Finding Poutine in Seattle

Finding Poutine

Finding Poutine in Seattle

The Holy Trinity: Elevated

Canadian in origin, poutine is comprised of a holy trinity of ingredients: French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Gaining popularity as a widely-enjoyed dish, scores of variations began surfacing, with as many interpretations as the imagination could conceive. Poutine is such a staple of the Canadian diet that even the chain restaurants McDonald’s and Burger King sell it as a side dish.

What Is Poutine?
poutineLike many foods, the origins of poutine are somewhat unclear. The most popular origin story took place in 1957 in a small town called Warwick in Quebec, where chef Fernand Lachance was asked to combine cheese curds and French fries in the same bag by a customer who was pressed for time. Glancing into the contents of the bag, he immediately exclaimed that it was a “poutine,” or “mess” in Quebecois slang. Poutine’s third key ingredient was then added in 1964, when a restaurant owner named Jean-Paul Roy observed his diners ordering a side of cheese curds to pair alongside his patented gravy and French fries. Soon after this, Roy added the trifecta of hearty goodness to his menu and the rest is delicious history.

Poutine Finds a Comfortable Home in Seattle
Spreading like wildfire, the city of Seattle has embraced the Canadian dish as its own, putting a variety of versions and interpretations on the market. Rated #1 on Yelp’s list of best poutine in Seattle, The Skillet Diner elevates everyday comfort food to high-end dishes. Offering everything from grown-up grilled cheese to a decadent kale Caesar salad, this eatery is determined to elevate the dining experience. Their take on poutine features hand-cut French fries accompanied with gravy, cheddar cheese and grana Padano, which is a deliciously slow-ripened Italian cheese variety, along with fresh herbs. For your first expedition from your vacation villa, The Skillet has something to delight everyone.

With a gloriously gluttonous theme throughout its entire menu, Quinn’s Pub aims to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Preserving a vintage air of the 1910s, step inside this cozy gastropub and be immediately greeted by the aromas of dishes galore. Moderately priced, its menu runs the gauntlet from roasted bone marrow to scotch eggs. Their poutine comes not as a main course but on the side of their semi-secret Ultra Burger. Topped with veal demiglace, their superlative hand-cut frites are joined with fontina fonduta in place of the humble cheese curd. Just remember to save room for their house-made dark chocolate coconut bars and banana butterscotch pudding!

If you are one of the masses that loves bacon with everything, The Swinery is an absolute staple to your visit. Both a butcher shop and restaurant, this place is the best of both worlds. Head straight from your vacation villa to partake in the great prices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only do they offer the classic poutine with curds and gravy, their “Swine Fries” take decadence to an entirely new level. Fries cut and fried in rendered pork fat create the perfect savory base for delicious seasoning including fresh garlic and green onion.

With so many choices to savor, one could easily become an expert in poutine by simply visiting the city of Seattle. Just minutes away from any vacation villa, try this humble dish in the classic style or by stepping out of your comfort zone by sampling one of the hundreds of choices. With so many possibilities to choose from, every member of your group is sure to find their perfect poutine.

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