Must-Visit Seattle Water Adventures to Top Your Bucket List


Must-Visit Seattle Water Adventures to Top Your Bucket List

Seattle, Washington is a city that is often viewed as an undeniable paradise to outdoor adventure enthusiasts. All it takes is a single trip for the city to enthrall you with its close-by offerings such as the beauty presented by the Cascades, the majestic Olympics, the quaint experience of Puget Sound, or the mesmerizing collection of winding hills and beautiful lakes.

If you are a visitor to Seattle (especially for the first time), it may be hard for you to know precisely where to begin your water adventures in the city. Because the selection of attractions is so plentiful, allow us this opportunity to compose a list highlighting some of the city’s most amazing water-based highlights to save you time and maximize your enjoyment of your Seattle vacation.

Kayak from Lake Washington to Puget Sound
Water is everywhere in Seattle; if you look around you will more than likely see some beautiful body of water reflecting the day’s natural light back at you. Very few activities provide the level of immersion and exercise that kayaking does, however, and as a result kayaking is regarded as one of the quintessential ways to navigate Seattle’s aquatic beauty. Kayaking from Lake Washington through the locks all the way to Puget Sound is the ideal way to experience the unique experiences made possible by the city’s location and juxtaposition to natural treasures.

All Around Alki

During a hot day in the middle of the summer, the Alki Beach in Seattle will likely present itself as more of a California entity than a Washington one. With a wide array of rollerbladers, beach volleyball players, kites, barbecues, and beautiful people, Alki Avenue has become a summer hotspot in the city. Bring your paddleboard if you’d like to dive right into the water and avoid the heaps of people in the general vicinity. Or visit the Alki Kayak Tour headquarters in West Seattle and find yourself directly in the middle of an amazing experience allowing you to follow the shoreline along the Duwamish Head—providing an unbeatable view of the skyline and Olympic range simultaneously.

Dive Right in for a Swim
Seattle ranks near the top of the United States when it comes to cities with great places to go for a swim. Regardless of your location within the area, you will likely have no trouble finding a local spot for you to indulge in your backstroke or your relaxation. Whether you decide to venture across the Greenlake or through the thumb-shaped Seward Park Peninsula, the city of Seattle has countless water attractions ideal for diving in for a swim and forgetting the rest of your troubles—at least for a day.

Why Not Whitewater Rafting?
While it might come across as imposing upon first glance, whitewater rafting (and accompanying raft floats) are one of Seattle’s greatest attractions. Feel free to choose from activities on a wide range of rivers, including: the Skykomish River, Wenatchee River, Skagit River, Sauk River, Methow River, Yakima River, Icicle River, Green River, and Suiattle River. With that many choices, there should be no reason why everybody can’t find their perfect whitewater rafting experience right in the friendly confines of Seattle.

Ferry Rides Always Feel Right
Ferry Riding in Seattle is one of the perfect ways for you to get on the waters without fear of something extreme or wild happening. Feel free to bring your family on the ferry, and they too can bask in the experience provided as the ferry passes through Seattle’s most beautiful scenic offerings. Both Bainbridge and Bremerton Island are serviced by Seattle’s ferries, and both make for ideal, day-long adventures for single individuals or large family groups.

Alki Beach Park
Considering that Los Angeles has Malibu, and New York has Coney Island, well, Seattle secretly has its own treasure: Alki Beach Park. Your weekend (or even month-long) escape in Seattle will not be complete without visiting Alki Beach Park at least once. With an inviting atmosphere that is less aesthetically-centered than Malibu, and less vulgar than Coney Island, Alki won’t have to do much at all to naturally win you over—it is that peaceful. Alki proudly boasts a spirit-reviving view of the city while also allowing visitors to remain their sense of peace and calm while the world bustles on around them.

With all these excellent choices broken down and served up for you, what are you waiting for now? Get on your feet and make Seattle your next destination. Very few cities are able to offer the combination of beauty and excitement that Seattle does—so before you kick the bucket, you’ve got to kick it in Seattle.

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