Fremont Troll

A trip to Seattle is bound to be an experience in outdoor adventures, walks through wondrous landscapes and opportunities to dive into the exciting cityscape the Emerald City offers up willingly. What many visitors may be surprised to find upon heading over to explore the nearby neighborhood of Fremont is that a trip this direction may also involve an encounter with a troll! Those who haven’t seen it in film, pictures or postcards could find the unexpected inhabitant underneath the Aurora Bridge in Fremont a surprising sight. For those who already know he’s there, this fun and creative landmark is a must-visit destination, if only for the photograph to prove you were there. Read more about the history behind the Freemont Troll below:

A History Based on Legend

Since 1932, bizarre reports of supposed troll sightings were reported underneath Aurora Bridge by pedestrians, visitors and locals alike. While there was never any evidence to back up the claims, the reputation as a troll-inhabited bridge stuck. When the Fremont Art Council was approached in 1989 to host an art competition as a means of rejuvenating the clean and lively reputation of the area, sculptor Steve Badanas knew his Billy Goat Gruff-inspired theme had a good shot at winning, and he was right. Badanas as commissioned to create a massive stone troll that would unquestionably call the space underneath the bridge home. Concrete, wire, and steel were used to craft the giant troll that stands 18-feet high. While the troll’s left hand crushes a Volkswagen Beetle, his metal right eye keeps an eye on everything and everyone that passes by.

A Unique City Stop

The troll immediately gained popularity with visitors and locals and today continues to be a hot spot for photographs. In the early days of its creation, the troll was even home to an Elvis memorabilia time capsule. With its own Facebook page and fan club, the Fremont Troll is proof that the troll that lives under the Aurora Bridge is not to be feared but eternally admired. To visit the troll for yourself, simply make your way to N. 36th Street and Aurora Avenue North for the opportunity to be introduced.

A Legendary Seattle Stay

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