Spooky Seattle

Spooky Seattle

Spooky Seattle

The modern Seattle scene, with its mellow vibes and coffee-scented air, has a macabre and mysterious dark side. Yes, folks, there’s a haunted tale to be told of misty Seattle. Does that peak your interest?

Good. Come to Seattle during the perfectly dreary fall months, book yourself a fantastic rental home near downtown, and take yourself for a few ghostly tours of supernatural Seattle.

Historic Pike Place Market
If you’re into wandering around somewhere that claims to be inhabited with apparitions, Pike Place is teeming with ghost stories. The market was established in 1907 as a result of Seattle City Council preventing price gouging on foods and sundries. It was so successful, even during the Great Depression, that it expanded and became a hub for all sorts of characters and businesses.

One of the most famous spirits is that of Princess Angeline, oldest daughter of Chief Seattle. While she made her living with her laundry service and selling hand woven baskets, she helped integrate the new settlers with the Kikisoblu Native tribes. She ignored the Treaty of Point Elliott in 1855, and that stubbornness held through to her afterlife. She has been seen all around Pike Market, most likely because it is built upon her former cabin site. People have described her as an elderly, hunched woman with a signature red handkerchief on her head, shuffling along as though her feet aren’t touching the ground. She looks so real that people are shocked when she just disappears into thin air.

Private Eye on Seattle Tours
Not that you’ll need a real guide to show you the ropes around downtown Seattle, but it sure is a fun way to learn the history of the most haunted areas around. Care to take a spooktacular tour of places like the Overlook, the Mortuary, or the Haunted Theatre? Let owner and operator, Jake from Private Eye on Seattle drive you and a dozen others all over the city to learn the myths and legends surrounding the most haunted areas of the city. With a 16-year history of giving tours, it’s Seattle’s longest running Ghost Tour.

Spooked in Seattle
Tours are nice if you’re wanting a relatively small chance of meeting a phantom yourself, but if trying to cajole a ghost into speaking or interacting with you is more your cup of tea, let Spooked in Seattle take you on a paranormal hunt. Taking a hunt of the Seattle Underground gets even creepier as tour guides in period costumes lead you deep into the spirited places, give you some pointers, and then let you roam to find out what the spirits are dying to tell you.

Save yourself from neighbors that go bump in the night with a home rental near downtown Seattle. Keeping your wits about you when all you can hear is footsteps moving and unfamiliar voices lurking in the halls will be very vexing. After being through a real paranormal ringer of a night, get some quality rest with a quiet rental house. Choosing one that is near the downtown will be a terrific option. It is central to all things fun to do late at night, just in case you need that nightcap to forget all the unearthly discoveries you made while exploring supernatural Seattle.

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