Seattle Bakeries: Taste the Seattle Flavor


Seattle Bakeries: Taste the Seattle Flavor

If you love pastries, cakes, and sweets in general, then the variety offered by Seattle bakeries will never leave you hungry or disappointed. Whether you’d like to start your day by sipping your coffee paired with a fresh-baked breakfast, or you prefer an afternoon visit to a bakery, the city has you covered. With countless storied and respected bakeries within the city limits, the enticing aromas and tantalizing tastes never end in Seattle.
Ranging from popular landmarks to quirky holes-in-the-wall, planning a day around a Seattle bakery visit can add a unique angle to your trip. Indulge in your appetite’s greatest desires; eat as many freshly-baked cakes as you’d please as you begin to wrap yourself in the city of Seattle’s overall charm and penchant for influencing tasty adventures.

The simplest way to truly understand the effect of the city’s bakeries is to enjoy them firsthand—so let Seattle pull you in with the smell, keep you reeled in with the taste, and then top it all off with a friendly atmosphere.

Hello Robin
You will, without a doubt, be drawn by your taste buds to become a regular at the cookie and ice-cream sandwich destination that it is Hello Robin. Although its designation as a bakery can be a bit deceiving due to the fact that Hello Robin only serves cookies, the quality of their cookies will ensure that you don’t leave disappointed. The chewiness, quality ingredients, and overall atmosphere guarantee that whether you order a single cookie or a pair of decadent ice cream sandwiches, you will recognize a slight taste of heaven from this highly-underrated establishment.

Crumble & Flake
The first time that you visit Crumble & Flake—do yourself a favor—order the smoked cheddar and paprika croissant. This smoky, cheesy, expertly-baked product (with an undeniable extra boost of buttery flavor) can give you all the evidence you’d need to select it as perhaps the best croissant in Seattle. With the cheddar baked into the crispy, tantalizing shell, you won’t be disappointed with a coagulated glob—but rather an excellent breakfast addition to your life.

Macrina Bakery
If you ever stumble upon an apple turnover or some banana walnut bread from the Macrina Bakery, you would be doing yourself a giant disservice if you didn’t purchase it in bulk. Because of the popularity of the Macrina Bakery, you can easily find a variety of their products at different cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores in the Seattle area. This fan-favorite bakery has developed a tradition of treating their customers with respect and letting their voice be heard, and constantly provides delicacies such as quiche and artisan breads fresh throughout the week at affordable prices.

Bakery Nouveau
If you are looking for the ideal “see-and-be-seen” bakery in Seattle—Bakery Nouveau is the spot for you. Offering arguably the most expensive and highest-quality pastry selection in Seattle, this impressive establishment stocks cookies, stuffed breads, and plenty of custom baked goods upon request. Their specialties include macarons and kouign-amann—a rare find in the city of Seattle as far as bakeries go.

Dahlia Bakery
Have you been craving an egg sandwich in Seattle? If you have, the Dahlia Bakery is likely a godsend and a life-changing discovery. Thanks to a newly-booming custom cake business that has helped the bakery gain additional attention throughout the city, this shop is definitely on the rise. No trip to Seattle would be truly complete without a visit to their welcoming establishment.

Each consumer has different tastes, and for those hungry individuals looking for a bakery to satisfy their gluten-free needs, look no further than Nuflours. Invite a group of tasteful friends and let them all embrace the future of pastries—one that is welcoming of those with dietary restrictions. Gluten free and diet friendly don’t need to be terms automatically associated with tasteless, bland flavors, and Nuflours proves that.

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
Many decades (or perhaps even centuries) ago, the thought of a business specializing in molten chocolate cake jars would have seemed odd, but if you take just one visit to Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, you will sincerely understand the benefit(s) offered by this dessert hot spot. Hot Cakes offers you ‘cake jars’, complete with drinking chocolates, or a variety of other desserts like bread pudding, warm chocolate chip cookies a la mode, milkshakes, and more. Regardless of the direction of your craving, this modern bakery should have something for everybody in its tantalizing stock of snacks.
With lots of Seattle bakeries to visit, you will likely have an enjoyable overload of options to choose from while you’re planning your ideal trip. Baked goods (as well as the bakery smells) are plentiful within the city, and your taste buds will surely be in for a treat as you experience Seattle’s offerings. Take it easy and take a bite—Seattle is ready to serve you.

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