Hitchcock Deli

If you’re a true sandwich lover, you won’t want to miss a stop at Hitchcock Deli when you visit Seattle. Located five miles away in the up-and-coming Georgetown neighborhood, Hitchcock Deli is a city-side incarnation of the renowned Hitchcock restaurant on Bainbridge Island. Their focus has always been on bringing you the very best in fresh food, ranging from local organic produce to lovingly raised, pasture-grown meats. If you like knowing exactly where your food is coming from, then you’ve got to come here to Hitchcock. Trust us, you’ll taste the difference at this Seattle restaurants!

The Craft Difference

Whether you’re new to the foodie scene, or you happily spend weekends brewing beer and making your own sauerkraut, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail found here at Hitchcock. It starts on the farm, where poultry is never caged, animals are never confined to feedlots, and produce is all free of pesticides and GMOs. Then Hitchcock cures and smokes their cuts in-house with local fruitwoods, as well as making all their own preserves, krauts, and pickles the old-fashioned way. Topping it off, the coffees, beers, and wines are carefully selected, and many are locally produced to accompany the food. It’s practically guaranteed to be an amazing meal!

The Sandwiches at Hitchcock Seattle

While there are a couple of nice sandwiches for vegetarians here, including Egg Salad and El Greco, it’s really a place to enjoy the meat. Choose from specialties like Carolina Barbecue, Banh Mi, Jambon, Pastrami, and Chi-town Roast Beef. There are also several fish and turkey sandwich options at Hitchcock Seattle for lighter fare; if you’re seeking the opposite, consider the Pile High (double meat) and New York Style (4x meat) choices! Sides include potato salad, green salad, and soups of the day.

If (for some odd reason) you’re in the mood for a lighter meal at this Seattle restaurants, consider trying one of Hitchcock’s salads. Choose from beet and arugula, baby greens, kale, potato (with bacon), or white bean and tuna for a protein-filled option. Or go with the fresh and seasonal soup of the day! Hitchcock is also happy to make peanut butter and jelly for the kiddos.

Hitchcock Deli is a great reason to check out the Georgetown neighborhood on your next visit to Seattle!