Seattle’s Pike Place: The City’s Underrated Treasure

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Seattle’s Pike Place: The City’s Underrated Treasure

Are you planning for an upcoming Seattle trip and you are looking to build the perfect itinerary? While Seattle is overflowing with adventure opportunities, do yourself a favor and make Seattle’s Pike Place one of the cornerstones of your vacation.

Visiting Seattle’s Pike Place is a fun and exciting way for you to spend your entire vacation time together with your loved ones—regardless of their age, or yours. With an atmosphere so welcoming that you’ll hesitate to leave when your vacation is over, Pike’s Place truly does have it all. Though it is only one aspect, you will be eager to go shopping through the district to see the city’s freshest flowers, custom jewelry, artisan breads, gourmet cheeses and spreads, and anything else you might like to find. Pike’s Place is the peak of variety and character in Seattle, so if you’re planning on coming to the city and not visiting Pike Place, you’ll more than likely need to extend your vacation to make sure you can squeeze it in.

Below are just a few of Pike Place’s most popular offerings for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Watching Cheese Makers
Seattle Pike Place is the perfect spot for all cheese aficionados out there. Even if you’re not an expert on cheese, it is worth the time to watch. Simply keep an eye open right as you walk into Beecher’s, on the corner of Pine Street and Pike Place, and you will be greeted with a front-row view of enthusiastic cheese makers working through an elegant glass-walled kitchen that will take your breath away. You’ve probably eaten plenty of cheese in your life, but watching it being made is an entirely different experience, and a much more fulfilling one than many individuals consider.

Following the Hoof Prints
Do not just walk around Pike Place aimlessly and without direction! If you avert your gaze to the ground, you’ll likely see a plethora of bronze hoofprints touting some of the city’s most famous businesses and establishments. Follow the hoofprints and enjoy one of the quirkier aspects of Pike Place—their embracing of their community through art and bronze.

Taking Selfies at the Original Starbucks
If you are taking a trip anywhere near Seattle, it is likely that you have at least a passing interest in coffee and/or Starbucks. So, why not visit the original Starbucks and take a selfie that might very well be a part of history. While the very first Starbucks was located at 2000 Western Avenue, the original building was repurposed and aspects of the original building—including the original logo—were used to create the landmark standing now. Regardless, indulge in photographing yourself at the original Starbucks and imagine how much things have changed since the company first started. One thing that hasn’t changed though? The authentic allure of Seattle, and more importantly, Pike Place.

Smelling the Fresh Cut Blooms
Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Seattle’s Pike Place is an extremely underrated hotspot for florists and flower enthusiasts. Nowhere in Seattle (or Washington for that matter) can provide the combination of quality and value that Pike Place can. Tulips, roses, various bloom bouquets, and even regional specialties are all available at Pike Place. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing any flowers, the aesthetic created by the walls of bouquets throughout the market provides quite the sensory explosion for those keen on nature and its beauty.

Watching Fishmongers
Watching the low-flying fish is considered to be one of the most popular activities in Seattle Pike Place—especially for individuals just looking to relax, unwind, or waste a bit of time. Whether it is your first time for your 50th, enjoying the playful-yet-busy attitudes of the fishmongers will always be a beneficial addition to your day. In fact, if you are really looking for a way to lengthen your Seattle vacation, why not sign on to begin work as a fishmonger?

Watching the Street Performers
Ranging from living statues, to dancers, to acapella gospel singers, to clowns, and even famous performers like Jim Page and Artis the Spoonman, Seattle is considered a street-entertainment mecca. The diversity of Pike Place is perfectly on display as you navigate through streets of talented individuals looking to add to your experience (and perhaps earn a few bucks) any way they can.

Seattle’s Pike Place has so many different activities to offer that you may even need to plan multiple vacations to get through them all. As long you approach your trip with a friendly attitude, Seattle and Pike Place will gladly welcome you, accept you as one of their own, and work to make sure that you feel at home in their city—even if that means they have to share some of that delicious cheese they brag about.

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