The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Twenty Years. I really can’t believe it’s been that long. Right after I graduated Paul Allen started a program to showcase his love of music, and the local heroes of the city. He called it the Experience Music Project, and it was one of the coolest things I’d ever been to. But it didn’t really catch on, and went through several different rebrands. Enter Frank Gehry (yes, the Guggenheim designer), a couple of smashed guitars, and viola! The MoPop was born. I’ll be honest, during its construction and subsequent opening, I was NOT a fan. The exhibits were amazing, don’t get me wrong. But the building….well, it was just plain ugly. It got a lot of press, some calling it brilliant, others “the ugliest building of our time”. Regardless, it is part of the Seattle Center landscape, and has changed how our city views not only music, but pop culture in general. So if you have a heart for art and all things contemporary, a stop at The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is a must!

Modern Marvels and Wonders

The Museum of Pop Culture is located in the Seattle Center at 325 5th Avenue N. and is open to the public daily between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. This one-of-a-kind nonprofit museum isn’t hard to miss with its sleek, abstract silver façade waiting to greet those who walk through the front door. The museum was co-founded in 2000 by Paul Allen, perhaps better known for his work with Microsoft. Initially, the museum was developed as part of the Experience Music Project but has since grown to embody, highlight, and display a wider variety of topics, subjects, and genres that relate to pop culture as a whole.

A Museum with a Mission

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is committed to cultivating creative expression that brings the community together and highlighting the best and most memorable of pop culture is a great way to do that. Guests who make their way to the Museum of Pop Culture can browse displays that feature everything from Minecraft and video game production to the culture of tattooing and a closer look at the rise and music of Nirvana. The museum features a sound lab where visitors can work on creating something unique of their own while those with a passion for guitar will want to be sure to wander through the guitar gallery and marvel at the impressive collection. The combination of continuous and revolving exhibits makes each stop at The Museum of Pop Culture a new experience to be enjoyed.

Enjoy the Best of Seattle

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