The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle

Twenty Years. I really can’t believe it’s been that long. Right after I graduated Paul Allen started a program to showcase his love of music, and the local heroes of the city. He called it the Experience Music Project, and it was one of the coolest things I’d ever been to. But it didn’t really catch on, and went through several different rebrands. Enter Frank Gehry (yes, the Guggenheim designer), a couple of smashed guitars, and viola! The MoPop was born. I’ll be honest, during its construction and subsequent opening, I was NOT a fan. The exhibits were amazing, don’t get me wrong. But the building….well, it was just plain ugly. It got a lot of press, some calling it brilliant, others “the ugliest building of our time”. Regardless, it is part of the Seattle Center landscape, and has changed how our city views not only music, but pop culture in general. So if you have a heart for art and all things contemporary, a stop at The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is a must!

Modern Marvels and Wonders

The Museum of Pop Culture is located in the Seattle Center at 325 5th Avenue N. and is open to the public daily between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. This one-of-a-kind nonprofit museum isn’t hard to miss with its sleek, abstract silver façade waiting to greet those who walk through the front door. The museum was co-founded in 2000 by Paul Allen, perhaps better known for his work with Microsoft. Initially, the museum was developed as part of the Experience Music Project but has since grown to embody, highlight, and display a wider variety of topics, subjects, and genres that relate to pop culture as a whole.

A Museum with a Mission

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is committed to cultivating creative expression that brings the community together and highlighting the best and most memorable of pop culture is a great way to do that. Guests who make their way to the Museum of Pop Culture can browse displays that feature everything from Minecraft and video game production to the culture of tattooing and a closer look at the rise and music of Nirvana. The museum features a sound lab where visitors can work on creating something unique of their own while those with a passion for guitar will want to be sure to wander through the guitar gallery and marvel at the impressive collection. The combination of continuous and revolving exhibits makes each stop at The Museum of Pop Culture a new experience to be enjoyed.

Enjoy the Best of Seattle

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Valentine’s Day, a Lesson in Love?

Or, how to Spend Valentine’s Day in Seattle

You’re standing in a quaint square in Rome. It’s the Feast of Lupercalia (Feb. 13th – 15th), and the streets are filled with men and women looking to have a good time. You stand in a line of other naked women (everyone is naked, it’s cool) – waiting to be hit with the hide of a goat that was just slain, by a guy will be your ‘date’ for the rest of the festival. Or maybe longer if the fates made a good match. Wait. What?!?

That is how Valentine’s day started. At least according to Google…. Historians can’t agree on the exact specifics, but they do agree that it most likely started in the 3rd century A.D when Emperor Cladius II executed two men (both named Valentine, oddly enough) on different years on February 14th. Then at some point the Catholic Church made them martyrs and gave them Feb. 14th as their day to be remembered. And they get to be Saints. Nice.

Fast forward to the 5th century, when a Pope named Gelasius decided that the Pegan way was not cool and combined Valentine’s Day with the Lupercalia Fest to make a more wholesome holiday. With clothing, and more theatrics than actual animal slaying and whipping naked women. With me so far? Around the same time, the Normans (Scandinavian Vikings that took over Northern France) were celebrating Galatin’s Day. Galatin meant “lover of women”. No dead-animal woman whipping for them, these Vikings were enlightened. Ok, and…? Apparently Galatin’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day got confused because the sounded similar and poof! A holiday all about being nice to your female mate. Poets wrote love poems and people made cards by hand. More sappy-sweet than animal-cruel, I like it.

Enter the Hallmark Card Empire in 1913. They mass produced Valentine’s cards for the first time, commercializing the ‘holiday’ and forever changing how we today see it. And whether you are the Cupid-hit-me-with-your-arrow type, or the binge-watching Dexter while devouring day-of half-price sweets kind of kid, here in Seattle you both can find something enjoyable to do. Seriously. Or you’re just not trying hard enough. Don’t believe me? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Dinner and the amazing Mr. Ethan Stowell

Though born in Germany, Ethan was raised on Capital Hill and began cooking at a young age. By 2003 he had opened his first restaurant and has been going strong ever since. He now has 13 restaurants around the city (every one of them great!) and almost all are offering a special menu for those who want an amazing meal to share with your love. Or roommate. Maybe you’re the single-and-loving-it person happy with a table for one. Doesn’t matter, just get out and eat a meal at a table with real silverware! The ESR website has all the details and locations, but I wanted to point out the Lobster Feast for $65/guest at the San Juan Seltzery in Sodo. It includes appetizers (salad, chicken liver mousse, tuna tartare), main course (steamed Maine Lobster, fries, and cole slaw), and pecan pie with ice cream for dessert. Mmmmm……

Noir Films Anyone?

If you prefer movies to dinner for your day of love, Noir City Seattle’s opening night at the historic Egyptian Theater.  February 14th – 20th you can watch these classic films from around the world on the big screen, and hosted by Eddie Muller no less! Opening night features The Beast Must Die, and Argentinian classic from 1952 based on Nicholas Blake’s 1936 novel.  The film starts at 6:30 but go early for tango music by the Ben Thomas Trio. Feeling saucy? Guests are encouraged to dress as their fave anti-hero or femme fatale – let’s be honest, dress-up is fun! Details on all the films and tickets can be found here.  

How about a Formal?

No, not like prom. Unless you went to prom in the age of Grunge like I did. The Flannel Formal by Kahlua and SE Productions is kind of like a white party, but with plaid and flannel. When I hear that word, I think of Kurt Cobain (RIP) and his unique use of said shirt. You might think jammies. Maybe the kind with feet. Either way is correct for this twist on traditional fancy-dress dances. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for $35 and include 2 Drinks, Light Appetizers & Desserts, PNW Beer, Wine and Chocolate tasting, Karaoke, a Fish Throwing Contest (a la Pike Place), and ghost stories. And fun. And I’m assuming some epic people watching!

There you have it folks. A few suggestions to get you in the mood (or not) for Valentine’s Day in Seattle!

A Romantic Seattle Stay

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Visit the Seattle Food and Wine Experience!

Visitors often come to our amazing city with a long list of places they hope to see and experience. From the Space Needle to Lake Union, the many museums, art galleries and events Seattle is a place undeniably brimming over with opportunity. In addition to the iconic landmarks and options for exploration, Seattle is a city with a reputation for fantastic flavor. If you find yourself in the Emerald City in February and have a passion for pleasing the palate, don’t miss your chance to participate in the annual Seattle Wine and Food Experience.

A History of Flavor

Since it first began in 2009, the Seattle Wine and Food Experience has been one of the city’s premier culinary showcases that draw in crowds by the thousands looking to enjoy the best Seattle has to offer. In 2020, the event will be held February 20-22nd centered around Sodo Park located at 3200 1st Avenue S. The Seattle Wine and Food Experience is hosted by Seattle Magazine, who make it a mission to not only display but elevate the many regional products that make Seattle such a sensational city for fine dining and drinking. In addition to the many tasting options, this event includes, guests who participate will also enjoy educational programming, options to speak with food producers and sensory experiences that are sure to thrill!

Three Events in One

While all of the exciting and savory moments that make up this celebration of flavor fall under the umbrella title of the Seattle Wine and Food Experience, this event is truly three in one. The first day of the event is dedicated to comfort food and invites participants to come and enjoy those options that originate in the Pacific Northwest that come with the inviting feeling of home. On this day, guests will enjoy everything from fried chicken and burgers to ciders and sweet beers that come with a side of a warm welcome. The second day of the event features all that is fancy and invites guests to dress their best and enjoy bubbling beverages and a selection of seafood that’s hard to top. The final day of the event is called the Grand Tasting and is definitely one not to miss. Participants will indulge in the ultimate showcase of fantastic fare from the Pacific Northwest and those with a passion for wine will be pleased with the impressive selection that finds its way to the front of the crowd.

Enjoy Your Seattle Stay in Style

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New Year’s Eve in Seattle, Part Two

New Year’s Eve Events in Seattle

As promised last week, here are two more amazing events for your New Year’s Eve in Seattle – you truly don’t have to go far to find a fun way to celebrate the new year!

Seattle Bollywood Party

Add some music, culture, and flavor to your New Year’s Eve in Seattle celebration in Seattle by purchasing a ticket to the Seattle Bollywood 2020 Party this year. Organized by Rainier Events, this party is a crowd-pleaser that’s held at 1950 1st Avenue South. Tickets range from $50 to $100 per person depending on the type of package. The fun starts at 9:00 pm with karaoke and comedy before DJ SZNaina turns up the beats and opens up the dance floor. Bollywood hits are highlighted all night long with a balloon drop at midnight. This is a 21 and up event that’s sure to be high energy.

Spectra at the Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center is one of Seattle’s most popular spots to ring in the new year. Located at 200 Second Avenue North, The Pacific Science Center hosts Spectra each and every year which invites guests to come and make the most of lights, drinks, dancing, live music and much more! Attending this event guarantees great views of the downtown fireworks at midnight. In 2020, guests will want to dress their best as the theme celebrates the roaring 20s. Tickets are $125 for general admission and jump to $225 for a VIP experience package.

Book a Stay Today

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New Year’s Eve in Seattle Part One

How to Spend New Year’s in Seattle

New Year’s Eve in Seattle – the choices are endless when deciding how and who you’ll be spending the evening with. Casual at a local bar? Community event in a public space with thousands of other Seattleites? Dress up and fancy? I enjoy all kinds of celebrations, but any excuse to dress up and get my hair done….. So,  if you feel like getting fancy and ringing in the new year in style, Seattle is a particularly exciting city to find yourself when New Year’s Eve rolls around. There are plenty of options for nice-dress-or-suit entertainment when you head into the city as December comes to an end. Here are just a few ideas on places to spend your Seattle New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve in the Needle

New Year’s Eve will never be the same when you spend it high above the city with fireworks exploding above your head! The party at the Space Needle is a fun way to ring in the new year in style. The event starts at 9:00 PM and your $275 ticket gets you appetizers, dessert, live music and an amazing DJ for dancing, and champagne for a toast at midnight. Oh, did I mention the fireworks?

Indulgence at the Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is known for its annual Indulgence celebration on New Year’s Eve that draws in over 2,000 guests at a time. This fun and exciting event turns the museum into a dance floor complete with a live DJ and plenty of delicious bites and drinks. Comedy shows and cocktails pair perfectly with time spent browsing the many museum exhibits. Toast to the new year in a venue that provides more than 35,000 square feet of space designed to be enjoyed. 21 and over, the party starts at 8:30 PM and Tickets start at $109 for GA.

Fog Room Seattle

When you’re feeling a little bit fancy and are hoping to celebrate your Seattle New Year’s Eve with a touch of elegance, make your way to the Fog Room located at 1610 2nd Avenue. Tickets to this event range from $30 to $200 depending on the grade of experience package purchased. Guests to the Fog Room on New Year’s Eve will enjoy endless Champagne, a live DJ and aerial acrobats putting on amazing shows all night long. The fun starts at 9:00 pm and includes a toast at midnight.

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Bumbershoot in Seattle 2019

Written By Daniel Pacheco

Bumbershoot in Seattle is a traditional “summer’s over” party, with most area schools starting the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labor Day.  It is a music festival, but it has always been much more than that, and it is definitely a people-watching spectacle.  I love the ability to get in and make your way through different acts.  It gives you an opportunity to be exposed to different music genres.

Seattle Local Tips: This festival is BIG.  There is a lot to see and do, and it helps to go in with a plan.  Review the line-up before going in, and get a loose idea of where you want to be and when.

The number one complaint year in, year out, is parking.  Either finding it, or if you found it, the price (ouch) you have to pay for the privilege.  Luckily, if you are a Seattle Oasis guest, 75% of our properties are within walking distance, and all are a quick Lyft away. With the housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to the fun.

First Off, Don’t Miss the Chance to be Spontaneous.

Yes, I realize I just told you to go in with a plan.  And do. But allow for time to linger over acts that tickle your ear.  Headliners this year are, among others, Tyler the Creator, Lizzo, HER, The Lumineers, Rezz, and Taking Back Sunday. These spaces will fill up quickly.  But as you are making your way around, keep an open mind for local rapper Sol, amazing vocalist Gallant, or comedian Neal Brennan.  There are over ninety music musical acts and 19 comedic acts so don’t get tunnel vision.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring the Kiddos to Bumbershoot in Seattle:

Youngershoot is the younger side of Bumbershoot in Seattle, sponsored by the Children’s Museum. There are special exhibits and interactive opportunities for the under 10 set.  It consists of an smaller area segregated from the rest of the Seattle Center campus, with music, art and acts tailored to little ones. In addition, Bumbershoot in Seattle is tagging which acts, in the general line-up, which are kid friendly.

Seattle Local Tip:  If going with little ones, the crowds are smaller earlier in the day.  Strollers are permitted, but discouraged, just FYI. 

Spend the Day:

Bumbershoot in Seattle is more than just music.  There is comedy, spoken word, dance, theatre and visual arts.  You can also practice yoga, see a Laser Dome show, and check out the Sub Pop pop up.  Food is good enough to write home about.  Offerings from Matt’s In The Market (a personal fave), BokBok Fried Chicken, Gracia, Little Uncle, Wood Shop BBQ and more will keep blood sugar levels steady. In addition, the Armory locations are also open during the festival, so beer, wine and vegan options are available.

One Last Pro Tip:

The weather is generally quite nice. Like, sunny and hot nice. So don’t forget to pack your bag with sunscreen, water, and a hat. And if you’re planning on staying for the evening bands (which I highly recommend), you’ll want a sweater or hoodie. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Check out the best Seattle attractions! Contact us today!


Hempfest 2019

Written by Daniel Pacheco

August 16th, 17th, and 18th you can expect some hazier than normal weather in Seattle. The 28th annual Seattle Hempfest will be kicking off in Sculpture Park along the water and as usual it’s sure to be an experience. Hempfest is lovingly and proudly known as a “protestival” and is the largest cannabis policy reform festival in the world.   In the words of the organizers, Hempfest is first and foremost a political protest rally seeking to change America’s pot laws and to educate the public on the many uses of the cannabis plant.

The original Hempfest started back in 1991 at Volunteer Park and only had about 20 volunteer staff members and 500. This year you can expect about 150,000 attendees over the weekend as well as a staff of almost 1000 volunteers. Will you see people happily enjoying marijuana? Yes. Will there be music? Yes. Lots of delicious food trucks catering to people with the munchies? Tons of them. Despite all that Hempfest isn’t your typical festival – education is really what it’s about as the organizers are looking to make positive changes in marijuana laws, and people’s ideas about cannabis in general, in our country. Throughout the years musicians, actors, political activists, congressman, and even police chiefs have taken the stage.

So, can you go to Hempfest without getting in any trouble? Totally. Is it just full of a bunch of Seattle hippie stoners? Some, but not the majority. Hempfest is free to attend and you’ll see plenty of law enforcement in attendance as well. Roughly 20% of attendees are from out of town, so if you end up visiting you might even run into some people from your home state. As far as staying out of trouble there are still laws you need to follow for a stress-free experience. Hempfest is totally legal and protected by the United States Constitution under your right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. However, Hempfest is not a “free zone”. All local, state and federal laws are in full effect at Hempfest, and Seattle parks are designated “Drug Free Zones” which increases the penalties for selling and buying controlled substances. Hempfest is the worst place to attempt to buy or sell illegal substances of any kind. Please don’t do it.

Hempfest is one of the reasons why Washington was one of the earliest states to legalize marijuana and is a GREAT place to get more info on modern marijuana policy. You’ll find experts from all walks of life who can answer all sorts of questions. The legalization of marijuana has gone from a pipe dream, pun intended, to a policy question asked of almost every presidential candidate. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on you’ll get a wealth of information if you stop by. Parking is very very limited so public transit or walking from most of our properties is the easiest way of getting there. As always if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call! Be sure to also check out the Pike Place Market during your trip!


The Bite of Seattle!

Written By Daniel Pacheco

Summer always starts a little late in Seattle, and the 4th of July is often a little misty, but to me the Bite of Seattle always feels like the true summer kickoff. Bite of Seattle originally started in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle but eventually moved to Seattle Center. Think of it as a giant outdoor summer food court, with beer gardens, music, and a movie in the grass under the Space Needle. If you are staying in one of our Seattle vacation rentals, you’ll be either a short walk, or a quick cab ride away from a delicious weekend. Bite of Seattle runs from July 19th – 21st , from 11am to 9pm on the 19th and 20th, and from 11am to 8pm on the 21st. Bite of Seattle is a great event for the whole family, and there are 21 and up beer gardens for the adults as well.  The Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, and Museum of Pop Culture will all be open during The Bite but you should plan on everything being busier.  There are ticket packages available for beer, drink, and food packages, but admission is free there’s plenty to do and eat. At least 20 different vendors will have items priced at 5 dollars or less so you can eat your way around the world.

Big Island Poke
I’ve called Washington my home since 2007, but before that I spent time in Oahu and this is the closest you can get to authentic Hawai’ian poke with a few add-ons which are popular in the mainland. Poke is fresh raw fish, seasoned and marinated, served over rice, a very good place to start if you’ve been intimidated by fancy sushi rolls. Big Island Poke (pronounced po-kay) will be serving their Hawai’ian Poke bowl, Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke bowl, and Kalua Pork Nachos. Highly recommend.

C Davis Texas BBQ
From one end of the spectrum to the other, raw ahi tuna to ribs and brisket cooked low and slow, C Davis Texas BBQ is also worth trying at Bite. Look for the long line, giant trailer that holds the custom grill, and delicious aroma. The pulled pork and brisket are my personal favorites, but there are no regrets to be found on this menu.

Fisher Fair Scones
Scones and raspberry jam may sound like a simple snack, but these scones have been a delicious staple in Washington for over 100 years. When the State Fair comes to Puyallup every year Fisher Fair Scones are on everyone’s list of things to eat. These scones can be purchased year-round in stores or on Amazon, but nothing beats a fresh one.

After exploring (and eating!) your way through town, be sure you’re coming back to a home away from home in downtown Seattle that you’ve booked with Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals. Our properties are extraordinarily luxurious, comfortable and conveniently located near Seattle’s most popular attractions. Contact us today to start planning your next getaway!


Seattle July Events

Growing up in Seattle, you kind of just know that summer starts after the 4th of July – don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it is. That’s generally when the weather is really nice and the sun shines all the time. Which is why most outdoor Seattle July events. School is out and people flock to the few beaches we have, picnics in the many parks are a daily occurrence, and evening BBQs and music events are what people live for.

First things first, 4th of July! The biggest party that happens is the Seafair Summer Fourth! The party is on both ends of Lake Union, Gas Works Park on the North and South Lake Union Park, not surprisingly, on the South. You can get tickets to both on their website. Gates open at noon for both, and they offer live music, food, and a beer garden to keep you entertained until the real show starts around 10pm. If you can’t make it to the event, or maybe if crowds aren’t your thing, you can watch it live on channel 7.

Seafair is Seattle’s 10-week festival season that has been happening since 1950. There are tons of sanctioned Seafair events, including the 4th of July at Lake Union, the Milk Carton Derby (July 13), Torchlight, Fleet Week (July 29 – Aug 2), and so much more! One of the more unique Seattle July events is the Pirate Landing at Alki Beach. Summer wouldn’t be summer without Pirates! July 6th Alki Beach is transformed – it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Check out the Seafair website for information on all the Seattle July events going on.

If you’re planning a visit to the Ballard Locks, located about 5-ish miles north from the city, you can hear some wonderful live music from local musicians and groups. The Concerts at the Locks are an annual tradition and run through September 2nd. Visit their website to get the lineup. Don’t forget, if you purchase a CityPass you can get tickets to many of our local attractions at a discount, and the Locks are one of them!

ZooTunes at the Woodland Park Zoo are another annual tradition here. If you’ve got an open day, plan a trip to the Zoo and stay for the concert at the end of the day. Tickets sell out pretty fast, so I suggest getting yours now. Not to brag, but our Zoo is one of the best in the country! And don’t take my word for it, everyone says so. Visit their website to see all the offerings, schedule a premium tour or get tickets for the evening concerts. They even have live cams so you can see tigers, bears, and bats in real time. And we have a new baby giraffe, named Hasani (which means handsome in Swahili) who will hopefully be making his debut soon. He and mama have been spending quality bonding time together in private since he was born on May 2nd. But trust me, his first few days in the public areas will be an event you won’t want to miss.

Summer is a great time for sports too, the Mariners and Sounders are still keeping Seattle Playoff hopes alive, and you won’t want to miss seeing a game at T-Mobile Park or CenturyLink Field. Our sports venues offer some really great food and drink options or stick to tradition and buy your old man a hot dog and beer! If you like soccer, the FIFA World Cup is being shown at many bars and most of them offer drink and food specials while you watch. The Stranger has a great list of local sports and recreation events, check out their website and see what there is to do.

There are so many festivals in July! Literally every weekend boasts at least three or four fairs, runs, tastings…everything from the Seattle International BeerFest at the Seattle Center Fisher park and pavilion to the Capitol Hill Block Party (over 100 bands will be playing!) to local neighborhood festivals like the West Seattle Grand Parade (featuring the 2nd year of the Pawrade, for our furry friends) and the Alki Point Art and Music Fair. Our friends at Events12.com have the best list of all the great things to do in and around the city, check it out!

The biggest of all July festivals by far is the annual Bite of Seattle July 19 – 21 at the Seattle Center. Voted “Best Food Festival” for the last several years, the Bite is the original and first Seattle July event dedicated to all thing yummy. For the last 37 years, the Bite has taken over the Seattle Center and filled it with local restaurants, pop-up vendors, beer and cider tastings, live music outdoor beer gardens, live cooking demos and cook-off battles. Friday night is the free Bite Movie Night and the best part – it’s free to attend! This year they’re once again offering The Alley Six Course ‘Multi-Bite’ event that benefits Food Lifeline and the Family Fun Zone. You can get tickets for the Alley and Beer & Cider Tastings here.

July ends with the best parade of the year – Torchlight! Since 1950 Seattlites have been gathering to watch marching bands, floats, dancers, and so much more in the heart of the city. The parade begins at 7:30 PM at the Seattle Center and heads down 4th Avenue to Westlake Park. There isn’t an admission fee for the parade, though if you want to ensure a good seat, reserved seating at the Grandstand is available. But for a true Seattle experience, plan on getting up early and staking out a seat along the parade route. There are food trucks and local eateries offering specials along the entire route. (And yes, the city provides Honey Buckets along the way too.) Bring a comfy camp chair, don’t forget your sunscreen and water, and spend the day people watching.  For all the info you’ll need or to purchase tickets for the grandstand visit their website. The parade will also be broadcast on channel 7.

Days spent adventuring in the city should end in a luxury unit that offers a great living room to rest your feet in and a comfy bed to stretch those tired muscles on. Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals offers units that have not only have indoor pools, but roof-top decks for watching the sun set and unwinding with a glass of wine. Give us a call and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can find the perfect vacation rental for your visit!


Experiencing a Seattle 4th of July Celebration

If you’re a traveler who is taken in by astounding landscapes that range from towering mountains to lush forests and glittering waterways in between, Seattle, Washington is calling you. If you’re a traveler that has a heart for urban exploration, mesmerizing museums and art galleries that bring the best of traditional and modern combines, there’s something in the cityscape of Seattle with your name on it. When it comes to versatility, there’s a reason Seattle is so well-loved by visitors from near and far. It’s an amazing place to come and discover any time of year no matter where your interests lie.

However, when the 4th of July rolls around, there’s something particularly inspiring about the Emerald City. This sprawling urban oasis surrounding by unparalleled natural beauty sets an incredible scene for Independence Day festivities. Whether you’re passionate about fireworks or looking to savor the holiday through flavor, there are a few Seattle 4th of July events you simply don’t want to miss.

Seafair Summer Fourth

The only thing better than a fireworks display is a display set to custom music. Immerse yourself in a dazzling soundtrack that comes along with brilliant sky-high glitter when you buy a ticket to Seafair Summer Fourth this 4th of July. Located at Gas Works Park at 2101 N. Northlake Way, guest can be a part of the fun for $60. Fireworks and music begin at dusk but before that time comes, be sure to make the most of the many food trucks that dot the park and offer up a savory bite. An on-site beer garden curbs the beverage craving while live musical entertainment acts as pre-fireworks fun.

The Seattle 4th of July Fireworks Cruise

Enjoy your fireworks and a Seatlle 4th of July in pirate-style by boarding a vessel built with fantasy in mind at the hands of Emerald City Pirates on Lake Union. Your watery voyage begins at 8:30 pm and departs from 860 Terry Avenue North. Enjoy onboard snacks, beverages and live music as you wait for the fireworks to start. From your wave-based vantage point, you won’t have to worry about traffic, crowds or obstructed views. Fireworks will dazzle overhead once the sun goes down as you make the most of prime seating on the water. Return to your starting point around 11:30 pm having enjoyed the many sky-high colors that mark this important U.S. holiday.

A Seattle Stay to Remember

When your travels bring you to Seattle for 4th of July, the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is happy to help you book a downtown property that feels like a home away from home. Enjoy comfort, quality, and luxury in equal measure with a downtown view that’s one of a kind. Contact us today to begin planning your Independence Day adventures to Seattle.


Awesome Things to Do in Seattle on a Rainy Day

The Pacific Northwest is an enchanting destination that provides stunning coastline alongside luscious woodlands and towering mountains. Perhaps no place puts this combination of beauty and excitement on display quite like Seattle, Washington. Renowned for its intriguing skyline and lively urban atmosphere, visitors flock to the city in the name of nature, art, attractions, culture and cuisine. This notoriously rainy stop isn’t slowed down when weather hits. In fact, Seattle is a place where a little rainfall leads to endless indoor possibilities. Here are a few awesome things to do in Seattle when the rain keeps you in, but the excitement factor is out of control.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

Caffeine lovers and those with a passion for all things Starbucks will find this place the perfect place to get out of the rain and into a dark-roast kind of mindset. The birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle embraces all things coffee-bean and gives visitors a chance to indulge in the fine-brew process as well. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room delivers an up-close look at how coffee comes to be, all while offering up savory samples alongside snacks, sandwiches and even pizza! Swing by the gift shop on your way out to pick up your Starbucks souvenirs and head back out into the city energized and ready to take on the day.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

Seattle Space Needle

A rainy day doesn’t have to stop you from making the most of Seattle’s stunning views. Where better to see the city from incredible heights than the top of Seattle’s very own Space Needle? Newly renovated for easier accessibility, a single ticket will allow you to make your way to the very top where floor to ceiling glass provides an unbeatable panoramic view of water, land and sky. Rain or shine, it’s thrilling to see the city from above. Enjoy your vantage point from multiple levels complete with glass flooring and pick up a snack at the in-needle café while you’re at the Seattle Space Needle!

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

If you’re up for a little adventure and looking to step out of the rain, book a ticket for Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour and get ready to see a more remote side of the city! Known as the birthplace of Seattle, Pioneer Square was a 25-block of wooden homes and businesses that was tragically destroyed in the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. When buildings were reconstructed on top of the site, nobody realized that below, parts of Pioneer Square remained perfectly intact. Once excavated and restored, the tunnels became the ideal place to educate visitors on the history of the city and Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour quickly became one of the best things to do in Seattle on a rainy day. This winding underground tour takes guests on an exciting path through time, displaying the power of preservation at its best.

Museum of Pop Culture

If you’re in Seattle and passionate about all things contemporary and cultural, you’ll want to swing by the Museum of Pop Culture. Founded in 2000, this museum was made to highlight popular culture in a way that inspires visitors of all generations. Featuring exhibits that speak to Marvel Comics, advances in cinema, musical artists like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and much more, there’s a little something for everyone who has ever been interested in what makes something cool, collectible or creative.


There’s nothing quite like soul food to keep you cozy when the rain falls steadily in Seattle. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds during lunch or dinner hours, JuneBaby is the place to be. Serving up traditional southern fare daily, visitors will be tempted to try everything from Gulf Shrimps to Fried Green Tomato with Pork Belly. Finish it all off with a delicious Beignet to complete your tasty visit.

Seattle Things to Do

Stay and Play in Seattle

When you come to make the most of the scenic city of Seattle, make sure you’re set up in a vacation rental that keeps you right in the heart of it all. Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is a family-run business built on a passion for providing guests with the ultimate Seattle stay. With a vast selection of properties right downtown, you’ll be able to choose between water, sound or city views to match your taste and style. Contact us today to help you find your ideal property to ensure your Seattle getaway is the ultimate customized, cosmopolitan experience and to learn about more things to do in Seattle!

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