Opus Co

If you’re looking for the very best in super-local Pacific Northwest cuisine, look no further than Opus Co. This tiny spot allows you to get up close and personal with the chefs, as they prepare your food right in front of you. The menu changes drastically with the seasons, so you’re sure to only get the freshest and finest on your plate. Located six-and-a-half-miles away from downtown in the Phinney Ridge/Greenwood neighborhood, Opus Co Seattle is a dinner spot only, Wednesday through Sunday. Reservations are a must, as this place is small.

Fall Fare at Opus Co Restaurant

The Opus Co Restaurant creates their menu on a seasonal basis, since they’re focused solely on farm-fresh local offerings. Their fall “sample menu” includes a fresh market fish with risotto and poached quince, a half chicken with soy brine and malt vinegar caramel, lamb with yogurt, and charred eggplant. Accompaniments always include plenty of soured, pickled, and fermented vegetables, made in-house. All offerings are “to share” with the idea that this is family-style cuisine. Opus Co Seattle also does their best to accommodate any dietary restrictions on the spot, as much as is possible.

Let the Kitchen Take Control!

If you’re really looking to sit back and relax, why not let the chefs at Opus Co take charge of everything? For $55 per person, your family can order the Opus Feast, which is a stellar deal considering how many dishes you get to try. The chef will prepare a variety of off-menu delights to surprise your taste buds, and you’re sure to try some new flavors you’ve never experienced before! Vegetarian needs can be accommodated for the Opus Feast with a minimum of two days’ notice. Wine pairings can also be added for each course, if you wish.

Then There’s the Drinks

Ah yes, the alcohol. Such an important part of the meal! Opus Co’s staff carefully curate the seasonal menu to pair with the food on offer, and there’s a small but thoughtful selection (just like the entire restaurant!). There are usually several specialty cocktails, as well as several regional beer and cider options. There’s also a good variety of wines, served by the bottle or by the glass.

Opus Co is quintessential Seattle: thoughtful, creative, and unique! Don’t miss it on your next visit!