Fashion Forward Seattle


Fashion Forward Seattle

For those seeking a truly unique fashion experience, travel to Seattle for an immense sampling of the world’s greatest styles. Tour numerous boutiques as well as established fashion houses for inspiration in creating your own personal style.

Those looking to expand their knowledge not only of history but fashion should plan to visit the Seattle Art Museum this fall or winter. SAM will be hosting an exhibit which honors the contribution of one particular designer, Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style
The exhibit will be open to the public from October 11, 2016 until January 8, 2017, allowing plenty of time to truly absorb the significance of this one man in the world of couture. French designer Yves Saint Laurent lived from 1936 until 2008, and deserves to be honored for his ground breaking designs over his illustrious 44-year career. Although he dealt with depression, Laurent still managed to become the named successor for fashion designer Christian Dior. His first clothing line, titled “Trapeze,” expressed youth and glamour. Across his collections, Laurent included pantsuits in every single one because of his belief that it is a timeless look in women’s fashion.

This particular exhibition is also a nod to current fashion, hosting a unique competition for designers looking to make their mark on the clothing industry. Each of the designers is tasked with creating their own take on some of Yves Saint Laurent’s most famous pieces, for a chance to be a part of the exhibition. The iconic YSL looks they are re-creating are the 1965 Mondrian Dress, the Safari Dress, and the 1983 Evening Dress.

Downtown Seattle’s Retail District
If you want to leave history in the past, try the Downtown Seattle retail area. Property owners and brokers have been making vast efforts to increase the amount of variety in stores, thus increasing foot traffic. Stroll through the area and perhaps stop at Kuhlman Men’s and Women’s Clothing, which features leather goods with a modern twist as well as tailored clothing for the business traveler. If you need a souvenir with function and flair, the Bella Umbrella store will have the perfect keepsake to remember Seattle’s infamous weather. Each uniquely shaped umbrella will completely change how you feel about rain clouds. Another store to pop into is the Baby and Co. Don’t be fooled; while the name Baby and Co. might sound like a children’s store, it is home to some of Seattle’s most unique pieces for both men and women. Bright patterns, stylish leather goods, and organic clothing set this store apart from the rest.

Have a penchant for designer goods? Find your ideal shopping center with the Seattle Shopping page. This comprehensive list is separated into men’s and women’s clothing, and contains various shopping centers to everyone is bound to find what they are looking for.

Those who like to arrange their day down to the minute will appreciate how easy Seattle has made it to park the car. To easily plan your day of shopping, consult this all-inclusive map of various parking options for those looking to spend an hour or the entire day walking the downtown Seattle area.

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