Haunted Seattle

Seattle is no stranger to the paranormal. Suicides, murders, and Native American burial grounds have all contributed energy to the city’s spiritual inhabitants. Leave your cozy vacation rental home and head out to investigate some of Seattle’s notorious sites for the remnants of the formerly living. If you’re less adventurous, join a group tour to see places that go bump in the night.

Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery
Located on Capitol Hill next to the Lakeview Cemetery (the burial site for Bruce and Brandon Lee – also said to be haunted), this century-old burial spot is home to more than 500 graves from the Civil War era. Witnesses claim to see apparitions of spirit soldiers wearing Civil War uniforms wandering the site and hear the cries and moans of the deceased.

The Harvard Exit Theater
This building has been a theater and meeting place since the late 1920s. It features vintage décor and a reputation as a place where spirits still congregate. It’s been investigated by a plethora of paranormal groups, psychic mediums, and tourists, many who claim a few spirits still linger and appear as apparitions.

Pike Place Market
Daily this market is full of vendors and shoppers, but locals know it’s one of the most haunted places in Seattle. And why wouldn’t it be? Natives forced off the land and the market was built over an Indian burial ground. What more do you need for a haunting than that? Apparitions and other paranormal activities have been witnessed here for decades.

Haunted ghost tour from Private Eye on Seattlehttps://www.privateeyetours.com
Book your own tour of some of the most haunted sites in Seattle and learn where the spirits still roam. Led by members of a local paranormal group, these tours take you to several locations where it is rumored activities still occur. See out of the way sites and get a local history lesson in the process.

Spooked In Seattlehttps://spookedinseattle.com/
If you’re looking for an up close and personal paranormal experience, Spooked in Seattle offers a variety of tours guided by real paranormal investigators. These tours take the living right where the spirits are said to roam. It offers on-site experiences, collected evidence, and plenty of haunted history. Pub tours, haunted buildings, haunted walking tours – they have it all. There’s also an extensive website for those wanting to learn more about the paranormal

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