Seattle Brewery Walking Tours

Many tourists love a good tour to get the feel of the city, town, or vacation destination they’re visiting. And of all tours, walking tours are usually the most enjoyable. The unhurried, slow pace allows you to savor the experience while getting really close to the people and the buildings around you. So, when a walking tour takes you not just to one brewery, but three, you know you’ve just hit the jackpot of all walking tours! This is what Seattle Brewery Walking Tours specializes in. As the winner of the Travel & Hospitality award, their tours are fun-filled, less than a mile long, and offer four tastings at each brewery.

Central Ballard Brewery Tour

This one involves a short walk in the heart of Ballard’s brewing district that takes you through three breweries. The three breweries are Reuben’s Brews, Obec Brewing, and Stoup Brewing. All three are surprisingly close to each other, which means that you won’t have to walk far before you reach the next brewery and it’s incredible beer. You start with Reuben’s Brews, the family-owned and -operated brewery, then make your way to Obec Brewing and their Czech beer. Your final leg is Stoup Brewing, a hip place that reflects Seattle complex culture. The whole tour lasts three hours.

East Ballard Brewery Tour

This tour takes you East Ballard. All in all, you get to walk less than half a mile to visit Lucky Envelope, Populuxe, and Bad Jimmy’s. It will take you around 3.5 hours to visit them all and enjoy four beer tastings per brewery. You also come out with a souvenir beer tasting glass, souvenir bottle opener, and a food-beverage pairing guide. And if you’re not crazy about beer, other beverages are available. Make sure not to take the tour on an empty stomach; this is not a food tour, and the beer will hit you faster if you’re hungry!

Seattle Brewery Walking Tours also offers an Old Ballard Brewery Tour and Fishermen’s Terminal Brewery Tour. You can reach them by phone at 206-947-4001.

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