Book Now for NFL Playoff Games!

Oh yes, we are jumping the gun a bit, but forgive us.  Were you at that game tonight?  Did you wish you were at that game?

At a very early point in a long NFL season, the Seahawks are living up to the hype and hyperbole that has been dished since the almost miracle in Atlanta.  So all we are saying is…plan ahead.  If the thought crossed your mind that you would sure love to attend a playoff game at the CLink in January, and since you are coming into town anyway, why not make a weekend of it, our vacation condos make a very nice landing pad for a football weekend.  That is all we are suggesting.

And since we are suggesting it, consider this little post a PSA, as Wildcard Weekend is January 11-12, 2014, Divisional Weekend is January 19, 2014 and Championship Weekend is January 26, 2014.

Don’t wait until it is too late, regular season game weekends are starting to sell out.  Check us out at

Go Hawks!

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