Ninja Escape

For an adventure like you see in the comic books and thrillers, Ninja Escape is the real deal. Seattle becomes the setting for your very own live adventure where you have to use all your special skills and brainpower to escape from a room. You only have 60 minutes to make your escape, though; otherwise, you and the whole of humanity is doomed. OK, that last part is just an exaggeration. The game is really safe, and you won’t get hurt or anything. All you need to do is look around the room you’re locked in for clues. The sooner you find those clues, the faster you get out and regain your freedom!

The Fremont Adventures

As one of the two rooms, Fremont has a touch of the supernatural. Here you duke it out with aliens, zombies, and some pirates, too. There are two ways to play this: either be a ninja along with your friends and fight a horde of zombies, or you get in a duel with the brain-eating monsters. Another game, called Enter the Machine, combines ancient myths with futuristic elements. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to fight the Kraken cult and keep them from calling the invading aliens. The last game has pirates and Krakens, and your goal is to steal a treasure from their ship.

The Belltown Missions

The Kraken cult is still spreading its evil, even in this room. The room has two games. The Black Lace needs your ninja skills to break into a lab and steal a secret formula that could lead to the destruction of the human race. Once you secure the formula, you need to make your way out of there undetected. The Hack Attack is full of puzzles and you need to find the clues to solve the puzzles, retrieve an account worth billions of dollars, and escape before the Kraken cult find you.

If these kinds of adventures are up your alley, then you can call 206-257-4907 or email for bookings. The games are held between Thursday and Sunday. You can also find them at 3800 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98103.

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