Seattle’s Uptown World

Seattle’s Uptown World

Seattle’s Uptown World

Billy Joel knows his lyrics, as Seattle music gurus will agree, but you can rest assured he wasn’t talking about this Uptown. Ironically, walking around the Uptown neighborhood, you’re more likely to hum Petula Clark’s “Downtown,” which, with its upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and lyrics about the many lively goings-on, is a perfect match to fit this part of the city.

The Uptown neighborhood of Seattle is nestled snugly between Belltown and lower Queen Anne Hill. It’s a brilliant blend of a quaint and friendly environment mixed with a diverse and vibrant ambiance. Uptown’s vibe of modern marvel meets historic spectacle creates unforgettable experiences. Featuring local eateries, cocktail hotspots, eclectic shops, and entertainment galore, it’s as if you can feel the pulse in the air. The best part? It’s just minutes north of the heart of downtown and your vacation rental.

Drawn to Seattle’s Center
Visiting the Uptown neighborhood, you’ll be instantly immersed in the sights of Seattle Center, but there’s even more here than meets the eye. Indeed, you’ll be wise to devote ample time to this mecca for art, entertainment, and education.

All of Seattle Center was initially built for the World’s Fair, which, in 1962, first gave Seattle a true opportunity to send a shining light out into the world, and Seattle was well prepared to make a name for itself. Now a sprawling 74-acre campus, Seattle Center is dedicated to building a legacy of integrity, innovation, and excellence in a welcoming place, as noted in its core values.

Sights, Camera…Action!
HALLThe anchor of Seattle Center is arguably the famed Space Needle, one of the world’s most recognized landmarks and observation towers. Its unique, innovative, space-aged design remains – more than fifty years later – a visual and architectural wonder. Not only will you see the Space Needle when you visit, you’ll see all of Seattle. In fact, there are few comparable city views in the entire world.

Marion Oliver McCaw Hall (once the Seattle Opera House) is a stunning and acclaimed auditorium, home to the Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Seattle Opera. Its rich history dates to the 1880s, when Seattle citizens donated land and an estate to the City of Seattle. Arrive early for a drink in the in-house restaurant, then take your seat in time to appreciate the awe-inspiring mastery of the interior design.

If you’re ready for action, KeyArena is the premier destination; it features sporting events (think: Seattle Storm, Rat City Rollergirls), performances on ice, and concerts to please fans of all genres. Then, on the educational end of the spectrum, Pacific Science Center prides itself on bringing “science to life” by hosting special events and exhibits, and providing opportunities for children to meet scientists and to discover their imaginations.

Navigating Uptown
The Uptown neighborhood is super close to downtown vacation rentals, so take in the sights along the way by walking or riding a bike. Public transportation is readily available. Parking options are also relatively inexpensive Uptown. For specific parking areas (to complement your tickets to the Space Needle or McCaw Hall, for example), check out their websites. But perhaps the simplest (and, for many, the most economical and the most fun) option is the Seattle Monorail. When you’re planning a full day or a few solid hours to walk around, jump on the Monorail to add to your experience.

And what an experience it is! The sights and adventures here are so popular, in fact, that other neighborhoods often try to lay claim. But we know better. This is Uptown, girl (and guy), and you’re bound to fall in love.

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