighborhood where Shorty’s lives grow, some say for the worse, but that’s a whole other conversation. Regardless of how you feel about the gentrification and influx of yuppies and their money to the area, you can be certain that the terrifying clown on the front door will be welcoming you for years to come. 

Shorty’s is open 11:30 am to 2 am every day for it’s 21+ patrons. They are famous for their Shorty Dog, a Vienna hot dog served with all kinds of different toppings – and they’re all delicious. They also offer nachos and several types of salad sandwiches. Happy hour is offered daily from noon to 4 pm ($3.25 pints and $11 pitchers of Highlife) and again from 4 pm to 9 pm (PBR and a well shot for $8). There are 14 pinball and arcade machines, and two vintage bowling machines upstairs in the Trophy Room – which is available for special events and parties. If you’re looking for an unforgettable 40th birthday or bachelor party, this is the place to do it! Oh, and if you’re into boozy smoothies (and who isn’t?), they have a great selection. This last July they moved a few blocks down, but the change in address didn’t deter their loyal fans – who says pinball is just for kids?

Seattle Pinball Museum

If you love pinball, but have people under 21 in your life who want to spend some rainy-day hours indoors in one of the most fun attractions in Seattle, look no further than the Seattle Pinball Museum. It offers over 20 games, everything from a 1961 Williams Bo Bo to a 2017 Chicago Gaming Co. Attack from Mars. It’s open Thursday – Monday from noon – 6 pm, and has later hours until 8 pm on Friday and Saturday. Visitors 7 and up can play all the games, which all have cup holders for the vintage sodas (in glass bottles no less!) and craft beers offered at their snack bar. 

The Museum got its start in August of 2010 thanks to a neighborhood revitilazation program called Storefronts Seattle. They were given a grant to open a space to showcase vintage pinball machines for other enthusiasts and collectors in the International District – they wanted to offer an art exhibit that was as vintage as it was interactive. In June of 2011 they transitioned into an independent business and have been delighting patrons of all ages ever since. It now has games dating back to 1934, but also offers modern marvels as well. Trust me, there is something for everyone. Because they are always acquiring new games, a live list is kept on the their website for people looking for anything specific. They are also a certified distributor of games for collectors looking to pick something up. 

Taking Time to Enjoy These Famous and Fun Attractions in Seattle.

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Seattle’s Hidden Gem: The Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

July 15, 1897 I’m sure started like any other summer day in Seattle. While good portions of the city had been rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1889, there was much expansion to accommodate all the new residents that were trying to make a living in the timber, shipping, and railway industries that were growing. Men were working, building new buildings, unloading ships and rail cars, and keeping shops to feed and clothe Seattle’s residents. Women were sewing, cooking, teaching, and raising their children. Children, well, since the schools (all two of them) were barely operating at that time, the kids were either working or running amok. (Ok, that last part isn’t verified, but it’s a safe assumption.)

Gold Rush Fever Begins

Then a simple telegraph changed everything forever. It said that the S.S. Portland was on its way from St. Michael Alaska with 68 prospectors and a ‘ton’ of gold that they had found up in that frozen, and largely unknown, area. While the gold rush had actually begun a little less than a year prior, it took a while for news to spread – and for the men who made it rich to come back with proof of their fortune. Two days later the ship appeared and caused quite the stir to say the least. The Seattle PI (yep, around even then) sent reporters out on a tugboat to interview the returning heroes before they could even dock, and over 5,000 people came out to see what that much gold actually looked like. They weren’t disappointed. As the men came down the gangplank, they hired people from the crowd to help them unload their fortunes. The men cheered and secretly plotted to get a piece of the action. Women swooned and made sure the miners were, uh, taken care of. The children, I’m sure they were still running amok.

Many Try, Few Succeed

Gold Rush fever had struck Seattle and started a period of prosperity and growth that lasted (despite a few ups and downs) well into the 21st Century. The smart businessmen and merchants knew that the hordes of eager prospectors would need supplies for the long and often treacherous, journey up north. Those hordes would be needing not only goods for their trip, but they needed a place to sleep, eat, and entertain themselves while they waited for the next party leaving. It would either be by ship, for those who could afford it (the all-water route up to the Yukon River delta and down to Dawson), or by foot to travel the difficult route up the Alaskan panhandle and over the mountains to the Yukon River and then on to Dawson. Sadly, most of them never made it. Many turned around, unable to handle the harsh conditions of the trip. Some died, not having enough food or clothing to make it to Dawson. Between 1897 and 1900 more than 100,000 people tried to reach the Klondike, but it’s estimated that only about 40,000 actually made it.

But some did make it and found their fortune. And if it wasn’t enough to consider themselves Vanderbilt or Carganie rich, they did take what they made, returned to Seattle, and set themselves up with businesses catering to the men coming back with money to spend. Or came back with nothing but found work in Seattle due to the city’s expansion. Fun Fact: John Nordstrom invested $13,000 of his Klondike find into a shoe store – that store would eventually become the Nordstrom chain that we know today. And there are a lot of stories like that, some men started businesses that are still around today, and some built and opened hotels like the Cadillac, built in 1889, that today houses the Seattle branch of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park.

The Past and the Present

In 1976, the National Parks Service created the Yukon Gold Rush National Historic Park in Skagway, Alaska to preserve the history of that important event. And in 1979 they decided to open a Seattle branch to showcase the part our city played in said event. They chose the ground floor of the then mostly abandoned hotel to display the artifacts, memorabilia, and photos they had collected. Most of the items have been donated by the families of prospectors, the largest coming from the grandchildren of John Hielscher. John spent 15 years in the Klondike, first as a prospector, but later as a hoist operation owner and finally as a shop owner. He saved almost everything, including letters home to family and friends, newspapers, and photos. In 2008 his grandchildren donated everything to the park.

Fast forward to today. The park offers visitors a glimpse into the lives of the prospectors – how they got to the Klondike, where they lived, and how they panned for gold. The two floors are set up as self-guided tours, which you can do before or after watching one (or all!) of the three films they offer about the Kings and Queens of the gold rush. The Kerr Room (named for Ranger Ruth Kerr) houses temporary special exhibits about specific times during the gold rush. The exhibit on display now through the end of the spring is called, “Stories in Every Stitch: Klondike Clothing and Tales They Tell” showcasing the clothing and stories about prospectors, seamstresses, and many others during that time.

Please visit the park’s website for their hours, location, and lots of other information about the park.

Start your day off right

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Visit the Amazon Spheres

The Pacific Northwest is packed with cities that have earned reputations for innovative ideas and booming business. Perhaps no place has done more on the economic front in this region in recent years than Seattle, Washington. Home to major corporations such as Starbucks, Boeing, and Microsoft, the Emerald City also hosts the headquarters of Amazon. This titan of the online industry has been located at 2111 7th Avenue since 2018 and its presence is hard to miss. Take a walk down 7th and you’ll be greeted by three giant glass domes that have come to be referred to as the Amazon Spheres.

Business Meets Architecture

You don’t have to be a tycoon of business to appreciate the fact that the Amazon Spheres bring something different to the landscape. The Amazon Spheres are the result of a place where business and architecture collide in an effort to provide a new space for innovation to happen. While the functional use of the spheres is to act as a workspace and lounge for Amazon employees, their greater purpose goes far beyond the basics. The design of the spheres works well for promoting plant growth, which is exactly what they do. The Amazon Spheres house more than 40,000 plants that hail from all corners of the globe, encouraging employees and guests to be a part of the biodiversity process and turning glass and metal into viable, living walls.

Visit the Spheres

While the spheres are constantly open to employees looking for a place to be inspired and work efficiently, they are also open to the public two Saturdays a month by advanced reservation. Once you book a ticket, enjoy wandering through the greenhouse alongside a knowledgeable guide who will introduce you to these intricate and inventive areas where plants thrive and employee ideas come to life for Amazon. Sphere tours can be combined with headquarter tours as well for a more comprehensive look at Amazon’s place of business.

Seattle Calling

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5 Great Breakfast Spots in Downtown Seattle

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day! I heard that at least a thousand times growing up. I’m pretty sure we all did, or at least some version of it. And as kids, we generally had breakfast of some sort, either at home or school during the week. Weekends were reserved for actual cooking in my house; pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon…..all the yummy foods. I won’t lie, there are times now as an adult that I have breakfast for dinner, and I’m not the only one. It almost seems like a luxury, sitting down for a meal in the morning in an actual restaurant eating real food – not the usual piece of fruit, yogurt, granola bar, or protein shake that a lot of us eat at our desks or in our cars on the way to work.

So for a lot of us, when you’re on vacation you take the time to eat breakfast. But if you’re in a new city, sometimes it’s hard to know where to eat, even in a city as amazing as Seattle with tons of restaurants and eateries to choose from. Here at Seattle Oasis, we know our Seattle breakfast restaurants. Maybe not as much as our cocktails, but that’s another post….

We put out heads together and came up with our favorite breakfast spots in Seattle for breakfast in the downtown/Belltown area, and why we like them.

Biscuit Bitch (Caffe Lieto, Belltown, Pioneer Square, White Center)

Trailer Park to Table: Southern Inspired Fixin’s and Kickass Espresso – it’s their motto and it is 100% accurate. From standard savory to sweet, they have a biscuit for you. Daniel recommends the Nutty Bitch (Nutella, Banana, and whipped cream) for those with a sweet-tooth, and the Hot Mess (Biscuits and Gravy topped with eggs, garlic grits, cheese, a grilled Louisiana hot link, and jalapeños) if you like a little spice to start your day. They even have gluten free and vegetarian options.

Pro Tip: Daniel tells me, “I always recommend the location in Belltown to our guests. It’s less touristy and busy than Pioneer Square, and a close walk to our Belltown units.” Excellent advice!

The London Plane (Pioneer Square)

At first glance, this place looks like another upscale coffee shop. And while they do serve great coffee, they also have a restaurant, wine bar, bakery, market, and flower shop. Because everyone likes flowers! Bernadette recommends trying anything from the bakery. “They bake their own pastries, and the bread they use is absolutely amazing! The food is always very fresh and delicious. The place itself is beautiful with an equally beautiful view of Pioneer Square.”

Café Campagne (Pike Place)

The menu says lunch, but they open at 10 am during the week and offer not only great pastries, but authentic French breakfast options like Croques and a crab quiche to die for. Candi recommends the rolled omelet or quiche. “Their French toast is legendary!” They also offer weekend brunch, and desserts served all day. You’re on vacation, you can totally have chocolate cognac mousse for breakfast.

CJ’s Eatery (Belltown)

They claim to be Seattle’s Original Comfort Food spot, and they’re right. At least for the last 18 years, as that’s how long they’ve been serving up your favorites: omelets, corned beef hash, benedicts, and pancakes. Breakfast is offered all day (7 am – 3 pm, 7 days a week) for those of you who like to sleep late. Darik, our owner, recommends the biscuits & gravy – especially if you might have enjoyed our downtown nightlife a *bit* too much. I personally have had them, and he’s not wrong.

Dahlia Bakery (Belltown)

For those who prefer their breakfast on the go, we recommend Dahlia Bakery in Belltown. They have great breakfast sandwiches on their homemade bread and really good coffee. Which for me is the most important part of breakfast. There’s also pastries and house-made granola. Oh, and donuts. Good donuts. Like the Red Velvet with vanilla icing or the chocolate with espresso glaze and candied hazelnuts….but since this is part of the Tom Douglas family, you shouldn’t be surprised.

There you have it, a few wonderful options for breakfast. Some of them even deliver if you prefer yours in your jammies. No judgement. Really.

Start your day off right

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Valentine’s Day, a Lesson in Love?

Or, how to Spend Valentine’s Day in Seattle

You’re standing in a quaint square in Rome. It’s the Feast of Lupercalia (Feb. 13th – 15th), and the streets are filled with men and women looking to have a good time. You stand in a line of other naked women (everyone is naked, it’s cool) – waiting to be hit with the hide of a goat that was just slain, by a guy will be your ‘date’ for the rest of the festival. Or maybe longer if the fates made a good match. Wait. What?!?

That is how Valentine’s day started. At least according to Google…. Historians can’t agree on the exact specifics, but they do agree that it most likely started in the 3rd century A.D when Emperor Cladius II executed two men (both named Valentine, oddly enough) on different years on February 14th. Then at some point the Catholic Church made them martyrs and gave them Feb. 14th as their day to be remembered. And they get to be Saints. Nice.

Fast forward to the 5th century, when a Pope named Gelasius decided that the Pegan way was not cool and combined Valentine’s Day with the Lupercalia Fest to make a more wholesome holiday. With clothing, and more theatrics than actual animal slaying and whipping naked women. With me so far? Around the same time, the Normans (Scandinavian Vikings that took over Northern France) were celebrating Galatin’s Day. Galatin meant “lover of women”. No dead-animal woman whipping for them, these Vikings were enlightened. Ok, and…? Apparently Galatin’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day got confused because the sounded similar and poof! A holiday all about being nice to your female mate. Poets wrote love poems and people made cards by hand. More sappy-sweet than animal-cruel, I like it.

Enter the Hallmark Card Empire in 1913. They mass produced Valentine’s cards for the first time, commercializing the ‘holiday’ and forever changing how we today see it. And whether you are the Cupid-hit-me-with-your-arrow type, or the binge-watching Dexter while devouring day-of half-price sweets kind of kid, here in Seattle you both can find something enjoyable to do. Seriously. Or you’re just not trying hard enough. Don’t believe me? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Dinner and the amazing Mr. Ethan Stowell

Though born in Germany, Ethan was raised on Capital Hill and began cooking at a young age. By 2003 he had opened his first restaurant and has been going strong ever since. He now has 13 restaurants around the city (every one of them great!) and almost all are offering a special menu for those who want an amazing meal to share with your love. Or roommate. Maybe you’re the single-and-loving-it person happy with a table for one. Doesn’t matter, just get out and eat a meal at a table with real silverware! The ESR website has all the details and locations, but I wanted to point out the Lobster Feast for $65/guest at the San Juan Seltzery in Sodo. It includes appetizers (salad, chicken liver mousse, tuna tartare), main course (steamed Maine Lobster, fries, and cole slaw), and pecan pie with ice cream for dessert. Mmmmm……

Noir Films Anyone?

If you prefer movies to dinner for your day of love, Noir City Seattle’s opening night at the historic Egyptian Theater.  February 14th – 20th you can watch these classic films from around the world on the big screen, and hosted by Eddie Muller no less! Opening night features The Beast Must Die, and Argentinian classic from 1952 based on Nicholas Blake’s 1936 novel.  The film starts at 6:30 but go early for tango music by the Ben Thomas Trio. Feeling saucy? Guests are encouraged to dress as their fave anti-hero or femme fatale – let’s be honest, dress-up is fun! Details on all the films and tickets can be found here.  

How about a Formal?

No, not like prom. Unless you went to prom in the age of Grunge like I did. The Flannel Formal by Kahlua and SE Productions is kind of like a white party, but with plaid and flannel. When I hear that word, I think of Kurt Cobain (RIP) and his unique use of said shirt. You might think jammies. Maybe the kind with feet. Either way is correct for this twist on traditional fancy-dress dances. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for $35 and include 2 Drinks, Light Appetizers & Desserts, PNW Beer, Wine and Chocolate tasting, Karaoke, a Fish Throwing Contest (a la Pike Place), and ghost stories. And fun. And I’m assuming some epic people watching!

There you have it folks. A few suggestions to get you in the mood (or not) for Valentine’s Day in Seattle!

A Romantic Seattle Stay

When you’re here on Valentine’s Day in Seattle, in the name of romance, or just want an amazing place to stay while in Seattle, make sure the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals has you booked in a beautiful downtown location. We’ll keep you close to the venues that offer a variety of events while providing unsurpassed views as the city comes to life during the day and well into the night. Contact us to start planning your Valentine’s trip!


Visit the Seattle Food and Wine Experience!

Visitors often come to our amazing city with a long list of places they hope to see and experience. From the Space Needle to Lake Union, the many museums, art galleries and events Seattle is a place undeniably brimming over with opportunity. In addition to the iconic landmarks and options for exploration, Seattle is a city with a reputation for fantastic flavor. If you find yourself in the Emerald City in February and have a passion for pleasing the palate, don’t miss your chance to participate in the annual Seattle Wine and Food Experience.

A History of Flavor

Since it first began in 2009, the Seattle Wine and Food Experience has been one of the city’s premier culinary showcases that draw in crowds by the thousands looking to enjoy the best Seattle has to offer. In 2020, the event will be held February 20-22nd centered around Sodo Park located at 3200 1st Avenue S. The Seattle Wine and Food Experience is hosted by Seattle Magazine, who make it a mission to not only display but elevate the many regional products that make Seattle such a sensational city for fine dining and drinking. In addition to the many tasting options, this event includes, guests who participate will also enjoy educational programming, options to speak with food producers and sensory experiences that are sure to thrill!

Three Events in One

While all of the exciting and savory moments that make up this celebration of flavor fall under the umbrella title of the Seattle Wine and Food Experience, this event is truly three in one. The first day of the event is dedicated to comfort food and invites participants to come and enjoy those options that originate in the Pacific Northwest that come with the inviting feeling of home. On this day, guests will enjoy everything from fried chicken and burgers to ciders and sweet beers that come with a side of a warm welcome. The second day of the event features all that is fancy and invites guests to dress their best and enjoy bubbling beverages and a selection of seafood that’s hard to top. The final day of the event is called the Grand Tasting and is definitely one not to miss. Participants will indulge in the ultimate showcase of fantastic fare from the Pacific Northwest and those with a passion for wine will be pleased with the impressive selection that finds its way to the front of the crowd.

Enjoy Your Seattle Stay in Style

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Celebrate Lunar New Year in Seattle!

Pulsating drumbeats. The smell of dumplings, marinated meat, and wok-seared spicy noodles and veggies. A dancing lion…..are you in Beijing, Taipei, or Hong Kong? Nope! You are in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District (The ID for us locals) experiencing Lunar New Year. And while globally it will be celebrated from January 25 – February 8th, here in the Emerald City we added a few extra days of fun. Our friends at The Stranger have put together a great list of Seattle events and ways to celebrate beginning on January 19th. But the biggest party of them all will be in the ID on February 8th.

Where the World Meets Seattle

The Lunar New Year Celebration will be hosted on February 8th this year between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. The festivities are hosted throughout the ID, making it a high-energy and exciting place to be. There’s no cost to attend this event, just a requirement that you bring a spirit of fun with you. (Pro Tip: take the bus or an Uber/Lyft as the parking can be nonexistent). Thousands of visitors make their way this direction in the name of the Lunar New Year Celebration to observe the cultural traditions, enjoy the food and have a fantastic afternoon in the company of plenty of others. 2020 is deemed the Year of the Rat and guests can expect to enjoy a variety of performances, costumes and events that celebrate this fact. The Lunar New Year Celebration will feature both lion and dragon dances as well as drumming, cultural performances and martial arts throughout the day. If you’re traveling to Seattle with little ones, feel free to bring them along as this is a notoriously family-friendly event that’s sure to inspire participants of all ages! Keep your eyes open for the many arts and crafts stands that are designed to be fun, educational and engaging.

Festival Flavor

In addition to the performances and music, the Luna New Year Celebration offers up the opportunity for guests to take part in the annual $3 Food Walk. Local businesses will be on hand throughout the day and with a $3 ticket, guests can sample the delicious goods that are displayed. As you sample the many booths dedicated to Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai fare just to name a few, you’ll collect stamps that can be turned in for potential raffle prizes. Plan on spending the day and enjoy every moment of your Lunar New Year Celebration in Seattle in 2020.

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Free State Parks Day!

Free State & National Parks Day on January 20th

January in Seattle. Not exactly the time most people think of for exploring the great outdoors. But January can actually be less wet than the spring months, and as long as you have a good raincoat and shoes it really doesn’t matter. Drizzly days are some of the best for hiking, especially if there is a cozy fire and a warm beverage at the end….

Folks come to Seattle for a variety of reasons, and one of them is an opportunity to get into nature. Where downtown Seattle is a bustling hub of creativity, flavor, art, and culture, the nearby national and state parks are fantastic places to spend a day or two when you’re looking to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors. While an entrance fee is expected most days of the year to access these incredible parks, the National Park Service regularly sets up a calendar of annual entrance fee-free days that are designed to encourage visitors to enjoy time and have a free state park day in these protected areas. The first of these entrance fee-free days will be January 20th in 2020, and if you happen to be in the Seattle area around this time, there’s going to be a long list of parks to see, experience and explore!

National Parks Worth the Drive

From a distance, Mt. Rainier is an impressive sight, but that’s nothing compared to the opportunity to get up close to this phenomenal landmark. Mt. Rainier stands over 14,000 feet high in the heart of Mount Rainier National Park and visiting comes with the option of climbing this iconic mountain on a free state park day. In addition to mountain climbing, Mount Rainier National Park is known and loved for its maze of lower-elevation hiking trails as well as opportunities to bike, fish, and boat. (These trails are my favorite. Not too challenging, and great views!) Wildflowers and wildlife are also abundant in Mount Rainier National Park, making it a great place for photographers and admirers alike. The visitor’s center at Paradise has both a café to warm up after your hike, and a gift shop to pick up a souvenir. Their website has information on current conditions and the status of the different hikes, climbs, and campsites.

North Cascades National Park is a truly one-of-a-kind visit, as guests are welcomed by a collection of mountains and over 300 glaciers. Biking, fishing, and climbing are popular activities within the boundaries of the park, but many guests also opt to participate in a guided tour to get a more in-depth look at the dynamic terrain. Visiting this park requires an overnight stay if you’re staying downtown, but I promise you, it’s worth it!

State Parks to Enjoy

Just as enjoyable on January 20th would be time spent in a nearby state park. Saint Edward State Park is located at 1445 Juanita Drive NE in the Seattle suburb of Kenmore and covers over 319 acres of land. Visitors adore this area for the trees, trails, playgrounds and overall tranquility but those with a passion for the past also love the story this park provides. The 19th century saw this area of land heavily logged before it was purchased and transformed into a Catholic seminary. The land was eventually transitioned into protected state land and today, this versatile destination is a good reminder of Seattle’s ever-changing landscape and ability to adapt.

Saltwater State Park is another great park about 20 minutes South of the airport, and offers day hikes, picnic areas, and camping. If diving is your thing and you prefer to view sea life from under the water, this is the only state park with an underwater artificial reef for diving. The park is 137 acres and offers a long stretch of shoreline for beach activities. Fun Fact: in 1926 Seattle and Tacoma used the park to symbolize the end of their competition to be the best city.

To see the rest of the free park days, visit the Discover Pass website. You can also purchase a pass to visit our wonderful parks any time!

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Belgian Fest Seattle!

Belgian Fest

Seattle is a city known for its art, culture, many restaurants, iconic landmarks, and of course, beautiful natural scenery. With its combination of mountains, waterways, vibrant city living and opportunities to make the most of stunning views, it’s not surprising that Seattle is a place that visitors choose to return to time and again. It’s also a highly innovative destination on the map and rising to the top of the list of new and exciting scenes in Seattle is brewing. As the popularity of craft beer continues to grow, Seattle has taken a seat at the leader’s table and in January, beer lovers will reunite once again to celebrate the flavor, technique, and art of brewing in the state of Washington at Belgian Fest in Seattle.

Festival Highlights

Over 100 Belgian-style beers created at the hands of Washington-based brewers will be available at the 11th annual Belgian Fest in Seattle this year. The festival will be hosted at Fisher Pavilion at the Seattle Center on January 25th which is situated at 305 Harrison Street. Belgian Fest is divided into two sessions to allow for even more tastings with the first being between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm and the second running from 5:30 pm until 9:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance of the event for $37 per person or for $45 at the door. This is a 21 and up event that proves to be fun-filled each and every year and highlights beverage styles that range from Saisons and Wits to Tripels and Dubbles, just to name a few.

What to Expect

The cost of an admission ticket includes 10 tasting tokens as well as a commemorative tasting glass. A taste constitutes 4 oz, but several are sure to lead to a growing appetite. Fortunately, Belgian Fest also takes pride in providing a great selection of delicious fare during your experience. Savory bites and snacks are available for purchase on-site with vendors situated both inside and outside of the pavilion. Hot dogs, baked goods, sweets and more are sure to please the palate and be a wonderful pairing to the many beverage flavors designed to be enjoyed. The Buddha Bruddah Food Truck is always a fan favorite when you’re in the mood for something more robust while a stop at Po Papas Nuts is a great way to indulge the taste buds when you’re feeling more like a small snack.

Savor Your Stay in Seattle

Whether you’re headed to the Belgian Fest in Seattle or planning a trip any other time of year, the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you have accommodations that match your vacation expectations. Contact us today for more information on our many beautiful properties and to start planning your next trip.


Seattle Holiday Dining

For most of us, the holidays mean meeting up with family or friends for a good meal in a nice restaurant reserved for such things. Growing up in West Seattle, for years that place for me was Salty’s on Alki or driving into Des Moines to go to Anthony’s. The bonus of being in a metropolis like Seattle means that you have so many choices when it comes to dining out – especially during the holidays. Many places have a special menu, unique cocktails, or an upgraded wine selection. Vegan, vegetarian, meat and potatoes…. there’s something for everyone in your party in the Emerald City and its surrounding neighborhoods. I personally use The Infatuation for reviews and alerts to new places opening up around the city. And these days, that holiday meal doesn’t always mean dinner. We have some brunch and happy hour options as well for amazing Christmas activities in Seattle. Since this is the holiday season, and many of us will be dining with family, I thought I’d poll the Seattle Oasis family to see where their favorite places to eat during the holidays are.

Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons – 99 Union Street

Goldfinch is an Ethan Stowell creation, who is known for simple, locally sourced dishes. They offer breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night. Candi, our Interior Designer, recommends the weekend brunch (with bottomless mimosas!). “They have tons of seafood at brunch, and the mimosas are really good”. Reservations can be made on their website or by calling 206-749-7070.

RN74 – 1433 Pike Street

Situated within walking distance from the Market and offering ‘French cuisine infused with a healthy dose of flair and fantasy’, RN74 is a perfect place for a holiday meal. Sarah, our operations manager, recommends the Duck for dinner. “But all of their food is good!”. Reservations can be made on their website or by calling 206-456-7474.

Lost Lake Café – 1505 10th Ave

This Seattle institution has been around forever and is one of the few remaining 24-hr eateries in the city. Vinyl booths, ginormous milkshakes, and breakfast served all day – this is how a proper café should be done. Daniel, part of our reservations team, recommends Lost Lake for “..everything. Especially late-night food!”. They have special hours for Christmas Eve and Day, and a special menu. Check out their website for menus, hours, and more!

Café Campagne – 1600 Post Alley

This is a ‘classic Parisian brasserie’ located in the Market offers everything from weekend brunch to afternoon coffee and pastries to paired dinner and wine. Bernadette, another reservations team member, recommends the café “For its holiday feel”. They have a great happy hour as well!  

If you’re looking specifically for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dining options, check out the Eater Seattle guide. They also have great reviews and recommendations for restaurants around the city.

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New Year’s Eve in Seattle, Part Two

New Year’s Eve Events in Seattle

As promised last week, here are two more amazing events for your New Year’s Eve in Seattle – you truly don’t have to go far to find a fun way to celebrate the new year!

Seattle Bollywood Party

Add some music, culture, and flavor to your New Year’s Eve in Seattle celebration in Seattle by purchasing a ticket to the Seattle Bollywood 2020 Party this year. Organized by Rainier Events, this party is a crowd-pleaser that’s held at 1950 1st Avenue South. Tickets range from $50 to $100 per person depending on the type of package. The fun starts at 9:00 pm with karaoke and comedy before DJ SZNaina turns up the beats and opens up the dance floor. Bollywood hits are highlighted all night long with a balloon drop at midnight. This is a 21 and up event that’s sure to be high energy.

Spectra at the Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is one of Seattle’s most popular spots to ring in the new year. Located at 200 Second Avenue North, The Pacific Science Center hosts Spectra each and every year which invites guests to come and make the most of lights, drinks, dancing, live music and much more! Attending this event guarantees great views of the downtown fireworks at midnight. In 2020, guests will want to dress their best as the theme celebrates the roaring 20s. Tickets are $125 for general admission and jump to $225 for a VIP experience package.

Book a Stay Today

Take time to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Seattle and be sure you’re booked into accommodations that match your getaway style. Contact the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals today for more information on our stylish and convenient property options downtown.


New Year’s Eve in Seattle Part One

How to Spend New Year’s in Seattle

New Year’s Eve in Seattle – the choices are endless when deciding how and who you’ll be spending the evening with. Casual at a local bar? Community event in a public space with thousands of other Seattleites? Dress up and fancy? I enjoy all kinds of celebrations, but any excuse to dress up and get my hair done….. So,  if you feel like getting fancy and ringing in the new year in style, Seattle is a particularly exciting city to find yourself when New Year’s Eve rolls around. There are plenty of options for nice-dress-or-suit entertainment when you head into the city as December comes to an end. Here are just a few ideas on places to spend your Seattle New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve in the Needle

New Year’s Eve will never be the same when you spend it high above the city with fireworks exploding above your head! The party at the Space Needle is a fun way to ring in the new year in style. The event starts at 9:00 PM and your $275 ticket gets you appetizers, dessert, live music and an amazing DJ for dancing, and champagne for a toast at midnight. Oh, did I mention the fireworks?

Indulgence at the Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is known for its annual Indulgence celebration on New Year’s Eve that draws in over 2,000 guests at a time. This fun and exciting event turns the museum into a dance floor complete with a live DJ and plenty of delicious bites and drinks. Comedy shows and cocktails pair perfectly with time spent browsing the many museum exhibits. Toast to the new year in a venue that provides more than 35,000 square feet of space designed to be enjoyed. 21 and over, the party starts at 8:30 PM and Tickets start at $109 for GA.

Fog Room Seattle

When you’re feeling a little bit fancy and are hoping to celebrate your Seattle New Year’s Eve with a touch of elegance, make your way to the Fog Room located at 1610 2nd Avenue. Tickets to this event range from $30 to $200 depending on the grade of experience package purchased. Guests to the Fog Room on New Year’s Eve will enjoy endless Champagne, a live DJ and aerial acrobats putting on amazing shows all night long. The fun starts at 9:00 pm and includes a toast at midnight.

Book a Stay in Seattle Today

Live your best life this New Year’s by heading to Seattle for some inspiring fun. Let the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals handle your accommodations so you can make the most of your New Year’s experience. Contact us today for more information and to start planning.


Holiday Adventures in Seattle, Part 2

Thanksgiving is here: you know where you’re eating, you know what you’re bringing, and you know who’s in charge of the turkey – which hopefully is in the fridge for thawing! But what are you doing next week? And the week after that?

Here in Seattle, those are not tough questions to answer, other than choosing from the huge list of Seattle holiday events, fairs, craft shows, concerts…….you get the idea. And you need to carve out time to spend with family and friends that are traveling to our amazing city to visit you. Why not save some time and do both? While a lot of the events go for the entire month, there are also many that are one or two days only, and you don’t want to miss them!

Nerdy Holiday Market, Nov 29th – Dec 1st

Nowadays, nerd is a term of endearment and we all have one or two on our shopping list. Why not find that special something handmade by other nerds? Head to Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park for the GeekCraft Expo Seattle Holiday Market and shop from over 70 vendors who promise ‘something for every geek on your Christmas list’.

Caroling at Westlake, Dec 6th

Join dozens of caroling teams, and about 10,000 of their friends and family, for the 33rd Annual Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition at Westlake Center from 6pm – 8pm. There will be carolers on every street corner, and the top teams advance to the sing-off on the Figgy Main Stage! The event raises funds for the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank.

Jule Fest in Poulsbo, Dec 7th

With vikings at her side, Lucia Bride Carly Tizzano, 15, (right) prepares to light the bonfire during Poulsbo’s Julefest on Saturday, December 6, 2014. (MEEGAN M. REID / KITSAP SUN)

If you’re feeling up to an adventure, hop on the ferry and head to Poulsbo for Jule Fest. Start the day at the Poulsbo Sons of Norway for their annual holiday bazar, which includes homemade Lefse and other yummy treats. Then head to Muriel Ivereson Waterfront Park at dusk and watch the Poulsbo Sons of Norway Vikings (yes, Vikings!) escort the Lucia Bride to the bonfire, which will be lit while the Viking King reads the Winter Solstice proclamation. Dancing and merriment to follow.

Stay with the Best

Days spent adventuring in all the Seattle holiday events deserve nights spent in a luxurious home away from home. Cook in the gourmet kitchen, relax on the comfy couch, or head to the hot tub or pool to unwind.  The professionals at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals are here to help you find the perfect place to call home. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your trip.


Holiday Adventures in Seattle, Part 1

For many, traveling to see friends and family for the holidays is all about spending time together. My family spent several Christmases in California with our huge family – sharing meals, playing games, trips to the beach – as long as we were catching up and sharing our stories from the time we spent apart, it didn’t really matter what we did.

If you’re looking to make some new traditions with your loved ones this year, Seattle is a great place to do it! We have so many Christmas activities in Seattle during the holidays, both secular and religious, that offer memories for years to come!

Take a Trip Down Candy Cane Lane – Dec. 7th – Jan. 1st

Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna

Christmas just isn’t the same without those evening journeys through sparkling neighborhoods that are decked out in lights. There’s no reason to leave this tradition behind when you head to Seattle for Christmas this year. Instead, elevate the experience by taking a trip down the city’s infamous Candy Cane Lane. Located at NE Park Road and the cross-section of 21st Avenue, this street has been dazzling holiday viewers for decades. The collection of 23 Tudor-style homes takes Christmas décor to the next level and delights visitors with sparkling rooftops, mechanical decorations and inflatable holiday accessories that bring the neighborhood to life.

While most people drive through, especially on the wet and windy nights, I recommend bundling up and walking. Many of the home owners and their families are out greeting people and spreading Christmas cheer. This event is free and there are donation bins at either end of the drive for donations of food and warm clothing for local families in need.

Visit the Woodland Park Zoo – Nov. 29th – Jan. 5th

You might say that you’re not really a zoo kind of person, which is ok. But I would challenge that label until after you’ve been to Wildlights at the Woodland Park Zoo. This annual event at our amazing zoo is an enchanting way to spend time with your loved ones as you encounter animals, sip hot chocolate and wander the grounds which are decked out in their holiday best. More than 700,000 LED lights adorn the zoo this time of year, creating one of a kind light display that’s sure to inspire. You can buy tickets on their website, $16.95 for adults and $12.95 for kids.

Skate at Winterfest Rink – Nov. 29th to Dec. 31st

While the Emerald City can get cold for the holidays, it doesn’t usually get ice-skating-on-your-local-pond cold. And there’s just something about ice skating that puts you in the holiday spirit. Lucky for you, we have the Winterfest Rink at Seattle Center. This area is part of the greater Winterfest event, which covers the entire Seattle Center, and transforms Fisher Pavilion into an oasis of wintery fun for the entire family. While much of Winterfest is free, the cost to ice skate is $8 for adults, $6 for kids 6-12, and $2 for kids 5 and under.  

Be sure to experience these fantastic Christmas activities in Seattle.

Savor the Best of Seattle

Whether you’re in town for the holidays or traveling this direction at any other time of the year, be sure you’re booked into a customized and accommodating home away from home with the help of the professionals at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your trip.


Let the Holidays Begin!

Thanksgiving is over. The leftovers have been divvied up, the dining room put back together, and you’ve slept off all that wonderful food. In my family we put on our layers and comfy shoes and headed downtown for a day of Christmas shopping and taking in the sights and sounds of a magical Seattle Washington Christmas vacation! Here in the Emerald City, the day after Thanksgiving is when we officially kick-off the holidays, and this year November 29th will be no exception. The Macy’s Holiday parade, the Westlake and Pike Place tree lighting ceremonies, holiday décor at its finest….the list goes on. Want to see the city’s largest gingerbread house or professionally decorated trees, all while supporting the kids at Seattle Children’s? We have that. Looking for a super cute photo op for the kids with ginormous teddy bears? Check. Ice skating through a light maze? We have that too. With so many choices, I thought I’d put together a handy guide to help you get in the holiday spirit!

The Westlake Center tree lighting ceremony

First things first – the parade! Macy’s has long been putting on the holiday parade here, and it’s one of the best in my humble opinion. The route starts on 7th and Pine and winds through downtown ending up at Macy’s on 4th. It includes Santa on his sleigh and at the end the big guy heads up to open Santaland on the 2nd floor of the store at 11 am. The parade starts at 9 am and lasts about an hour. Get your seats along the parade route early, pretty much the entire city shows up for this. Pro Tip: wear layers. All of the events on the 29th happen rain or shine, but unless you’re an actual gingerbread person a rain jacket will let you enjoy the festivities regardless of how mother nature is feeling that day! The parade is a unique Seattle Washington Christmas activity.

After the parade head up to the Fairmont Hotel on 4th and University. There you can warm up, grab a hot beverage, and check out three very cool attractions. The first is their annual Festival of Trees in the main lobby. Each tree has a unique theme and is decorated to honor the brave kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Next, head up to the 2nd floor to the Teddy Bear Suite – yes, one of the amazing suites at the hotel is transformed into a teddy bear wonderland that is too cute for words. Get a photo with the little ones (ok, or yourself) for picture-perfect holiday cards. Finally, head to the lower lobby to see the huge gingerbread house made with over 4,000 real gingerbread bricks. It looks good enough to eat, but please don’t.

The Teddy Bear Suite at the Fairmont Hotel

Our fine city offers not one, but two great tree lighting ceremonies and it’s hard to recommend one over the other. The first is Magic in the Market, and it’s personally my favorite. It starts around 11am and offers Santa pictures (for free!) under the Market Clock, cookie decorating in the Market Atrium Kitchen, and holiday music. I’m a huge fan of supporting local artisans, and the Market offers unique gifts, along with yummy food and beverages. At 5 pm Santa will lead the countdown to light the 20-foot holiday tree and lights that extend throughout the entire market!  Your other option is the head to Westlake Park for their tree lighting ceremony that starts around 4:30. There you can hop on the Holiday Carousel, grab a bite to eat from one of the many great food trucks, or head into Westlake Center for some holiday shopping. Santa is a busy guy, and will be making an appearance at this event as well! There’s so much more to see and do for a fabulous Seattle Washington Christmas vacation, but I’ll tell you about those next week.

Holiday lights at Pike Place Market

After a day of holiday merriment in the city, why not come home to a cozy, relaxing place with super comfy furniture where you can put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine? You can cook up the local fare you got at the market in the well-appointed kitchen, or just order in and savor some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. The team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is here to make sure each of our guests enjoys a customized and luxurious stay right in the heart of it all. Contact us today for more information on our property options.


Where to eat Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for us to gather for a meal and reflect upon all the things for which we can be grateful. Perhaps you spend it with your family, traveling to other cities or states to celebrate. Maybe you spend it with your chosen people, your village, your adopted family, or a group of close friends. It can be a religious experience or not. It can involve the usual turkey, potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie or can be filled with the foods of your native country. Tofurkey, Turducken….there are so many ways to eat great food! Maybe you don’t cook but go to one of the many restaurants here in town for your Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle. If you find yourself traveling this Thanksgiving to our wonderful city and are looking for a place to dine, here are a few suggestions.

The Capital Grille – 1301 4th Ave
Known for their world-class service and amazing steaks, The Capital Grille also offers a traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving chosen and prepared by their Executive Chef­. Reservations can be made on their website or by calling 206-382-0900.

Daniel’s Broiler Downtown

Daniel’s Broiler – Downtown (808 Howell), Lake Union (809 Fairview Pl N), Leschi, Bellevue
Daniel’s is an institution here in Seattle, known for USDA Prime Steaks, local seafood, and an award-winning wine list. For Thanksgiving they have two options: a four-course dinner at Lake Union, Leschi, and Bellevue, or a dinner buffet at the downtown location – both choices are $60 per person. Reservations can be made on their website.

Wild Ginger – 1401 3rd Ave

If you’re looking for a bit of Asian flair with your turkey this year, Wild Ginger’s downtown location has a great menu with things like Malay Stuffed Turkey, Garlic Ginger Brussel Sprout, Cranberry Sauce with a Chinese wine reduction, and much more! Reservations can be made on their website or by calling 206-623-4450.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but a few great places that I can personally recommend! Check out the Eater, OpenTable, and TripSavvy sites for more ideas of where to go for your perfect Turkey Day meal.

After your amazing Thanksgiving dinner in Seattle, why not come home to a luxury unit with super comfy furniture and a view to die for? Enjoy a glass of wine and conversation with loved ones, or just enjoy some quiet time in the company of whomever you are spending Thanksgiving with. The team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is here to make sure each of our guests enjoys a customized and luxurious stay right in the heart of it all. Contact us today for more information on our property options.


November Events Guide

November Seattle Events Calendar Post

November is here, and with it the cooler weather and the last several years some snow. Which makes an amazing backdrop for all the fun holiday events going on. I personally love to bundle up on a sunny, cold day – even better if that day includes hot beverages, great food, and of course Christmas lights! Ok, I know there is another holiday between now and the best one, and our city doesn’t take a break in offering you some great places to shop, eat, take in a show, give back, and even visit a State or National park for free. Here are a few Seattle events you might like to try….

Oyster New Year at Elliott’s Oyster House, November 2nd

Food and Beverage. November starts out strong with The Whiskey Extravaganza at the Rainier Club on the 1st, offering unlimited tastings of over 100 whiskeys, delicious bites to go with, and even a master class! Oyster New Year on the 2nd not only offers 30 varieties of that delicious treat from the sea, which is reason enough for me to go, but also includes a seafood buffet, wine from 60 different wineries, microbrews, and live music at Elliott’s Oyster House on Pier 56. (P.S. Elliott’s is also the best place for HH if you love oysters as much as I do. Trust me.) Seattleites love our food, so we not only have Restaurant Week in the spring, but the late fall as well! Join other like-minded food-lovers the 3rd – 7th for special deals on three-course meals at 165 different restaurants all over the city. If you watch “America’s Test Kitchen” you won’t want to miss the Seattle Eats Festival which includes chef-made food, drinks, cooking demos, and even a chance to meet the cast members! November 8th and 9th, 21+ only. The 9th and 10th brings us the Northwest Chocolate Festival with tastings, workshops, and vendors offering the latest and greatest…basically all things chocolate! There are also several beer and spirits tastings, cruises, cabarets, bar crawls…seriously anything you could want to do that involves food and drink. Visit the website at Events12 for all the listings.

Dia de los Muertos at El Centro de la Raza, November 1st

Conventions, festivals, and fairs. Obviously the biggest event at the beginning of November is Dia de los Muertos, with events happening all over the city. I recommend visiting El Centro de la Raza or Court in the Square on the 1st or the Armory at Seattle Center on the 2nd and 3rd.  Next up is the Earshot Jazz Festival the 1st – 6th at multiple locations throughout the city. If jazz is your thing, you will not want to miss this. The Seattle Women’s Show on the 2nd at the Women’s University Club offers lots of great shopping, a wine and champagne bar, and gourmet food trucks for refueling. The Best of the Northwest the 8th – 10th is where I have gotten almost all of my holiday shopping done for years. This juried show has 120 artists offering everything from jewelry to wall art to clothing – even sculptures and gourmet food! Need some feel good with your gift-buying? The artists that you are supporting here donate art that is auctioned off in the spring to help support Uncompensated Care at Seattle Children’s! Need more? If you are active or retired military, you get in free. Speaking of military, there are a lot of local parades, dinners, and events happening in almost every neighborhood for Veteran’s Day. Take some time to thank those that keep us safe and allow us to celebrate the holidays in any fashion we wish. Thank You Veterans!

Seattle Turkey Trot in Ballard, November 28th

Turkey Day Offerings. Cranksgiving on the 16th is a fun scavenger hunt done on your bike. You look for food that is later donated to the West Seattle Food Bank, and you get prizes at the after party! The Green Lake Gobble & Mashed Potato Munch Off on the 17th is a fun way to get some exercise in and help support the Union Gospel Mission. Held at Green Lake Park, this event offers a 10K and 5K walk/run, a free kids dash, and a mashed potato eating contest. What more could you want? On Thanksgiving Day, there are tons of restaurants offering special menus. Everything from traditional turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes to ethnic cuisine with a traditional twist. The Eater, OpenTable, and TripSavvy sites all have great recommendations of where to go for your perfect Turkey Day meal. Before all that eating, drinking, and merry-making, you’re going to need to go for a walk. Or maybe a run. How about a Trot? The Seattle Turkey Trot in Ballard is a 5K benefiting the Ballard Food Bank starting at 9am. Bring your food donation and your furry friend – oh, and don’t forget  your costume! The Turkey Trot at Magunson Park at 10am is a 5K/10K/15K benefiting Teen Feed and the University Food Bank. Cash and food donations accepted at both.

Magic in the Market, begins November 30th

…….and the Holiday Festivities Begin! The 29th is the opening ceremony for Christmas in Seattle, and it’s an event you absolutely have to see. The Macy’s Holiday Parade is at 9am and has all the things you want from a proper parade: floats, marching bands, costumes, and of course Santa! Afterwards the Man in Red will be delivered to the 2nd floor of Macys where he will be listening to the kiddos and posing for pictures through December 24th. The annual Westlake Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration happens later in the day, along with the Macy’s Downtown Seattle Starlighting. Basically, just wear your warm layers and plan on spending the day at Westlake Center! The 30th is the annual Magic in the Market starting at 11am and concluding with the famous Pike Place Market Tree Lighting! After these Seattle events, there is something Holiday almost every day. A few notables are the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Winterfest at Seattle Center, Lumaze at Smith Cove, WildLights at the Woodland Park Zoo, Enchanted Christmas at T-Mobile Park (which includes a really cool maze)….it goes on and on.  

All this holiday fun can be exhausting, why not come home to a luxury unit with super comfy furniture and a view to die for? You can cook in the fully stocked gourmet kitchen or just enjoy a glass of wine and conversation with loved ones. The team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is here to make sure each of our guests enjoys a customized and luxurious stay right in the heart of it all. Contact us today for more information on our property options.


The Best Views in Seattle

Seattle, Washington has that certain something that travelers fall in love with upon arrival. Beyond its beautiful combination of surrounding mountains, water, and forest, Seattle is home to a downtown skyline that’s as unique as it is thrilling. Museums, galleries, restaurants and one-of-a-kind neighborhoods make up the greater Seattle area and provide guests with a seemingly endless variety of options for entertainment. While Seattle is always a sensational vacation destination, knowing how to make the most of its many spectacular views is a sure path to making a trip this direction unforgettable. The following are three of the top places to maximize the views and your overall Emerald City experience.

The Seattle Great Wheel

The majority of first-time visitors to Seattle might assume that the best view of the city comes from the top of the infamous Space Needle. While this is an inspiring vantage point, nothing compares to a trip up the Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57 where the skyline is framed from great heights and the Space Needle is included in the view! At 175 feet, guests enjoying the Seattle Great Wheel will take a bird’s eye view on the city as they indulge in an ever-changing panoramic advantage point.

Kerry Park

When it’s time to get into nature and enjoy an amazing view too, head over to Kerry Park which sits in the neighborhood of Queen Anne. Located at 211 W. Highland Drive, Kerry Park is a favorite amongst photographers for good reason. The Seattle skyline leaps into focus from this destination as well as sweeping views of the Puget Sound and Mount Rainier when the rain decides to stay away. This popular spot is best enjoyed in the early morning hours or in the evening with the added benefit of a great sunset over a twinkling cityscape if you time your visit just right.


What could be better than a captivating Seattle view accompanied by a first-class meal? Get the best of both when you make a reservation at Mbar. This restaurant is loved for its diverse Middle Eastern cuisine and perhaps even more for its floor to ceiling windows that provide an unsurpassed view from its rooftop location. Mbar can be found at 400 Fairview Avenue North on the 14th floor.

Book a Seattle Getaway Today

With so many amazing views waiting, there’s never been a better time to book a trip to Seattle. Let the professionals at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals help you settle into a gorgeous downtown property that keeps you close to the heart of the city while providing the privacy and luxury you deserve. Contact us today for details on how to book your next Seattle home away from home.

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