REI Flagship

Seattle, Washington is a city built on a love for the great outdoors. From hiking to biking, camping, boating, and fishing, Seattle is a city that calls to outdoor enthusiasts from near and far in the name of seemingly endless adventures waiting to be had. The many mountains, waterways, and forests that encompass this vibrant urban destination make it a unique space to participate in those outdoor activities you’ve long loved and an even better place to try something new. Recognizing this passion for taking to nature and pushing the limits of athletic strength, the REI flagship store in Seattle is a must-stop destination for those who fall within any of these interest or hobby categories.

A Store for All Passions and Seasons

Located 222 Yale Avenue North, the Seattle REI flagship store is a sprawling destination that is packed with outdoor gear, information, education, and the potential for fun. Catering to both the novice and seasoned adventurer, REI is a place that provides top-quality gear for everything from hiking to Yoga and can give you a detailed history into each and every outdoor sport you could possibly wish to try. If you’re just starting out with wilderness adventures, REI staffs knowledgeable individuals who are happy to help you search the store from top to bottom as you find exactly what you need to get started. This store also provides rental equipment for those heading out on short-term outing as well as a repair shop when you’re in town and need to have equipment tweaked.

Captivating Classes

The REI flagship store in Seattle is as dedicated to instruction as it is to providing top-quality outdoor equipment. This location regularly hosts camping basics classes, bike repair clinics, maps and navigation classes as well as rock climbing classes. If you happen to be in the middle of planning a large international trip, experts at the REI flagship store are waiting to help you figure out the details. A stop at REI is an immersive and insightful experience into what it means to take to the great outdoors in style and with safety top of mind. Opportunities to try equipment, ask questions and speak with product experts means you’ll not only have a fun adventure in Seattle but a successful one as well.

REI Seattle Flagship

A trip to Seattle is just as much about the captivating city center as it is the great outdoors. When you’re here to get out and explore, let the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals take care of your vacation rental booking details. We’ll help you find a downtown property that brings the luxury you crave with the comfort and convenience you deserve. Contact us today to begin planning your next Seattle adventure!

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