Get in the Seattle Spirit at the City’s Best Distilleries


Long known for its microbrew culture, Seattle is coming into its own in the liquor making department with small-bath distilleries popping up all over the city. Whether your poison is vodka, gin or whiskey, or you’re just fascinated by the distilling process, these local liquor companies feature tasting rooms, tours of their facilities and some compelling libations all a short walk or an uber ride from our vacation rentals.


1250 Alaskan Way on Seattle’s Waterfront https://copperworksdistilling.com/ 

Named “2018 Distillery of the Year” by the American Distilling Institute, Copperwork creates flavorful vodka, gin and whiskey. Housed in a massive building on the waterfront near Pike Place Market, you can take a tour of the facility that ends with a guided tasting on Fridays and Saturdays. ($15.00) Their newest release is an American single malt whiskey that is super fragrant with notes of caramel, vanilla and apricots. Their signature gin is crisp and clean and makes a fine base for a classic Negroni or an old-school Sazerac. For liquor aficionados, check out their Whiskey Blending Workshop where you can create and bottle your own single malt. What better souvenir to remember your Seattle vacation by?

Westland Distillery

2931 1st Avenue South in SODO   https://westlanddistillery.com/

At Westland, they are all about the whiskey. Whether aged in oak or sherry wood, their liquors are rich, deep and complex. You can take a distillery tour to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the process of creating peated or wooded whiskey. Or, relax in their Cantilever Tasting Room and linger over a glass of one of their single malts paired with a small tasty bite.


3 Howls Distillery

426 S. Massachusetts Street in SODO  https://www.3howls.com/home.php#

From vodka to rum to a fine single malt whiskey, 3 howls hand-crafts its liquors with a whole lot of love and endless creativity. If you’d like to take a tour or sample their wares, you can schedule a time to visit on their website. They also have week day drop in hours, but it’s advised to book a tour to be sure you get in. They are in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle which is just south of the city center and adjacent to Safeco and Century Link fields.

Sound Spirits

1138 W. Ewing St. Suite B near Fisherman’s Terminal, Phone: 206-651-5166  https://drinksoundspirits.com/

Toted as the first distillery in Seattle since Prohibition, Sound Spirit distills one of the rarest small batch whiskeys in the Pacific Northwest called Madame Damnable. The smooth mouth feel and notes of caramel and tobacco makes this a great sipping whiskey and it pairs amazing with chocolate. Sound also creates a robust Aquavit, Ebb and Flow gin and a variety of flavorful liqueurs. Their retail shop also boasts one of the best collection of bitters. Stop by their tasting room to sample the goods or to take a tour of their distilling facilities. For larger groups, please call to make an appointment. Note that the entrance is around the back on the canal side of the building.



Sun Liquor Distillery

Tasting Room and Bottle Shop: 4612 Union Bay Place NE in the University District; Lounge: 607 Summit Ave East in Capitol Hill  https://www.sunliquor.com/

Sun liquors first opened their Capitol Hill lounge to concoct the highest quality cocktails they could create with fresh juices and house-made syrups. From their success with the bar, they decided to start distilling their own liquors. Their tasting room and headquarters located north of downtown Seattle in the University District and is open to the public by appointment only. NXLD vodka is a stellar spirit with a bright finish to create that perfect cocktail. If rum is your jam, try their barrel aged Sun Rum that they created as an ode to their love of Tiki culture. The booze features deep butterscotch notes while having a grassy essence reminiscent of old school Caribbean liquors. They also feature a line of fruity bitters that can be used to liven up any libation. To request an appointment at their distillery, email info@sunliquor.com.




Running Through the Sprinkler, Seattle Style

Hello Seattle, locals and guests alike!  

Guess what?  90 degrees is a fairly uncommon occurance in this town.  Some might call it rare, even in this era of global warming.  So with this week’s forecast of 90 echoing in our eardrums, stop what you are doing.  

Stop.  Right now.  Seriously.  Time to dump the plans.

Do something quintessentially Seattle today. Get yourself to Seattle’s back yard sprinkler, otherwise known as the International Foundation at the Seattle Center.

Just about every local Seattle school kid has a story of getting drenched at the Fountain.  Pack yourself a picnic, or snacks, and something to drink.  If that feels like too much trouble, don’t.  There are no rules here on how to do this, and food is available on-site, at the Armory.

The fountain alternates between a driblle, a gentle arch, and jet bursts shooting water 70 feet in the air.  Your job is to time your journey to the dome without getting a face full of water.  

It’s a short walk, a very quck Lyft ride, or a little jaunt on the closest LimeBike from most of our properties. Pretend you’re a kid again, or bring your kids and show them how its done.  

You won’t regret it, I promise.


Summer on Seattle’s Waterfront!


Summertime Fun-Time along Seattle’s Waterfront

Allow yourself to take in a deep, crisp breath of salt air when you visit the Seattle Waterfront. Its multitude of activities, shopping, and fresh seafood will create an environment to build lifelong memories. Among Seattle’s most unique areas, the waterfront is a working waterfront, with fireboats, cruise ships and more, along with great eats and attractions.

Food Along Seattle’s Waterfront:

A fun destination restaurant along Seattle’s waterfront is The Crab Pot, one of Seattle’s most famous eateries. As seen on Man v. Food, each bite of succulent seafood will have you coming back time and again. Order the Seafest for two or more and get heaping combinations of fresh crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, and delicious sides. Or, if oysters are more your speed, try Elliott’s Oyster House, which boasts a 21-foot oyster bar!

For a more casual, and definitely memorable, setting check out Ivar’s, next door to the Fire Boats at Pier 54.  Share your chips with the many seagulls that gather here.  Not for the germaphobes among us, but a fun experience for those of us with kids!  

If seafood is not your thing, there are other options!  Red Robin Burgers is at Pier 55, and has a great selection of both burgers and chicken items. Kidd Valley is a local burger chain that besides beef, has an excellent vegetarian option.  Also Elliott’s and Crab Pot, mentioned above, do have land based options!

Seattle Waterfront Fun:
A day at the Waterfront cannot be considered complete without riding the Seattle Great Wheel. This massive, 175-foot tall wheel is one of the largest in all of North America, allowing views for miles away. Each of its 42 climate controlled gondolas rotates comfortably for all to gaze far and wide.

Perhaps after all of that open air, a bit of shopping is in order. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop has something to wow each and every person who crosses its threshold. Shrunken heads, jackelopes, and two headed taxidermy pieces are only a few of the wonders you will encounter in this charming shop. Opened in 1899, Joseph Edward Stanley began his collection of unusual art, and it has only grown larger over the five generations it has been open.

Seattle vacation rentals, waterfront vacation rentals

While visiting the Waterfront, why not take a stroll to the Seattle Aquarium, where you can get up close and personal with all that live under the briny depths. Fun and casual, the aquarium creates a unique environment to learn all things aquatic. They feature three dive tours a day, in which a diver literally immerses themselves in their work to answer questions from curious visitors. If after your visit you are longing for more, their website features Live Streaming video cams daily so you can watch otters, seals, and the Giant Pacific Octopus in their natural habitats without all the lines.

Seattle Waterfront Shopping:

The shops along the waterfront make a great place to pick up momentos of your Seattle trip, or souvenirs for the folks back home.  There are a couple of shops I really enjoy browsing, even as a local.  Check out Pirates Plunder, at Pier 57.  It a fun shop, crammed full of pirate themed items as well as fun games, books, and toys for the little ones, along with a great selection of Seattle and Washington state knick knacks and souvenirs. Simply Seattle has a selection of Seattle themed items not found anywhere else–popular items are Theo’s chocolate, and skyline socks. If you need to get a BUNCH of t-shirts, check out the street vendors at Waterfront Park (adjacent to the Great Wheel) for can’t be beat prices.


Seattle Without Rental Car

Seattle Vacation Rentals Light Rail Access
Seattle Light Rail Seattle Vacation Rentals

Carless in Seattle

One of the best things about staying in a Seattle Oasis vacation rental home in the heart of Seattle is how easy it is to get around without a car. No cars gives you a chance to really see the ins and outs of our beautiful city without getting stuck in our notorious rush hour traffic. An added bonus is less money spent on car rental means more money for actually having fun!

seattle bus

BusKing County Metro -Navigating the city via bus is a super easy way to travel north and south in downtown Seattle.  Second Avenue is the main thoroughfare heading south, and Third Avenue has both north and southbound routes, as well as routes that up to First Hill and Capitol Hill. In addition, route 99 makes a loop through downtown that includes Pioneer Square, the edge of the International District and the Seattle Waterfront. The bus drivers are very forthcoming with information-if you’re confused, just ask if the bus services your destination as you enter.

Light Rail –Seattle’s Link isn’t just for the airport. The Light Rail serves UW, Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle, and makes an easy, traffic free way to get around.  Stations are clearly marked throughout downtown Seattle, with Westlake Station and University Street statiion being the two most convenient to our properties.

Streetcars – Much like a trolley,  the streetcar system provides a unique transportation experience. Currently there are two lines, one that services the International District and Capitol Hill via Broadway, and another that services the Westlake area of downtown Seattle over to South Lake Union, including the Museum of History and Industry.

Bike Share – Cycle sharing lets you experience beautiful sceneries, less traffic, and ensures a great workout. Available for use 24/7, 365 days a year, cycle sharing bikes can be found on just about every street corner in downtown Seattle. Current vendors include LimeBike, Ofo and Spin. You must be 16 years or older to ride and if you are under 18, parent or guardian consent is required.  Seattle Insider Tip:  Second Avenue has a protected bike lane for its entire length through the downtown Seattle core.

Zip Car as a rental car alternative

Car Share – Though you may prefer to go carless, there are sometimes that you just want, or need, a car. Luckily there’s always a way to grab wheels when you need them most. Zipcars have assigned spots throughout the city and can be rented by the hour. Car2Go offers tiny, by-the-minute Smart cars to rent, and ReachNow provides BMW and electric cars on an hourly basis. 

Uber Rental Car Alternative

Not car share, but also good to know is that Seattle is a ride-share city, meaning that both Lyft and Uber rides are plentiful. In addition, taxis circle the downtown core and can be hailed on the fly.

The last option for going carless in Seattle would be good ol’ fashioned walking. Seattle offers beautiful scenery and a compact city center. Local shops abound that can be only viewed by walking. Many places can be walked to in a timely manner and who knows, you may find your new favorite coffee shop or restaurant just around the next corner.

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Seattle’s Best: Ice Cream and Sweets


Seattle Sweets: The City’s Best Ice Cream and Sweet Shops

Vacation is about exploring, trying new things and indulging in local culinary pleasures. Why not make your vacation to Seattle all the sweeter by visiting one of these fabulous local ice cream and treat shops? All are located within walking distance or just a short ride from our vacation rentals.

Shug’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream
1525 1st Avenue (Pike Place)
This old school soda shop, features classic sundaes made with local ice cream and house-made syrups and toppings like roasted marshmallows. For a truly decadent experience, try the Viva la Champagne Float with peach sorbet floating in a glass of champagne topped with a Toshi Amarena sour black cherry.

1400 3rd Avenue (Downtown)
For a smooth, rich treat, head to Gelatiamo for Seattle’s best gelato. This frozen indulgence has less buttercream and less air than ice cream making it incredibly rich and creamy. Their gelato is made fresh daily and features flavors like lavender and honey in addition to classics like chocolate and pistachio. If baked goods are more your thing, sample some of their fresh Italian pastries and biscotti to pair it with a robust cup of Caffe Umbria coffee.

Holy Cannoli
2720 3rd Avenue (Belltown)
Holy Cannoli is a pastry lovers dream. These crispy treats filled with luscious cream come in a variety of flavors and in small and large sizes. The Traditional is always a good bet or try one of the rotating flavors such as Nutella, Limoncello, or the Salted Caramel topped with crushed nutty pecans. Pair the cannolo with a cup of their strong coffee imported from Italy.

Cupcake Royale

108 Pine Street (near Pike Place)
Known for it’s decadent cupcakes like the Key Lime Cheesecake and Tiramisu, Cupcake Royale is a Seattle gem with 6 locations sprinkled throughout the city. A fave cupcake is The Big Dipper; deep chocolate cake topped with fluffy meringue, chocolate and a candy pearl. Cupcake Royale also serves up Seattle’s Best Ice Cream by the scoop, in shakes or in a decadent sundae. For a bit of heaven, try the red velvet cupcake ice cream.

Frankie and Jo’s
1010 East Union Street (Capitol Hill)
This chic little shop serves vegan, plant-based ice cream in inventive flavors. The ice creams are made with sprouted cashew nuts or using coconut milk. Our favorites include the Roasted Banana Super Cookie and the Chocolate Mint Brownie. A must try is the odd-colored but incredibly tasty Salted Caramel Ash (grey ice cream anyone?) For anyone with a gluten intolerance, their waffle cones and brownie bites are gluten-free, therefore guilt-free.

Molly Moon’s
917 East Pine Street (Capitol Hill)
This local chain of quaint shops is known for their silky ice cream in a bunch of unique flavors. For a classic treat try the sweet cream or be a bit adventurous and sample one of their seasonal offerings like the Black Sesame or the Vegan Matcha Peach Sorbet. 1% of all sales of Molly Moon’s ice cream is donated to their Milk Fund which donates dairy to local food banks, so not only will their ice cream make you happy but has the potential to bring joy (and milk) to someone in need.

Candi Canncel is Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals interior designer and when she is not shopping for our next fabulous vacation rental property, she is a food writer and world traveller


2018 Zoo Tunes Summer Concerts! Don’t Miss Them!

The 2018 Zoo Tunes Summer Concert
Series Lineup Rocks

Zoo Tunes is a Seattle summer tradition that has been celebrating the season for more than 30 years. The Woodland Park Zoo brings music festivities and is presented by BECU. This year’s lineup offers plenty of familiar faces to the outdoor concert scene, including Indigo Girls and Adam Ant!

By purchasing tickets to this event, you are not only seeing amazing artists perform, but also helping support the zoo and their endeavors to help provide for the animals.

2018 Summer Concert Line-Up:
June 13 – Ziggy Marley

June 17 – Violent Femmes with special guest Ava Mendoza

June 24 – Indigo Girls (sold out)

June 27 – Trampled by Turtles with special guest Deer Tick

July 22 – The Roots

July 29 – The Psychedelic Furs with special guest X

August 2 – Adam Ant | The Fixx

August 5 – Amos Lee with special guest Bailen

August 12 – Phillip Phillips & Gavin DeGraw

August 19 – Andrew Bird | Punch Brothers

August 22, 23 – Pink Martini

September 9 – Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue’s Voodoo Threauxdown with Galactic, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Breed Brass Band

Tickets are available at zootunes.ticketfly.com

While waiting for the show to start, the Woodland Park Zoo offers plenty to do and see throughout the day. 

About Woodland Park Zoo
The zoo sits on 92 acres of land and is just 10 minutes north of downtown Seattle in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. From mammals to birds to reptiles, Woodland Park Zoo exhibits 1,000 animals that represent almost 300 different animal species. A couple of highlights are Jaguar Cove, the gorilla enclosure with new baby Yola, and the snow leapord cub! While waiting for the shows to start later that night, be sure to check out the animals that are more than happy to play and enjoy their environment day and night.

With a Seattle CityPASS you can save up to 49% and skip lines at Seattle’s 5 top attractions, including the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, Pacific Science Center or Chihuly Garden & Glass, and EMP Museum or Woodland Park Zoo. You can buy it online or at the zoo gates.


Seattle Pride! A Party for Everyone!

Nationwide, June is Pride Month for most cities. It is a time for people from all generations, all walks of life to come together and celebrate. It is a time to truly embrace all colors of the rainbow. Primaryly,  Pride is a time for Gays and Lesbians to celebrate being out and proud. Being a rather progressive city, Seattle does not disappoint. So if you want to get out and enjoy the festivities, here is what you need to know!

Trans Pride

Friday, June 22 nd – 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Cal Anderson Park

The kick off of Pride Weekend and not just for Trans people! Allies are very welcome to join. Music with Live Singers and Vendors selling all different type of merchandise.
Your Trans Pride Tip:
If you are not Trans, remember not to stare. For some it may be a new experience seeing Trans people and as interested as you may be about everything, remember that staring can make people feel weird.
Best practice, go up to people and introduce yourself. Say Hi, my name is “NAME” and I use “he/him” or “her/she” or “They/ Them” pronouns. Let them know you are happy to meet them. You can then politely ask “How should I address you?”.
Now if you are a shopper and want to check out the Merch. Make sure you are prepared with some CASH. Yes, many are taking credit cards now. Yet, some people are still on the old cash only system. Need to pull some cash out of your bank? Just hope on over to Dicks Drive In for the Credit Union ATM OR you can run around to the corner of E Olive Way to US Bank.

Queer Bar Pride

Friday, June 22 nd – 4:00 PM – LATE NIGHT

1518 11 th Ave
Welcome to the New Queens on the Block, Queer Bar!
The formerly Purr Cocktail Lounge now Queer Bar is stepping up the game for Pride. Packing a full 3 Days of Entertainment!
This is new as of 2018, so really can not give you much insight other than it looks to be packed full of local Queens and Celebrity Queens. Many of the famous RuPaul Drag Queens are on the line up. For more Details, check out https://www.thequeerbar.com/pride-home/

Pride Fest: Capitol Hill

Saturday, June 23 rd – 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Now in its 5 th year, Pride Fest Capitol Hill is the locals Pride. Shutting down Broadway from Olive up to Roy Street. Packed with Vendors, Food and Entertainment Stages.
You can gather a lot of great free merchandise from all the local merchants trying to get your business or just show off what they do. Restaurants are open and you can catch many Drag Shows at differentstages up and down the entire street.
While the event starts at Noon, I would recommend waiting an hour or so. As we all know, most gays are running on drag time. We all love to show up fashionably late. This event is proof of it. If you hit the street at noon, it is very quiet with only a few people. Plus vendors are still setting up.
Part of the joy of this event is to just walk up and down, checking out all the interesting people, attire and shows. You will see everything from Performing Queens, Dancing Ferries and even Nudists. One of my favorite parts is the local food and the BEER GARDENS…. Yes, you can find beer and sometimes we all need it to handle the chaos of Pride.

Queer Geeks and Gamers
June 23 rd – 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
June 24 th – 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center

Last year was the start of the new Queer Geeks and Gamers. Located in the heart of the Seattle Center at the Fisher Pavilion. A great spot to duck out of the blazing sun and relax. They have everything from board games, console games, panels, comics, cosplay contest, exhibitors and more. Two of the best things about this set up….. FREE!!! Yeah, that is right… It is FREE!!!
Plus, they have a Beer Garden for those 21 and up. Oh yeah, the Beer is NOT Free… Sorry, but you gotta pay up for the goods.

Pride Parade

June 24 th – 11:00 AM – 2:00(ish) PM

The start of it all… The reason Pride Events have become Festivals… The Pride Parade!
You must be ready and know what you are doing to enjoy the parade the right way. Experience has its benefits. Luckily, you have me to give you some insights!

First, if you want a good spot upfront on the curb, get there EARLY! And I do mean EARLY. This is like camping out for your favorite concert tickets. Every year, people put out couches and canopies the night before to save their spot and to have a comfy set up.
The parade will start at 4 th and Union, heading up 4 th Avenue. The parade can take a bit to get down to the other end of 4 th Avenue. So, bring something to keep yourself occupied. I personally recommend being towards the end of the parade. WHY? Because once the parade ends, everyone at the start will get up and walk to Seattle Center for the Pride Fest. Yet many are not considerate about the parade or those watching. They will walk down the street and pretty much take over the end of the parade.

If you are driving in the area. Pick a side! This parade is so long in length and time that you can literally be STUCK where you do not want to be stuck. If you can leave your car for the day, do it. Then walk to everything. So keep in mind if you want to go up to Capitol Hill, you need to park on the east side, 5 th Avenue or Greater. If you want to head to the water front or highway 99, park on the west side from 3 rd or lower. The police will be at every intersection on 4 th Avenue and they are strict. Even if you are a resident on 3 rd , 4 th or 5 th Avenue.
You can find multiple locations down 4 th Avenue that will have announcers. Often, they are Drag
Queens. If you ever been to a Drag Show, you know that Queens can be LOUD. So, keep that in mind as you pick your location to camp out and watch the Parade. If you are too close, you might have a headache by the end of the parade. Too far, you barely will be able to hear anything.
Also, remember to bring your Sunglasses, Sun Block and WATER… LOTS of WATER… Far too often people pass out from Heat Stroke or Dehydration. You can get supplies from the local stores, yet lines can be long, prices high and sometimes sold out.

June 24 th – 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
PrideFest 2018: Seattle Center

After the Parade, head over and check out the Festival. You will find some merchant vendors, lots and lots of food vendors. Literally, it is like going to the county fair. Heck, they even had Alligator at one stand. So, bring your appetite if you love Fair Food. In addition, there is lots of music coming from a couple different stages. Performances by Bands, Singers and Drag Queens. Not to mention the Hot GoGo Boys Dancing too!

One of the fun parts of Seattle Center is the Big Fountain. Many people will play in the water and strip down to almost nothing. Often you see people in underwear because they didn’t think to bring shorts or a suit. So, if you want to play in the water, plan ahead! Or wear cute underwear at least! We are tired of seeing the old nasty tightly whities.

The center can get rather crowded… Food will have lines, Bathrooms too. Just remember, the day is supposed to be fun. So if it gets to be too much, stop in and one of the beer gardens to cool of with a nice drink. Usually, my trick is to take the loop around the center to check out the merchants, see the people and then head out for food away from the Festival. More affordable away from the event and less lines.

The Cuff Street Party
1533 13 th Ave
This is the Party of All Parties! Truly the Finale of the Weekend!
The Cuff is a Leather/Kink Gay Bar that over the years has also become a Dance Club for ALL. Each year, they shut down 13 th Avenue from Pine to Pike and also use the large parking lot across the street. Beer Booths up and down the Street, plus you can get Drinks inside.
This is the party that will be PACKED and is only for those 21 and Up. And by packed, I do mean the entire street is nothing but people having a good time, listening to music and performers from the stage at the end of the street.
The biggest tip for this event… Get your Bracelets in the MORNING!! YES, the Morning!!! So that means getting you tired self from all the fun the night before, up and out of bed. They usually open the line around 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM, you will want to check their site in advance at
Bracelets will cost about $25 and the reason you want to go early. You typically wait about 20 minutes in the morning through the line for the bracelet. Then you head off to the Parade. When you return from the Parade, you are able to walk right through the gate showing your Bracelet. NO LINE. Or if there is a line, it is very small. If you wait till after the parade to get your bracelet, you will be waiting in a line that wraps around the entire block to the other side, about 3 hours or more!
Another good tip! Beer lines can be long… So, do not get a pitcher and glasses to share with friends. Get a pitcher and drink right from the pitcher. They always use short and wide plastic pitchers that have handles. You can easily put your hand around the pitcher under the handle and use it like a mug. This will save you from multiple tips to the beer line. Plus, BRING CASH.
The Street Party will be hot and going by 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM, then will slow down after 6:00 PM as people will have had a long day in the sun. Plus many work the next day. If you are smart, take that Monday OFF to recover!

Well folks, that is a lot of information about a fun filled Pride Weekend. Remember to be safe, drink in moderation, have LOTS of Water and Food. Plus plan your rides! Use Uber, Lyft or Walk.



Seattle’s Best Brunches


Linger over any one of these excellent weekend brunch locations, all convenient to downtown Seattle and our vacation rentals.

Seattle is definitely a foodie town. It has an array of restaurants crammed into every neighborhood that feature cuisines from around the globe. The most delicious part of being on vacation is the ability to sleep in, linger over coffee and then head out for a leisurely brunch to fortify yourself for a day of sight-seeing in this fun, eclectic city. We’ve rounded up some of Seattle’s best brunch spots that are all within walking distance of our vacation rentals, a short uber ride away or absolutely worth the schlep.

CJs Eatery
2619 1st Avenue (in Belltown, near our AVA and Belltown Court properties)
CJs is a classic diner that serves up consistently good breakfast at affordable prices. Known for their comfort food you can get a huge variety of brunch classics from eggs benedict to jam-packed omelets to East Coast favorites like latkes and blintzes. Their mimosas feature fresh-squeezed juices or organic strawberry-lemonade at only $5.50 a pop. Because their menu is so extensive, this is a good bet when traveling with kids. Note that weekends can be packed with tourists and locals alike so be prepared to wait, though the line usually moves along quite swiftly.
Open 7:00AM-3:00PM daily with breakfast served all day and lunch items starting at 11:00AM

Café Campagne
1600 Post Alley (adjacent to Pike Place Market and near our Newmark Tower properties)
Toted as a classic Parisian brasserie in Seattle, Café Campagne outdoes the French flair with their scrumptious breakfasts. Their “French French Toast Brioche” is simply out of this world. The thick, airy bread is soaked in a brandy batter, fried until fluffy and golden and topped with fresh fruit. Another good bet is the “Omelette Choisy”— a rolled omelet stuffed with an herb-infused chevre, served with a juicy sausage, roasted potatoes and a hunk of warm baguette. A tasty dish that is a lighter option is the Quiche du Jour featuring vegetables and Comte cheese in a light egg batter, served with a green salad. For a truly decadent experience that almost transports you to France, order the “Oeufs en Meurette”—a dish of poached eggs with a red wine and foie gras sauce. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM-4:00PM.

Tilikum Place Café
407 Cedar Street (in Belltown)
This cozy spot features fabulous food on a quaint street by the Space Needle. They’re known for their Dutch Babies—a dense, baked pancake that’s served either sweet with lemon and powdered sugar, carrots and crushed pineapple with a cream cheese frosting or savory; stuffed with lamb and feta cheese. They also have a great Baked Eggs dish that features butternut squash, caramelized onions and goat cheese. The café only has 12 tables and a small bar, so weekend brunch wait times can be exceedingly long. If you’d like to try this Belltown favorite, our tip is to make a reservation well in advance to ensure that you get to experience this local gem. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM-3:00PM.

Wakefield Bar
2318 2nd Avenue (in Belltown. Down the street from both our Moda and Belltown Court Properties)

Wakefield is the type of restaurant/bar that every neighborhood should have. It offers great food that is reasonably priced in a warm, friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Their specialty is Chicken Fried Steak that features a buttermilk-breaded tenderloin topped with a silky caramelized onion gravy. For a truly indulgent vacation meal, try the Bananas Foster French Toast. Although it may add to your waistline, priced at $12.00, it won’t take away too much from your food budget. Looking for a heathy alternative? The Veggie Scramble and the Avocado Toast are consistently good. For a flavorful twist on a classic, order the side of Herbed Latkes with chive yogurt. Their tasty libations include a fantastic Bloody Mary and the rich Beantown Coffee made with Madagascar vanilla-infused vodka. Brunch is served 10AM-3PM Saturday and Sunday.

1519 Pike Place (in Pike Place Market)
Don’t let Lowell’s motto: “Almost Classy since 1957” scare you off. The Market restaurant serves up delectable dishes made with local ingredients. Located in the center of the main arcade, it features three floors with spectacular Puget Sound views. For breakfast they offer tasty favorites like their much-raved about World Famous Dungeness Crab Omelet made with seafood fresh from the market (https://eatatlowells.com/press/). Try their Alderwood Smoked King Salmon Eggs Benedict served on fragrant rosemary bread or their light and airy Lemon Zest Ricotta Pancakes. Our tip is to head to the second floor to see the hostess to get a table by the window. If there’s a wait, you can grab a seat at the bar and enjoy one of their hand-crafted cocktails like the tangy Market Mule or one of their exceptional Bloody Mary’s that feature smoked salmon or bacon. Breakfast is served only until 11:30AM.

615 19th Avenue East (in Capitol Hill)
If your idea of brunch is more adventurous and features items like steamed dumplings and Pho, then Monsoon is a perfect spot for lingering over their flavorful Vietnamese cuisine. Their Dim Sum Brunch features shrimp and chive wontons and vermicelli noodle dishes in addition to the curious-named “drunken chicken.” They also have two outstanding ban mi sandwiches stuffed with pork or chicken, a friend egg and loads of pickled vegetables. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM-3:00PM.

1936 Harbor Avenue SW (in West Seattle)
For a serious Pacific Northwest brunch experience, take the water taxi from the Seattle Waterfront to West Seattle to Salty’s on Alki Beach. This iconic Seattle restaurant offers the most extensive brunch buffet on the water. You can choose from an array of classy breakfast staples like eggs benedict and omelets. Or indulge in a spread of fresh seafood including Dungeness crab legs, peel and eat prawns, steamed clams and mussels and all the oysters you can eat from Washington’s own Taylor Shellfish. Then after you’ve eaten til your hearts content, coddle your sweet tooth with Salty’s chocolate fountain. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday until 1:30PM. Reservations are required.

Candi Canncel is Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals interior designer and when she is not shopping for our next fabulous vacation rental property, she is a food writer and world traveller



Neighborhoods You Can’t Miss in Seattle

Seattle is full of interesting sights, sounds, and tastes, and each neighborhood features its own unique flavor. Downtown and the Pike Place Market are not to be missed, but Seattle is more than that!  Sit back while we give you a run down on how to navigate the neighborhoods of the Emerald City.


seattle coffee in belltown


Chances are, if you are staying with us, this is the area you are calling home. This neighborhood continues to grow, with hip restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Highlights are the great music venues, including Jazz Alley, Tula’s, and the world famous Crocodile (it was a big part of the grunge rock scene). Also, check out the coffee scene!  Cherry Street Coffee, Moore Coffee, Bedlam and Street Bean are local alternative to the giant Starbucks!  Don’t miss Olympic Sculpture Park while in this area.  


This charming section is historically Scandinavian, and ideal for a pleasant stroll, shopping, and enjoying a little local nightlife. Check out the brand new Nordic Museum and Ballard’s Brew district, with scores of small and local breweries.  Golden Gardens and the adjacent marina make for an excellent summertime walk. Start or end the stroll at the Ray’s Boathouse deck with some adult beverages or excellent seafood. The farmer’s market on Sunday is not to be missed.

West Seattle

West Seattle is where Seattle began, and is today is almost like a city within a city.  I recommend starting your West Seattle explorations with a ride on Seattle’s Water Taxi from Pier 52.  A 10 minute boat ride will get you to Alki.  Right at the West Seattle dock is a fantastic restaurant (Marination Ma Kai) as well as bike, kayak, skate and paddleboard rentals.  A stroll, or ride, along Alki’s concrete boardwalk is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, with views back towards Seattle’s skyline and plenty of places to grab a bite or just pull over and enjoy the day.

Seattle Center

moPOP Seattle You may know Seattle Center as home of the world-famous Space Needle, but it was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair. The grounds are home to festivals of all kind, and boast a variety of great
attractions you won’t want to miss.

The International Fountain is a summertime favorite (picture a giant backyard sprinkler), while the Pacific Science Center, MoPOP, Garden and Glass, and the Children’s Museum are definitely some of the best Seattle has to offer.

International District

If you’re looking for some of the most delectable food around, you have to hit up the I.D. Looking for the best dumplings you’ve ever tasted or some killer duck? This is the place. You’ll know you’re there when you see the colorful fiberglass dragons on the lampposts or the bi-lingual Chinese/English street signs. Pan-Asian cuisine abounds, and you won’t walk away hungry. Check out the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience to learn about the rich cultural heritage, and don’t miss Uwajimaya!

5 Nightlife Hot Spots Not to Miss in Belltown!

While the Capitol Hill neighborhood has become arguably the most popular Seattle destination, Belltown still offers plenty of options with no need for driving or an Uber. Dive bars, live music venues, craft cocktails, speakeasies, and and EDM night club are all within walking distance.

The Upstairs is a stone’s throw from our Belltown Court property on 2nd Avenue between Bell and Blanchard. From the horse’s mouth, “Perched quaintly atop a flight of stairs in a century-old building, The Upstairs is a bar with a laid back, speak-easy type atmosphere (hidden) in the middle of Belltown. With an eclectic mix of seating, The Upstairs is a bar that is meant for chill imbibing.” Couple the laidback vibes with an awesome happy hour and you’ve got the perfect location for kickstarting your night on the town, or enjoying a more relaxed night out. Fair warning, there are Spanish tapas provided from Bar Abajo, but a very minimal food menu more suited for snacking. Personal favorites are the Bee’s Knees or the Diablo’s Revenge if you want try try something spicier.

The Crocodile has been a staple on the Seattle music scene for over 25 years. Since 1991 The Crocodile has hosted an eclectic range of artists including Nirvana, The Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, R.E.M, Tom Morello, Yoko Ono, The Melvins, Talib Kweli, The Head and The Heart, Toro Y Moi, and the list goes on and on. Seattle has a wealth of venues to see live music, but The Crocodile is a great place to see national and international touring musicans in an intimate setting. Get in not too long before doors open, head upstairs, and you can snag the perfect spot between the bar and the railing thats directly above the stage. The Crocodile also has the Back Bar area serving food and drinks 7 days a week.

Showbox at the Market is another spot in Belltown that is perfect for catching a show while in Seattle without catching a cab. The original “Show Box” opened all the way back in 1939, and has been going strong for almost a decade. Duke Ellington, Pearl Jam, The Ramones, Prince, The Roots, Frank Ocean, Muddy Waters, and The Foo Fighters are just a few names who have graced the stage of The Showbox. As long as everyone in your group is at least 21 years old, you can skip the long line before a show. Kern’s Music Shop directly next to The Showbox opens 2 hours before doors open, and gains you priority access into the venue. If you don’t want to deal with the crowd the bar area has tables and chairs that are slightly elevated offering a perfect view of all the action.

Shorty’s is your destination if you are looking for no frills food, strong drinks, arcade games, a juke box, and the quintessential dive bar setting. When I say no frills I’m talking hot dogs and nachos, and drinks that are a bit more clear rather colorful. Located smack dab in the middle of a stretch of new and old Belltown bars on 2nd Ave, Shorty’s is always sure to provide some interesting memories to your Belltown and Seattle adventures.

Bathtub Gin and Co is basically the complete opposite of Shorty’s. If you are looking for something a bit classier than a dive bar, and drinks that take a little longer to be made, Bathtub Gin may be more suitable for you. Bathtub Gin and Co is a speakeasy style bar so you will have to do some searching, but it isn’t to hard to find. Located in the alley between 1st and 2nd Ave, between Blanchard and Bell is a door with a small plaque. Seating is very limited so its better for small groups, and the door man will turn you away if there isn’t space, so getting there early is best. Bathtub Gin has amazing craft cocktails, but remember they will take a little longer than your average drink. You can let the bartender know what types of flavors and booze you like, and they are pretty damn good at turning those flavor profiles into a drink.

Post banner photo credit The Crocodile.

Holiday Magic in Downtown Seattle


Seattle vacation rentals

Where to Experience Holiday Magic in Downtown Seattle.

Seasons greetings from all of us at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals. Downtown Seattle is truly magical during December, and I urge you to get out there and enjoy the best our beautiful city has to offer. Most of these events are within a walk or short Uber ride away, but at the bottom I’ve incluided a few highlights that are a bit further afield,


Gingerbread Village:

Festival of Trees:

Holiday Carosel:

Light Displays within Driving Distance:


Seattle CityPass! Enjoy the City, Save Money!

The CityPass program is a national program that sells discounted admission tickets for some of the most popular tourist destinations.The Seattle CityPass makes it easy to see the iconic places that make the Emerald City so famous. It offers five admission tickets to some of the best tourist locations. Benefits include almost half off box office prices, you get to skip the general admission lines, and you up to nine days to use all the tickets.

It’s simple to purchase your CityPass online, over the phone, or at participating Seattle City Pass locations. CityPass makes it easy to enjoy your time in our city!

You will need to stand in line only at your first destination on the CityPass, but after that, you will be elgible for the members only or VIP lines, so besides the money you’ll save, it is a great way to save time and maximize your vacation time.

The 2018 version of Seattle’s CityPass includes the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, and your choice of the Woodland Park Zoo or MoPOP and your choice of Chilhuly Garden and Glass or Pacific Science Center, for a total of five attractions.

Seattle Space Needle
The Seattle City Pass gives you 2 visits to this iconic attraction, one for day and one for night. The 360-degree view of the city is truly a sight to behold and getting the chance to see the city lights from that vantage point is a treat for any age.

Seattle Aquarium
From the Underwater Dome to the Coral Reef Exhibit, the Seattle Aquarium is a must see. Stunning displays showcase the amazing collection of sea life in habitats that let you get up close and personal.

Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour
Explore the city with an ocean’s view with this one hour tour of Elliot Bay and the Seattle Harbor. You’ll get a narrated tour and learn about the historic waterfront, shipyards, Alki beach and more. It’s a great way to appreciate the Seattle skyline.

MoPOP Museum
Located close to the Space Needle, MoPOP offers visitors a look into pop culture you won’t find in most museums. Rock and roll, comics, video games, television shows, movies, horror, iconic science fiction, and much more await the curious. Interactive exhibitions offer everything from an on stage experience to a face to face with dragons.

The Woodland Park Zoo
Natural habitats showcase over 1,000 animal ambassadors at this 92-acre award-winning zoo. From penguins to elephants, visitors will be amazed at the displays catered to each species. You’ll see a temperate forest, rain forest, desert coast, and even Alaska’s tundra.

Pacific Science Center
Visitors of all ages will love to look and learn with all the interactive exhibits in this Science Center. You’ll get to explore the Tropical Butterfly House, come face to face with robotic dinosaurs, touch live marine animals, and even explore space through a giant IMAX screen.

Chilhuly Garden and Glass
The Seattle area is the largest glass blowing area in the world outside Murano, Italy.  Dale Chilhuly is the most famous of the Seattle glass artists, and this project highlights Chilhuly’s work.  

Big City plus Big Trees Equals a Perfect Seattle Experience

A big part of Seattle is our love of the outdoors.  It is a part of the culture of the city, and establishments like REI, Fulson, K2, and Eddie Bauer got their starts here, and use our outdoor spaces as their training courses and testing grounds.

One great way to have a quintessential Northwest experience is to combine your big city Seattle visit with some time spent outside the city.  Camping season is upon us, and enjoying the great outdoors without “roughing it” is easier than ever!

First off, outfitting yourself isn’t as tiresome as you might think.  For those road tripping, the folks over at Wonderful Wellies have a fantastic camping checklist, which I actually have printed out portions of, myself.  It really ensures you won’t forget a thing!

For those flying in, you’ll be happy to see that all of my recommended locations, below, have both tent campling as well as cabins, yurts, or some kind of glamping, so that sleeping under the stars can have less “roughing it” in the equation!

If bringing even just sleeping bags is not an option for you, you still can have that Washington State camping experience.  Check out a camper van or RV rental that will have you completely outfitted as soon as you step off the plane.  Escape Campervans have very reasonable rates, Peace Van Rentals specialize in VW vans, and of course there is Cruise America.

4/20 In Seattle

The Guide to Legal Marijuana in Seattle

Seattle has always been a fairly marijuana friendly city, but with the unofficial 4/20 holiday approaching you can expect slightly hazier and cloudier weather. If you have partaken of marijuana before, starred in a Cheech and Chong movie, hated the devil’s lettuce, always been curious, or did a Bill Clinton and “didn’t inhale” that one time in college, hopefully you will learn something new or helpful.

While marijuana is still illegal federally, the government has allowed states to pass their own laws regarding its use. Keep in mind that National Parks are federal land so marijuana is banned completely in those areas. Different forms of medical marijuana have been legal in Washington state since the 1990s and in 2012 recreational marijuana was legalized. In the summer of 2014 recreational marijuana stores officially opened for business in Washington and have since made over 3 billion dollars in sales and over 1 billion dollars in tax revenue.

As with alcohol consumption, there are a few rules and laws to follow when it comes to recreational marijuana usage. You don’t need to be a Washington resident but you will need a drivers license or passport to show that you are at least 21 years old. You are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of usable marijuana(the plant form people typically call “weed”), smoking paraphernalia, 16 ounces of solid marijuana infused products (cookies, brownies, etc), or 72 ounces of marijuana infused liquids (lotions etc). You will receive a receipt when purchasing products and it’s best to keep that with your goods as proof that it was purchased at a licensed retailer. You must be 21 to purchase or possess marijuana, you can not drive and consume marijuana, you can still get a DUI for driving while “stoned”.

The 3 most common products you will see people using are “flower” which is the term used for plant material, vape cartridges which turn marijuana infused oil into vapor like an electronic cigarette, and edibles which are different types of food infused with marijuana. The law states that you may not consume marijuana in public view, and Seattle Oasis does not allow smoking in our properties so your best bet would be to try an edible.

If you haven’t tried marijuana before think of it as drinking for the first time. Drinking an entire bottle of vodka and then hitting the town would be a terrible idea. Similarly, smoking or eating a bunch of marijuana products is a terrible idea. With edibles, 10mg is the most common standard serving size you will see. If you have never had marijuana, or if you have smoked but never tried an edible, playing it safe is the way to go. Eat half of a serving, wait 60-90 minutes, see how you feel, and use that to gauge whether or not you should eat the other half.

If all of this sounds extremely overwhelming or intimidating I have some great advice….just ask questions. The list of recreational stores below all employ extremely helpful staff who can answer any questions you may have, and guide you in the right direction.

Have a Heart in Belltown https://haveaheartcc.com/belltown/
115 Blanchard St. Seattle, WA 98121 Open daily from 8am to 11:45pm Have a Heart’s Belltown location is one of the highest selling stores in the state and has a friendly experienced staff

Uncle Ike’s in Capitol Hill https://ikes.com/capitol-hill-location/
501 15th Ave E | Seattle, WA 98112 Open daily from 8am to 11:45pm Uncle Ike’s in Capitol Hill has a small parking lot and a vending machine with free goodies.

Diego Pellicer https://wa.diego-pellicer.com/
2215 4th Ave S Seattle WA 98134 Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 11pm, Sundays 9am to 9pm
Diege Pellicer is a high end recreational store that was also recently featured in Buzzfeed. While offering lots of high end specialty products, they also have plenty of deals as well.

Skagit Tulip Festival is Sight to Behold!

skagit tulip festival, seattle vacation rentals, Sarah Vallieu,

Enjoy a Springtime Tradition in Western Washington!

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Seattle in the month of April, or are one of our local readers, get yourself north!  Truly breathtaking and colorful tulip fields, with reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and purples as far as the eye can see, is about 60 miles from Seattle, and is one of the largest tulip displays outside of Holland.

Skagit County is about an hour north of Seattle, straight up I-5.  Many fields are visible from the freeway, so there is no way to miss it. Weekends will have cars lined up, which certainly does give one enough time to enjoy the sights as you creep along, but for a less crowded experience, try a week day. 

Once off the freeway, head west, through the tulip and daffodil fields. Signs will direct you to larger displays, and to the town of LaConner, a quaint little fishing village along north Puget Sound.  This makes a great place to stop for lunch and stretch your legs, if you are doing a driving tour.

While driving through the many fields is a sight for the eyes, you definitely want to pull into at least one of the fields and get pictures up close and personal. It is a photo-op that makes even the biggest klutz behind the camera an award winner.  It is almost impossible to take a bad picture here!

Seattle Insider Tip: The fields are nearly always muddy. Plan your footwear accordingly.

A personal favorite of mine is to time my visit with the Mt Vernon Street Fair.  First Street in Mt. Vernon is closed in honor of the Tulip Festival, and features art, food, music and more.  Maps of the tulip fields and surrounding areas are available online.

Seattle Insider Tip: This is weather dependent, but I strongly recommend getting out in the fields on a bike.  The area is nearly flat, and Tulip County Bike Tours have rentals or tours available during tulip season.  Pack a lunch, or plan to stop at a cafe, bring plenty of fluids, and enjoy this unique Northwest experience. 

Photo credit Sally Corrigan 2014

Bainbridge Island

Who knew that a 35-minute ferry ride could transport you to a whole different place?

Bainbridge Island is a world away from the urban Seattle landscape – and the perfect destination for a day-trip during your stay. Rich with culture, history, heritage, and natural beauty, there’s something for everyone on this island oasis.


Bloedel Reserve is one of the most renown public gardens in the nation, and the majesty of this relaxing retreat is certain to recharge your batteries.  Although open year ’round, Spring is a wonderful time to visit! 

Enjoy a breathtaking view from atop a bluff overlooking Puget Sound, and sit quietly beside the reflecting pool in the Japanese Garden. Sun-dappled paths, flowers, greenery, and an array of ever-changing events make it a vibrant center of growth throughout the year.  Plan your visit at Bloedel Reserve.  There is 150 acres to explore, and they recommend to allow two hours for the best experience.  It is located about six miles from the ferry terminal and IS served by Kitsap Transit, the local bus system.


Peruse the collection at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and enjoy one of the most well-curated small museums around. It is a small museum, an hour is a perfect visit, but unlike larger museums, each piece on display truly illistrates the love these curators have for their art and this space. From modern to classic, with a strong emphasis on Asian art – you’ll find a wide array of eye-candy. The rooftop garden is the perfect finish to your visit.  Walking distance from the ferry dock.


Image courtesy of BIJAC

History isn’t always beautiful, but beauty and reverence can come from any event, as demonstrated in the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. A collection of artifacts, photos, and recorded accounts memorialize the place where the first group of Japanese-American internees were taken after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is a somber look into humanity and civil rights and is a relevant, important piece of history.  This is about 3.5 miles from the ferry terminal, and bus service is spotty, so I would recommend the only taxi service on Bainbridge Island, if you don’t have a car.


Along with the Memorial, you can learn about the rich history of the island at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum. Thousands of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia weave together the story of the past, bringing it vividly into the present. Homed in a quaint antique schoolhouse, the museum may be diminutive in size, but it packs a wealth of information into the space.  Walking distance from the ferry dock.


From Tuesday Tunes to Math Wednesday and on to ABC Thursday, the Kids Discovery Museum is the perfect retreat for families. Kids can sail the seven seas of imagination in the Pirate Tree House, dressing up and steering the “pirate ship” into worlds unknown. The realistic trunk doubles as the perfect hiding place. Our Town features an imaginary ride in a real electric car, a grocery store, and financial center so little ones can go out on the town just like Mom and Dad. Science Hall and the Art Studio are certain to get their gears turning, providing them with creative problem solving and imaginative play.  Walking distance from the ferry terminal. 

This is just a sampling of what Bainbridge Island has to offer.  Spend some time exploring!  Grab a bite, and check out some of their unqiue shops along the Winslow Main Street. Book at Seattle Oasis Vacations today, and enjoy a true Seattle experience.

Kid-Friendly Adventures in Seattle

Seattle isn’t all high-end food and beautiful scenery. In fact, it’s a special place for children to get in touch with the world around them. There are many things and places to see within this bustling city and your kids will love the interactive adventure. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or staying for the long haul, here is a helpful exploration guide of Seattle to take your adventurous youngsters.

The Children’s Museum at Seattle Center:
If your children love to touch and climb, The Children’s Museum is a must-visit. This interactive museum allows kids to let loose and climb a giant indoor tree house, explore the Global Village, get hands on in the construction zone, and much more.  Great for kids from from just walking to about 10 years of age.  This is located in the shadow of the Space Needle in the Amory building, where you can grab a quick lunch afterwards!  Besides the permanent collection, they do have a steady stream of traveling shows, so check their website for up-to-date information.

Seattle Insiders Tip:  If it’s a nice day, spend a few minutes after your museum visit running through the spray at the International Fountain, which is adjacent to the entry of the museum on the Seattle Center campus. 

Seattle Public Library
Seattle has a world class library, one of the best in the nation.  It is a bright and inviting space, especially in the children’s wing, and besides books has puppets and toys children can play with. My own daughter made it a point to say hi to the blue bull mounted on the wall.  Check the website and plan to attend one of their many story times.  It is almost guaranteed you’ll be introduced to your child’s next favorite book!

Museum of Flight:
The Museum of Flight will have your children in awe. Here they can get an eye-full of a Blackbird spy plane or board the original Air Force One. This interactive museum is sure to have to your kids loving every minute spent there. Enjoy free admission the first Thursday of every month from 5 to 9pm.  Metro route 124 from downtown Seattle or a 15-20 drive or Lyft ride away.

Lincoln Park:

Image courtesy West Seattle Blog

Lincoln Park offers a welcome environment for both parents and kids. Parents, if you are looking for a laid-back day walk, this park provides you with picnic tables, bbq grills and peaceful walking paths through the old-growth urban forst or with views of the Vashon Ferry and Puget Sound. And for your kids, well, let’s just say when they get home, you are going to have one quiet, nap-happy vacation rental. There are not one, but two large playgrounds in this park is large, with slides, swings and a zip line.  The north one was recently updated and the south one is in the process of being completely renovated as of this writing. In the summer time, there is a heated salt water pool to enjoy, as well as a wading pool for the little ones.

We currently have plenty of family friendly vacation rentals available!  Book now at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals. 

The Best of the Belltown Breweries

Seattle vacation rentals, Candi Canncel, belltown restaurants, self catered vacation rentals

The Best of the Belltown Breweries.

belltown brewing, seattle vacation rentals, seattle breweries, Candi CanncelBelltown Brewing
200 Bell Street
Belltown Brewing is a classic neighborhood joint that happens to serve up some amazing beer and great local fare. Known for “The Burger”—a mammoth patty, piled high and served on a local Macrina bakery roll—they also feature decadent pizzas and a fabulous skillet mac n’ cheese. Their beer is also outstanding. So much so that their head brewer Adam Franz was recently awarded a Falconer Foundation Scholarship (for a beer guy, it’s kind of like winning a spot at the Actors Studio is for an actor.) They have 33 taps and feature other local beers in addition to their house brews made just steps away from your table. For weekend brunch, they offer the $15 bottomless mimosas—just as dangerous as they are good. Seattle Oasis’s owners Sally Lauren and Darik Eaton recently joined Belltown Brewing’s Stein Society. It’s a Beer Club for brew lovers. And, as one of our vacation rental guests, you can take advantage of their membership. Just mention steins #72 and #73 to your waiter or bartender and you’ll get $1.00 off a beer and the use of the special beer steins.

Cloudburst Brewing
2116 Western Avenue
This local brewery is located a few blocks North of Pike Place and our Newmark Tower properties and just a short walk from our Belltown properties. Though the spot is pretty minimalist, and the place can get very crowded, the beer is fantastic! This is a must-stop for stout beer lovers as Cloudburst Brewing makes some of the richest dark beers in the Pacific Northwest. A great place to escape a Seattle downpour!

Old Stove
1525 1st Ave and one in the Market front
This rustic brewery has two locations in Pike Place. Their original spot on 1st Avenue features communal-style farm tables and a selection of their tasty brews. For the non-beer drinkers, they also have a selection of local wine and ciders. In 2017, Pike Place Market expanded out towards the waterfront. Old Stove’s newest location is in Pike’s Market Front. This picturesque addition to the famed market features breathtaking views of Puget Sound and was 40 years in the making. Old Stove’s newest locale has an indoor/outdoor vibe with floor to ceiling glass windows that span eighty feet. In the summer, the doors are sprung open and the tables are jammed packed. They showcase a carousel of twenty house-made beers on tap. They also have a small bites menu that feature locally-sourced ingredients to pair with your brew.

Pike Pike Brewing
1415 1st Avenue
Pike Brewing is the Old Faithful of Seattle Brew Pubs. Founded in 1989, they feature some of the tastiest beers in the PNW with the sassiest of names. Owners Charles and Rose Ann Finkle created their famed brewery after being inspired by the deep, rich brews they sampled in Europe. They moved to their current location in 1996 and added a pub to complement their beers—like the iconic Naughty Nellie—which is one of my favorite all-time brews. The best way to experience Pike Brewery is to grab a seat at the bar and order a sampler of 6 of the beers on tap. They also host a variety of fun events throughout the year such as their annual Chocofest— a pre-curser to Valentine’s Day. The event features all of Pike’s Brewing fabulous beers as well as other local brews, PNW wines and locally made hand-crafted spirits. In addition to a plethora of chocolates, they host a variety of local restaurants and bakeries for guests to sample loads of sweet and savory bites. https://www.pikebrewing.com/chocofest Pike Brewing also features a great selection of fun merchandise and beers to go. Who wouldn’t want a souvenir beer named Kilt Lifter?

For more information on the local Seattle beer scene, check out the very informative Washington Beer Blog. https://www.washingtonbeerblog.com/


Happy Oyster Season!

Seattle vacation rentals, Candi Canncel, belltown restaurants, self catered vacation rentals

The Top Oyster Happy Hours in Belltown and Downtown.

Washington is home to five species of delectable oysters that are cultivated throughout the State’s frigid waters, and these cold weather months are the best time to partake! While taking a day trip to Hama Hama or Hood Canal to eat just picked and shucked oysters can be a memorable way to spend a day, you actually don’t have to travel far to enjoy the fresh briny delicacy.

Seattle’s Belltown and Downtown areas are home to seven stand-out restaurants that serve a plethora of mollusk varieties. And to sweeten the slurping experience, they feature happy hours where oysters are the main attraction.

Local 360
2234 1st Avenue
All the ingredients at this neighborhood joint are sourced within 360 miles of its Belltown location. Their Happy Hour runs daily from 3-6PM and features a great oyster deal along with tasty bar bites like sliders and the most ridiculously good bacon-topped deviled eggs in Seattle. At Happy Hour, oysters are just $1.00 each and served with a tangy lemon mignonette. Pair them with one of Local’s signature cocktails such as the “Scoby”—a crisp gin and green tea libation.

Queen City Grill
2201 1st Avenue
On Tuesday nights, Queen City Grill features their Oyster Happy Hour all evening. Dabob Bay, Kusshi or Hood Canal oysters are just 1$. They also serve up baked oysters dressed in fennel, garlic and paprika for $2 and a mouthwatering oyster and bacon chowder for just $5. Pair any of these delicacies with their house white wine for just $5 a glass.

Blueacre Seafood
1700 7th Avenue
Blueacre is known for their stellar Pacific Northwest seafood in a bright, airy location that’s easily accessible from all our Belltown and Downtown properties. Their Happy Hour runs daily from 3-6PM in their lounge. You can enjoy $1.50 oysters on the half shell with a pink peppercorn mignonette along with $5 glasses of wine and beer and cocktail specials. They also have a variety of innovative seafood offerings –-like their crab and baby shrimp tater tots—all under $10.00.

Tankard and Tun
Renowned Seattle brewery Pike Brewing recently opened Tankard and Tun as their new seafood-focused restaurant. At their “Hoppy Hour” (3-6 daily) their oysters are just $2 each and served with a Mountain Blue Huckleberry mignonette. Pair the mollusks with one of Pike’s tasty brews such as the Naughty Nellie golden ale.

The Brooklyn
1212 2nd Avenue
Known for their thick steaks and potent martini’s in an old-school setting, each day the Chef selects a special Pacific Northwest oyster for Happy Hour that runs daily from 4-6PM. Served up with one of the tastiest mignonettes comprised of tart green apple, you can slurp to your heart’s content for $2.00 a pop. Their mini crab cakes and balsamic-glazed steak bites perfectly complement the bivalves. The Brooklyn is a perfect date spot as well as a great place for a business meeting.

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar
124 Republican Street (nearby Key Arena in Lower Queen Anne.) and 410 Occidental Avenue South in Pioneer Square (nearby Safeco and Century Link fields)
Taylor Shellfish also has additional locations throughout the PNW including Capitol Hill.
Taylor’s motto is “from tide to table” and they stand by that by serving up some of the tastiest and freshest seafood in the PNW. At their happy hour from 4-6PM, oysters are just $1.50. On a recent trip to the Queen Anne location, the Chef had selected two oysters for happy hour; a small plump briny sumo kumo and a robust bigger variety called “Fat Bastard.” Despite it’s larger size, the Bastard was incredibly mild and sweet. And it was fun to say while ordering it!

Elliott’s Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way
One of Seattle’s most iconic seafood restaurants, Elliott’s truly knows how to do oysters. And they feature one of the best Happy Hours for showcasing the briny beasts. Their progressive Happy Hour starts at 3PM and runs until 6 daily. From 3-4PM the Chef selected oyster is $1.50 each. From 4-5 they are 2 bucks and go up to $2.50 from 5-6. In addition to their specialty, they have a tasty small bites menu with coconut prawn and tequila-spiked mussels. To pair with the bites, they have $5 glasses of wine, $4-$5 beers and $6 cocktails. Because Elliott’s is a popular haunt for tourists and locals alike, our tip is to get there early and grab a seat at the bar. If there’s a line you can always put your name on the waiting list and have the hostess text you when your table is ready. Copperworks is a local distillery right across the way at 1250 Alaskan Way that’s a fabulous place to grab a drink while you wait. 

To learn more about the oysters the Pacific NW has to offer, here are three excellent articles:

Seattle Met Magazine; The Five Oysters You Meet in Washington: https://www.seattlemet.com/articles/2016/3/1/the-five-oysters-you-meet-in-washington

The Oyster Bar; The History and Types of Oysters in the Pacific Northwest: https://www.theoysterbar.net/history-types-oysters-pnw/

Chef’s Resources; Pacific Northwest Oyster Varieties by Region:


Seattle’s Alki Makes a Great Homebase!

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Seattle’s Alki Neighborhood is Something Special! Plan your Seattle Vacation here now!

Dear Seattle Oasis,

I am planning my first trip to Seattle and am looking for a quintessential Seattle experience without the noise of downtown Seattle. What do you suggest?

Want to Sleep in Seattle

Dear Sleep,

We get this question frequently.  Many folks are concerned about urban noise, or would just like a little more room to spread out than most city locations will allow for.

Alki is the place for you!  And we have the perfect Alki vacation rental located just one block off the beach!

Picture a California beach town with a little less sun, but with great food, excellent people watching, views of the ferries, mountains and city, and only 15 minutes by car from the famous Seattle sights such as the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. In addition, you can take the bus or the water taxi from Alki right into the heart of downtown Seattle, making it very accessible. Alki is vibrant and established neighborhood with something for everyone!

For Families Visiting Seattle:

Alki Alki is a kid’s dream. There are sandy beaches with gentle waves and a view of the city, and there are rocky beaches with tidepools to explore. During the summer months, the Seattle Aquarium does beach naturalists talks during low tides. As of this writing the 2018 schedule is not yet finalized, but check out the Beach Naturalist page at the Seattle Aquarium for the schedule. Another place for the little ones to get their wiggles out is Whale Tail Park and Playground, right off the beach at 58th Avenue SW.

Wheel Fun Rentals at Alki has a variety of wheeled rentals to navigate the three miles of concrete boardwalk that stretches along Elliott Bay. Besides standard bikes, they have tandems, surreys, and beach toys to keep the kiddos happy! Alki has three miles of boardwalk to explore.

After a day on the beach, head to Homefront for cones or smoothies!

Local Tip: A seasonal extra for the kiddos is the Seafair Pirates landing on the beach on Alki, usually the first weekend of July. Arrrrrggg, matey! Their arrival kicks off Seattle’s summer festival known as Seafair.

Alki for Foodies:

There There are some great food options in this self-contained Seattle neighborhood. My go-to for a great date night is La Rustica. Try the lamb shank, or the wild boar filet! This hidden gem has a European elegance and is especially charming on a summer evening where you can take advantage of cool breezes off the Sound from the patio dining.

Maree Bistro is right across the street from the Boathouse area of Alki. They serve traditional French dishes that are locally sourced in a spot with beach views and a great ambiance. The quail is wonderful here, as is the snapper, though the menu fluctuates with the seasons.

Marination Ma Kai started as a food truck, and quickly became a local go-to. Despite the casual ambiance you will walk away from this local favorite wanting more. You literally can’t go wrong here; the Kalua Pork Sliders is how they built their claim to fame, my personal fave is the Kalbi beef tacos. The kimchee fried rice is the perfect fusion food. The fish and chips are some of the best in the city. To top it off, a postcard view of the city!

Alki Nighttime Fun:

You’ve enjoyed a day of playing tourist in the city, and have made it back to your vacation rental, but aren’t quite ready to call it a night.

Check out El Chupacabra’s punk rock themed Mexican and great margaritas. West Seattle Brewing Co. TapShack is right on Alki drive and has a great rotating selection of house beer and pretty darn good pizza. Alki Beach Pub has a great mash-up of trivia nights, live music and karaoke Sundays.

In addition to all this, Alki is where Seattle started. There are several plaques commemorating the landing of the Denny party in November 1851. A small historical society and museum operates out of a 1904 log home. There are seasonal tours of the Alki Point Lighthouse. And right up the hill, in the Junction, are even more stores and restaurants, a farmers market, a summer festival, and more, which we’ll chat about in a future blogpost.

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