Green Lake

Seattle is a city of dramatic contrasts that beckons visitors from across the country and globe to come and explore these dynamic differences. Whether you’re in the city on vacation or for business, there’s something wonderful about taking time to notice the varying points of interest in the Emerald City. Contrasts range from impressive mountain ranges to urban museums, glittering waterways to artistic feats of manmade wonders and a variety of noteworthy destinations in between. The amazing differences that somehow beautifully blend together extend to Seattle’s many neighborhoods as well. When you’re committed to taking time to explore some of the most incredible spots in the city, be sure to add a trip to Green Lake to the list of must-stop destinations.

Beyond the Water

Settled in north central Seattle, Green Lake is a fresh body of water that has gained enough popularity to have earned its own accompanying park and entire neighborhood too. When Green Lake is mentioned, it could very well be in reference to this lush, beautiful lake that graces the city, or it could be mentioned with thoughts of neighborhood get-togethers or days spent at the park with a picnic lunch. However it’s referenced, Green Lake has truly made a name for itself with good reason. The gentle waters and many green spaces that make up Green Lake do an amazing job of dividing up urban centers with beautiful balance. This has long made it one of the preferred places to spend a leisurely afternoon among Seattle residents. 

Environmental Protection and Much More

Green Lake and its namesake park have earned status as a natural preserve and are home to a wide variety of plants, trees, marine species and ecosystems that thrive within its boundaries. This makes it an ideal destination for those excited to spend time bird spotting within the confines of a sprawling urban center. Bikers and joggers to this destination can enjoy a nearly 3-mile path that’s meticulously maintained and provides unsurpassed views over the lake as you travel. A number of athletic fields and picnic tables make this a family-friendly destination as well. Those with a passion for boating, kayaking or canoeing will be thrilled with the convenient boat access points Green Lake provides for enjoying time on the water.

Green Lake Seattle

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