Café Munir

Looking for Lebanese food? Look no further than Café Munir, a sophisticated little oasis tucked away in the North Ballard neighborhood a mere seven miles away from Downtown Seattle. It’s a little bit off the beaten path, but you’ll be richly rewarded for your diligence in making a visit. Open every day except Monday, Sundays are particularly special with a unique “Chef’s Choice” fixed menu. Lebanese delicacies await on your next Seattle dining adventure!

Mezze Mania at Cafe Munir

Caution: you may not even get beyond the mezze on your first visit! There are so many mouthwatering options to choose from, and you’ll want to taste them all. Café Munir offers several takes on the classic hommous (including one with lamb on top), as well as the ever-delicious Baba Ghanoush. But, classics aside, there are an incredible variety of less well-known vegetable specialties you’ll want to sample, including several roasted pepper dishes, multiple beet preparations, and winter greens. And then there’s the yogurt! Forget breakfast: yogurt takes on a variety of savory flavors in the mezze here at Café Munir. With beets, with olives, with tomatoes, it’s up to you!

Sample the Savory

If you think pastries are always a sweet item, you’re in for a surprise at Café Munir. They aim to wow you with their savory Arabic pastries, several of which include lamb. But one of the great things about Lebanese cuisine is its versatility; whether you’re a meat-eater or not, there are so many fabulous choices for everyone! Veggie pastries include cheese and eggplant options. The menu also offers “Grills and Specials,” which are subject to change seasonally. One thing you can count on: they’re guaranteed to include some lamb and chicken options, as well as something delicious for vegetarians.

Wild, Wild Whiskey

You might not immediately realize it, if you’re headed there strictly for Lebanese cuisine, but Café Munir is also well-known for its wide whiskey selection. The chef at this Seattle dining establishment has a personal passion for the beverage and has amassed a truly stunning selection from around the world, including some rare options. If whiskey isn’t your favorite libation, consider rounding out your meal with a glass of Lebanese wine, or arak, a traditional anise-based spirit. Café Munir will leave you feeling fine, body and soul, after a delicious meal with a great drink to match!

Come sample the mouthwatering delights of the Arab world, right here in Ballard!