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4/20 In Seattle

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The Guide to Legal Marijuana in Seattle

Seattle has always been a fairly marijuana friendly city, but with the unofficial 4/20 holiday approaching you can expect slightly hazier and cloudier weather. If you have partaken of marijuana before, starred in a Cheech and Chong movie, hated the devil’s lettuce, always been curious, or did a Bill Clinton and “didn’t inhale” that one time in college, hopefully you will learn something new or helpful.

While marijuana is still illegal federally, the government has allowed states to pass their own laws regarding its use. Keep in mind that National Parks are federal land so marijuana is banned completely in those areas. Different forms of medical marijuana have been legal in Washington state since the 1990s and in 2012 recreational marijuana was legalized. In the summer of 2014 recreational marijuana stores officially opened for business in Washington and have since made over 3 billion dollars in sales and over 1 billion dollars in tax revenue.

As with alcohol consumption, there are a few rules and laws to follow when it comes to recreational marijuana usage. You don’t need to be a Washington resident but you will need a drivers license or passport to show that you are at least 21 years old. You are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of usable marijuana(the plant form people typically call “weed”), smoking paraphernalia, 16 ounces of solid marijuana infused products (cookies, brownies, etc), or 72 ounces of marijuana infused liquids (lotions etc). You will receive a receipt when purchasing products and it’s best to keep that with your goods as proof that it was purchased at a licensed retailer. You must be 21 to purchase or possess marijuana, you can not drive and consume marijuana, you can still get a DUI for driving while “stoned”.

The 3 most common products you will see people using are “flower” which is the term used for plant material, vape cartridges which turn marijuana infused oil into vapor like an electronic cigarette, and edibles which are different types of food infused with marijuana. The law states that you may not consume marijuana in public view, and Seattle Oasis does not allow smoking in our properties so your best bet would be to try an edible.

If you haven’t tried marijuana before think of it as drinking for the first time. Drinking an entire bottle of vodka and then hitting the town would be a terrible idea. Similarly, smoking or eating a bunch of marijuana products is a terrible idea. With edibles, 10mg is the most common standard serving size you will see. If you have never had marijuana, or if you have smoked but never tried an edible, playing it safe is the way to go. Eat half of a serving, wait 60-90 minutes, see how you feel, and use that to gauge whether or not you should eat the other half.

If all of this sounds extremely overwhelming or intimidating I have some great advice….just ask questions. The list of recreational stores below all employ extremely helpful staff who can answer any questions you may have, and guide you in the right direction.

Have a Heart in Belltown
115 Blanchard St. Seattle, WA 98121 Open daily from 8am to 11:45pm Have a Heart’s Belltown location is one of the highest selling stores in the state and has a friendly experienced staff

Uncle Ike’s in Capitol Hill
501 15th Ave E | Seattle, WA 98112 Open daily from 8am to 11:45pm Uncle Ike’s in Capitol Hill has a small parking lot and a vending machine with free goodies.

Diego Pellicer
2215 4th Ave S Seattle WA 98134 Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 11pm, Sundays 9am to 9pm
Diege Pellicer is a high end recreational store that was also recently featured in Buzzfeed. While offering lots of high end specialty products, they also have plenty of deals as well.

Big City plus Big Trees Equals a Perfect Seattle Experience

Combine camping in the great outdoors with the big city Seattle experience for a quintessential Pacific Northwest Experience.

A big part of Seattle is our love of the outdoors.  It is a part of the culture of the city, and establishments like REI, Fulson, K2, and Eddie Bauer got their starts here, and use our outdoor spaces as their training courses and testing grounds.

One great way to have a quintessential Northwest experience is to combine your big city Seattle visit with some time spent outside the city.  Camping season is upon us, and enjoying the great outdoors without "roughing it" is easier than ever!

First off, outfitting yourself isn't as tiresome as you might think.  For those road tripping, the folks over at Wonderful Wellies have a fantastic camping checklist, which I actually have printed out portions of, myself.  It really ensures you won't forget a thing!

For those flying in, you'll be happy to see that all of my recommended locations, below, have both tent campling as well as cabins, yurts, or some kind of glamping, so that sleeping under the stars can have less "roughing it" in the equation!  

If bringing even just sleeping bags is not an option for you, you still can have that Washington State camping experience.  Check out a camper van or RV rental that will have you completely outfitted as soon as you step off the plane.  Escape Campervans have very reasonable rates, Peace Van Rentals specialize in VW vans, and of course there is Cruise America.

Skagit Tulip Festival is Sight to Behold!

skagit tulip festival, seattle vacation rentals, Sarah Vallieu,

Enjoy a Springtime Tradition in Western Washington!

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Seattle in the month of April, or are one of our local readers, get yourself north!  Truly breathtaking and colorful tulip fields, with reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and purples as far as the eye can see, is about 60 miles from Seattle, and is one of the largest tulip displays outside of Holland.

Skagit County is about an hour north of Seattle, straight up I-5.  Many fields are visible from the freeway, so there is no way to miss it. Weekends will have cars lined up, which certainly does give one enough time to enjoy the sights as you creep along, but for a less crowded experience, try a week day. 

Once off the freeway, head west, through the tulip and daffodil fields. Signs will direct you to larger displays, and to the town of LaConner, a quaint little fishing village along north Puget Sound.  This makes a great place to stop for lunch and stretch your legs, if you are doing a driving tour.

While driving through the many fields is a sight for the eyes, you definitely want to pull into at least one of the fields and get pictures up close and personal. It is a photo-op that makes even the biggest klutz behind the camera an award winner.  It is almost impossible to take a bad picture here!

Seattle Insider Tip: The fields are nearly always muddy. Plan your footwear accordingly.

A personal favorite of mine is to time my visit with the Mt Vernon Street Fair.  First Street in Mt. Vernon is closed in honor of the Tulip Festival, and features art, food, music and more.  Maps of the tulip fields and surrounding areas are available online.

Seattle Insider Tip: This is weather dependent, but I strongly recommend getting out in the fields on a bike.  The area is nearly flat, and Tulip County Bike Tours have rentals or tours available during tulip season.  Pack a lunch, or plan to stop at a cafe, bring plenty of fluids, and enjoy this unique Northwest experience. 

Photo credit Sally Corrigan 2014

Kid-Friendly Adventures in Seattle

Kid Friendly

Kid-Friendly Adventures in Seattle

Seattle isn’t all high-end food and beautiful scenery. In fact, it’s a special place for children to get in touch with the world around them. There are many things and places to see within this bustling city and your kids will love the interactive adventure. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or staying for the long haul, here is a helpful exploration guide of Seattle to take your adventurous youngsters.

The Children's Museum at Seattle Center:
If your children love to touch and climb, The Children’s Museum is a must-visit. This interactive museum allows kids to let loose and climb a giant indoor tree house, explore the Global Village, get hands on in the construction zone, and much more.  Great for kids from from just walking to about 10 years of age.  This is located in the shadow of the Space Needle in the Amory building, where you can grab a quick lunch afterwards!  Besides the permanent collection, they do have a steady stream of traveling shows, so check their website for up-to-date information.

Seattle Insiders Tip:  If it's a nice day, spend a few minutes after your museum visit running through the spray at the International Fountain, which is adjacent to the entry of the museum on the Seattle Center campus. 

Seattle Public Library
Seattle has a world class library, one of the best in the nation.  It is a bright and inviting space, especially in the children's wing, and besides books has puppets and toys children can play with. My own daughter made it a point to say hi to the blue bull mounted on the wall.  Check the website and plan to attend one of their many story times.  It is almost guaranteed you'll be introduced to your child's next favorite book!

Museum of Flight:
The Museum of Flight will have your children in awe. Here they can get an eye-full of a Blackbird spy plane or board the original Air Force One. This interactive museum is sure to have to your kids loving every minute spent there. Enjoy free admission the first Thursday of every month from 5 to 9pm.  Metro route 124 from downtown Seattle or a 15-20 drive or Lyft ride away.

Lincoln Park:

Image courtesy West Seattle Blog

Lincoln Park offers a welcome environment for both parents and kids. Parents, if you are looking for a laid-back day walk, this park provides you with picnic tables, bbq grills and peaceful walking paths through the old-growth urban forst or with views of the Vashon Ferry and Puget Sound. And for your kids, well, let’s just say when they get home, you are going to have one quiet, nap-happy vacation rental. There are not one, but two large playgrounds in this park is large, with slides, swings and a zip line.  The north one was recently updated and the south one is in the process of being completely renovated as of this writing. In the summer time, there is a heated salt water pool to enjoy, as well as a wading pool for the little ones.

We currently have plenty of family friendly vacation rentals available!  Book now at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals. 

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