Chihuly Garden and Glass: The Magnificent Attraction of Seattle

“I never met a color I did not like.” Dale Chihuly

is one of the most amazing art centers Seattle has ever witnessed. Located in a Space Needle, this beautiful museum was opened in 2012. It is an amazing work of dynamic artist Dale Chihuly and is no doubt the finest collection of art you will ever witness. It shows off artists exquisite designs in a room before you head to an airy glass atrium and finally in a magnificent garden. Glassblowing demonstrations are a highlight of this amazing place. It has gorgeous and beautiful room after another, all filled with Chihuly’s work. Each room has themes of flowers or sea life. The rooms eventually allow the tourists a way to an oh-so-beautiful garden where glass sculptures were introduced into the landscaping.

Dale Chihuly is the famous name behind this amazing work. He is one of the well-known artists of Northwest. Chihuly took his glass art to another level in his own museum by introducing a garden straight out of Alice in Wonderland with greenhouse pavilion and big multicolored flowers. Once you get inside it, you will see artist’s popular sea creatures, hanging from a glass ceiling with some exceptional work. Chihuly is also a collector as it is evidenced by the knickknacks arranged in the attached collection café and Pendleton blankets beautifully draped in one area of a room.

While parents might worry about taking their kids to museum filled with breakable art, the exhibition has worked very hard to make it children-friendly too. Kids guide in the museum is more interested than its adult section. Children aged 3-5 will surely have best time in matching the exhibits with the brochure photos and drawing in the guides.

Kids who love colors, art and imagination will surely find so much here in Chihuly Garden and Glass museum to enjoy. The spires in neon Glass Forest are favorites of children aged 4-7. Chihuly specifically selected the tower in SeaLife Room because he was aware that children will surely get attracted to it as there are sea shells and golden glass shells which are favorites of every kid.

Parents who want some me time can leave their children in Glasshouse, a big conservatory with vines of beautiful orange glass flowers. Kids always get attracted to colors so they will have freedom walking through the garden which is filled with flowers of multi colors.

All things come to life with the stunning installation at this place. You walk from room to room taking in exquisite beauty of designs and colors. While you are inside this place, at every step, you can listen to Dale Chihuly through an audio streaming through your own mobile phones where he explains every installation done in this museum. Trust us, you will take 100s of photos and still you want to take more. This is what Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle is.

With tickets of $15 for King County residents and $12 for children, it is worth to visit Chihuly Garden and Glass. If you go there ensure you use the restrooms at the entrance as there are none in the museum. So buy your tickets today and witness the magnificent beauty of Seattle today. Have fun!!

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