Visit the Amazon Spheres

The Pacific Northwest is packed with cities that have earned reputations for innovative ideas and booming business. Perhaps no place has done more on the economic front in this region in recent years than Seattle, Washington. Home to major corporations such as Starbucks, Boeing, and Microsoft, the Emerald City also hosts the headquarters of Amazon. This titan of the online industry has been located at 2111 7th Avenue since 2018 and its presence is hard to miss. Take a walk down 7th and you’ll be greeted by three giant glass domes that have come to be referred to as the Amazon Spheres.

Business Meets Architecture

You don’t have to be a tycoon of business to appreciate the fact that the Amazon Spheres bring something different to the landscape. The Amazon Spheres are the result of a place where business and architecture collide in an effort to provide a new space for innovation to happen. While the functional use of the spheres is to act as a workspace and lounge for Amazon employees, their greater purpose goes far beyond the basics. The design of the spheres works well for promoting plant growth, which is exactly what they do. The Amazon Spheres house more than 40,000 plants that hail from all corners of the globe, encouraging employees and guests to be a part of the biodiversity process and turning glass and metal into viable, living walls.

Visit the Spheres

While the spheres are constantly open to employees looking for a place to be inspired and work efficiently, they are also open to the public two Saturdays a month by advanced reservation. Once you book a ticket, enjoy wandering through the greenhouse alongside a knowledgeable guide who will introduce you to these intricate and inventive areas where plants thrive and employee ideas come to life for Amazon. Sphere tours can be combined with headquarter tours as well for a more comprehensive look at Amazon’s place of business.

Seattle Calling

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The Best Views in Seattle

Seattle, Washington has that certain something that travelers fall in love with upon arrival. Beyond its beautiful combination of surrounding mountains, water, and forest, Seattle is home to a downtown skyline that’s as unique as it is thrilling. Museums, galleries, restaurants and one-of-a-kind neighborhoods make up the greater Seattle area and provide guests with a seemingly endless variety of options for entertainment. While Seattle is always a sensational vacation destination, knowing how to make the most of its many spectacular views is a sure path to making a trip this direction unforgettable. The following are three of the top places to maximize the views and your overall Emerald City experience.

The Seattle Great Wheel

The majority of first-time visitors to Seattle might assume that the best view of the city comes from the top of the infamous Space Needle. While this is an inspiring vantage point, nothing compares to a trip up the Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57 where the skyline is framed from great heights and the Space Needle is included in the view! At 175 feet, guests enjoying the Seattle Great Wheel will take a bird’s eye view on the city as they indulge in an ever-changing panoramic advantage point.

Kerry Park

When it’s time to get into nature and enjoy an amazing view too, head over to Kerry Park which sits in the neighborhood of Queen Anne. Located at 211 W. Highland Drive, Kerry Park is a favorite amongst photographers for good reason. The Seattle skyline leaps into focus from this destination as well as sweeping views of the Puget Sound and Mount Rainier when the rain decides to stay away. This popular spot is best enjoyed in the early morning hours or in the evening with the added benefit of a great sunset over a twinkling cityscape if you time your visit just right.


What could be better than a captivating Seattle view accompanied by a first-class meal? Get the best of both when you make a reservation at Mbar. This restaurant is loved for its diverse Middle Eastern cuisine and perhaps even more for its floor to ceiling windows that provide an unsurpassed view from its rooftop location. Mbar can be found at 400 Fairview Avenue North on the 14th floor.

Book a Seattle Getaway Today

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Alki Point Lighthouse

Seattle is well-loved for its many fascinating features. From underground city tours to elegant restaurants and the museums, galleries andparks in between, there’s truly something for every traveler that heads to the Pacific Northwest in the name of exploration and adventure. But perhaps the most defining feature Seattle boasts is its pristine shoreline. Seattle has long been an epicenter of maritime culture and to this day acts a major port city with all the extras that define a city built around the land and sea. When you’re here and looking for a close up look at Seattle’s coastal role, be sure to schedule a visit to the Alki Point Lighthouse.

Navigational Icons

While many trips to lighthouses across the U.S. are a mere look into a past that serves to remind, the Alki Point Lighthouse is a fully-functioning navigational beacon that’s open to the public for tours. Even more impressive is the fact that this lighthouse is one of eight that dot the Puget Sound and work to assist vessels in their safe arrival and departure. The lighthouse is situated on a U.S. Coast Guard Site but doesn’t require an employee to function properly as the structure is fully automated. The Alki Point Lighthouse sits near Alki Beach and is easily identifiable by its stark white façade and vibrant red roof.  The lighthouse has been open since 1913, though several times improvements have been made to keep it up to date. In 1962 the old Fresnel lens was replaced by a modern optic device, and in 1984 it was fully automated.

When to Visit the Alki Point Lighthouse

Tours of the Alki Point Lighthouse are available to visitors exclusively during the summer months. Parking is readily available at the lighthouse and those that visit should be prepared to climb and encounter several uneven surfaces. The lighthouse is made up of two landings with one sitting under the ships ladder and the other near the top of the structure. Children under 6-years-old can climb to the first landing with an accompanying adult. The top of the lighthouse is accessible by a spiral metal ladder which leads to incredible, panoramic water views. A visit to the Alki Point Lighthouse is an eye-opening experience in what it takes to protect the coastline and vessels that travel nearby. It is an amazing feat of innovative technology based on a very traditional maritime past.

Seattle Lights the Way

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Winter Journey to Seattle

Seattle’s exciting downtown, thrilling landscape and vibrant culture makes it a wonderful summer stop, but it’s a city that shouldn’t be counted out in the winter months! The Emerald City plays host to a vast array of beautiful museums, monuments and dining establishments that are best experienced when the colder weather rolls in. When you’re planning to travel to Seattle in the winter, here are a few places you’ll want to be sure to add to the itinerary.

 Day 1: Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

While you might not want to be out panning for gold in the winter months, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the story. The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park provides guests with an engaging overview of the role Seattle played in the infamous rush to be rich. Those passionate with the pursuit of wealth used Seattle as the primary gateway to reaching potential gold deposits farther north. This museum provides several exhibits that look at the interesting and intricate details of how the gold rush changed the face of Seattle over time.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
319 2nd Ave S.
(206) 220-4240

 Day 2: Frye Art Museum

While the winter weather may fluctuate, the Frye Art Museum’s dedication to displaying contemporary works by local and global artists is unwavering. A stop in at this museum is an immersive experience in creative expression. Come for a visit and enjoy browsing a variety of exhibits that explore the ever-changing pulse of the Seattle city-scene as noticed by many different artistic minds. Guests can browse paintings, sculpture and mix-medium exhibits during their time at the museum. In addition, guests should keep an eye on the events calendar as the Frye Art Museum regularly hosts musical performances, artistic lectures and meditation in their on-site auditorium.

Frye Art Museum
704 Terry Ave
(206) 622-9250

 Day 3: Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

Learn about Seattle’s unique history on this 75-minute tour of our Underground City. From the ‘Seamstresses’ that started what would become the Seattle Public Schools, to what really started the great fire of 1889, and how Bill and his wife, Shirley, saved Pioneer Square, you will be guided by locals through the twists and turns of the old city. Tours run daily on the hour starting at 9am. The tour starts in Doc Maynard’s Public House, where you can get a snack or beverage before you go or come back and have lunch or dinner. They even have a special Lunch and Tour combo, and offer local, seasonal entrees for the entire family. The tour ends in the Rogues Gallery and Underground Giftshop – a great place for unique, Seattle gifts. Tour tickets can be purchased online, by phone or at the box office.

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour
614 1stAve, in Pioneer Square Park
206-682-4646 ext 118

 Stay Cozy in the Emerald City

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Running Through the Sprinkler, Seattle Style

Hello Seattle, locals and guests alike!  

Guess what?  90 degrees is a fairly uncommon occurance in this town.  Some might call it rare, even in this era of global warming.  So with this week’s forecast of 90 echoing in our eardrums, stop what you are doing.  

Stop.  Right now.  Seriously.  Time to dump the plans.

Do something quintessentially Seattle today. Get yourself to Seattle’s back yard sprinkler, otherwise known as the International Foundation at the Seattle Center.

Just about every local Seattle school kid has a story of getting drenched at the Fountain.  Pack yourself a picnic, or snacks, and something to drink.  If that feels like too much trouble, don’t.  There are no rules here on how to do this, and food is available on-site, at the Armory.

The fountain alternates between a driblle, a gentle arch, and jet bursts shooting water 70 feet in the air.  Your job is to time your journey to the dome without getting a face full of water.  

It’s a short walk, a very quck Lyft ride, or a little jaunt on the closest LimeBike from most of our properties. Pretend you’re a kid again, or bring your kids and show them how its done.  

You won’t regret it, I promise.

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