What’s New in Downtown Seattle’s Pike Place Market


What’s New in Downtown Seattle’s
Pike Place Market

A busker strums a sweet melody on an old blues guitar. A magician mesmerizes with a mind-boggling illusion. Fish soar in the air. The sights and sounds mingle with the aromas of freshly-baked cookies and caffe latte. Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is a veritable wonderland for the senses, and of the newest arrivals, a few of the most exciting are indulgences of taste.

Vacation Cheat Days + French Pastries = Yes, please
Hidden beneath the skybridge on Western Avenue, discover Choukette, the new home of the cream-filled and unbelievably delicious French éclair. The married owners of this modest pastry shop, who have recently returned from nearly two decades in France, call it éclair’art with good reason. These delectables are not only insanely tasty – they’re gorgeous, to boot. Choose from seasonal wonders (think: passion fruit and huckleberry mascarpone) and time-tested masterpieces (classic chocolate, salted caramel) – or don’t. After all, these perfectly proportioned pockets of dough beg for you to taste more than one. But there’s no reason to stop there. You’re on vacation, and your journey in Seattle’s Pike Place Market is just beginning.

shugSweet Nostalgia
Stroll from the French bakery to 1st Avenue, where you’ll go back in time at Shug’s Soda Fountain. Nostalgic themes and flavors blend with a modern aesthetic just as beautifully as cream blends with sugar. The results are magnificent. Satisfy your sweet tooth with throwback sodas (cherry, chocolate, pineapple, or lime, to name a few), shakes, and ice cream sundaes with a menagerie of tasty toppings. Shug’s is more than just a treat for the taste buds, though. It’s a reminder of a simpler time. Shug’s provides the perfect space for you to cherish what’s important. Laugh with your family over a Pam Betty June sundae, or reminisce with old friends over a champagne float. (It’s a thing. You’re welcome.) Toss back a beer or sip a white wine while you contemplate your next move in the Market.

Seattle Loves Craft Beer
Meander down the block for happy hour at Old Stove Brewing Co., where spirits flow freely from stove-handle spouts. This extraordinarily cool brewery showcases a taproom with long, red oak community tables, the perfect setting to interact with new pals or to relax with family. That’s right – this place is remarkably family friendly. Little and big kids alike will marvel at the mural featuring hidden whatsits and thingamajigs, while nostalgia fanatics will delight in vintage treasures (beer treasures, that is). The nosh is just as impressive (locally-sourced roast turkey dip, anyone?). Mostly, though, this is a beer lover’s haven. The 16 taps of meticulously crafted beer elicit total brew euphoria. It’s the perfect ending to an incredible day.

Tried and True
Don’t leave the Market without stopping by the old favorite stomping grounds. Rachel the Piggy Bank is still there and well, and she’s raised more than $200,000 to support worthy causes. The Farmer’s Market, the original public market and foundation of Pike Place, is a time-honored tradition of local food and flower sourcing. Craft stores and jewelry shops continue to carry some of the most unique and fabulous pieces you’ll find anywhere. Pike Place Market isn’t just a stop for your Seattle vacation – it’s the stop. Take a look at our amazing vacation homes, and start planning a trip you’ll never forget.

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