Snoqualmie Falls

28 miles from Seattle

The Pacific Northwest is a region packed with scenic beauty and is truly an ideal vacation destination for those who love time spent in the great outdoors. When you’re headed to Seattle and looking for a day trip that brings the beauty of Mother Nature’s finest work right to your fingertips, be sure to carve out time in the itinerary for a trip to Snoqualmie Falls. Cascade chasers and visitors of all interests and passions alike are quickly enamored with the power, beauty and captivating scenery Snoqualmie Falls provides.

An Impressive Feat of Nature

Situated at 6501 Railroad Avenue SE in Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Falls bears the namesake of its location. It is undeniably one of the state of Washington’s most visited and beautiful natural attractions. It is estimated that over 1.5 million visitors make their way to the falls every year in the name of encountering the power of nature for themselves. The Snoqualmie Falls drops 270 feet, creating a breathtaking scene both above the lip of the falls and from below once the water makes its entrance into the lower pool. The gorge rim of the falls provides guests with amazing views but those looking to make their excursion a dual hike and observation experience will appreciate half-mile trail that begins at the base.

A two-acre park surrounds Snoqualmie Falls creating a vast area where guests can enjoy exploring, a picnic or simply observing during the course of an afternoon visit. The most popular platform from which to view the falls sits only 200 feet from the convenient parking lot for those arriving with a vehicle. The viewing platform is also wheelchair accessible for those guests visiting the falls with mobility issues. Parking and viewing can be done free of charge. Before you go, be sure to stop by the park gift shop to pick up the perfect souvenir to remember your Snoqualmie Falls visit by.

Getting Here

Those visitors arriving by I-90 East will want to be on the lookout for the Snoqualmie Falls exit which leads to West 202. Those arriving east from Redmond will want to make sure to head towards Fall City before crossing the Snoqualmie River and following 202 towards Snoqualmie Falls. However you arrive, be sure to pack your camera for this amazing and scenic experience you won’t soon forget!

Snoqualmie Falls Washington

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