See it Front and Center: Pike Place MarketFront Set for June 29th Grand Opening


See it Front and Center: Pike Place MarketFront Set for June 29th Grand Opening

After four-plus decades of deep thought, planning, and curation, the Pike Place Market expansion, dubbed the ‘MarketFront’ has been completed and is set to be debuted on June 29th.

Beginning with the district’s designation by the city as historically-integral in 1971, more than $70 million and 46 years of ideas have been injected into this aesthetically-phenomenal project. Created and crafted in response to the needs and tastes of the Market Historic District residents and Pike Place participants, the MarketFront is set to transform the area into an even-busier destination—ideal for tourists, farmers, vendors, and families alike.
Some of the highlights of the MarketFront project include:

  • More than 300 parking spaces, as well as 33 designated bicycle parking spots.
  • An expanded neighborhood center with wide-reaching social services offered.
  • Open space (to the tune of 30k+ square feet) with an accompanying viewing deck.
  • A variety of public art installations set to entertain, inspire, and add to the allure.
  • More than three dozen senior-living units catering to low-income individuals.
  • Rooftop day stall spaces—ideal for artists or famers alike.
  • 11,000+ square feet of available retail space for vendors looking to join the atmosphere.

Above all else, the Pike Place MarketFront will add to the excitement that has been building around the area for the past handful of decades. The bustling crowds filled with individuals showing off overjoyed expressions are nothing new to Pike Place Market, but this newest expansion is set to cement the area as a must-visit portion of Seattle. Those involved with the project are understandably ecstatic about how everything came together to help add on to what was already recognized as an iconic landmark.

The MarketFront Grand Opening on June 29th won’t merely shine the spotlight on the expansion of the building, but will also highlight many of the most important moving pieces of the project—the shops and restaurants themselves that have helped (and will help) Pike Place Market grow into the current version of itself.
Some of those more noteworthy new additions to the MarketFront include (but are definitely not limited to):

Old Stove Brewing — A new brewery complete with an 80-foot window wall that provides visitors with a breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains. Choose from one of the 20 beers on tap and indulge in all the booze views available.

Honest Biscuits — While many people never truly considered the possibility of their biscuit betraying them with falsehoods, Head Baker/Founder Art Stone will ensure that it isn’t a problem. With recipes curated back in the memories of his family kitchen, this biscuit spot is sure to provide deep flavors.

Indi Chocolate — Homemade chocolate is a way of life for many people, and Indi Chocolate will bring that devotion into the hearts and taste buds of countless Seattle residents and visitors very soon. The high-quality products for sale include Belgian Waffles drizzled with your choice of sauce, as well as homemade fruit bars and more healthy delights.

While those three vendors provide just a small taste of what the MarketFront will be providing, it is obvious that things are growing.

If you’re looking for a weekend experience that will open your eyes to the wide variety of fares and flavors available in Seattle, the Pike Place Market is calling your name—and the June 29th grand opening of the MarketFront could very well make for the ideal introduction to the experience. Enjoy the views, smells, tastes, and the combination of it all.

Just one visit and you won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back to the MarketFront.

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