Top 10 Packing Essentials for Your Seattle Business Trip


Top 10 Packing Essentials for Your Seattle Business Trip

Business trips, even to beautiful Seattle, can be stressful, so why not make the packing easier on you? No matter what business you’re in, there are certain items that are sure to make your life easier during your business trip to Seattle. Here are 10 helpful tips on what to pack for your next Seattle business trip.

Carry-On Luggage
Carry-on luggage with 4 wheels that swivel 360 degrees takes traveling light to the next level. These handy, wheeled carry-ons weigh less and get you moving faster, which is ideal when or maneuvering through Sea-Tac.

A Case of Cords
How frustrating is it when you get to the airport and find out that you forgot your charging cables for any electronic device? A top tip for traveling for business is to invest in a case just for extra charging cords. Cell phone cables, laptop chargers, game chargers, any cords that you know you will need no matter what.

Travel-size Toiletries
Not just available in grocery stores and pharmacies, high-end brands offer travel-sized toiletries of your favorites to ensure your style is on point and none of your favorites gets tossed into TSA trash cans.

Packing business clothing for your Seattle trip can be tricky, but easily managed with the help of nice pants, a few stylish tops, and smart jackets. Whenever traveling light, your go-to clothing items should be a pair of nice pants, at least one nice jacket or blazer, and several shirts that can be mixed and matched throughout your time of stay. Choose wrinkle-resistant clothes and don’t forget to layer. Seattle gets chilly.

Antibacterial Gel
This tip just makes sense. Getting sick during travel is the worst so keep antibacterial gel in your bag to help stave off the incoming amounts of coughing and sniffling passengers that are sure to find their way to you.

Business Cards
It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to Seattle for one day, a week, or longer, you never know who you may run into. Having a few of your own business cards on hand makes networking a breeze, plus it makes you look prepared for anything.

USB Flash Drive
Keeping a flash drive on you at all times is a great way to keep presentations and reports at the ready. This tiny device is in incredible tool for networking in case you need to transfer information in a flash.

Tech Accessories
Being away in Seattle for business, you’ll want to be available at all times. Investing in a Bluetooth headset is a great way to stay connected while out and about. Also consider buying noise canceling headphones to help tune-out any unwanted noise during your trip.

Travel Document Organizer
Usually small, a travel document organizer is a great item to keep important business papers filed away in one place. Instead of big binders and multiple folders, there are many organizers to choose from that will suit your needs.

Relaxation Aids
Even though Seattle is a great place to visit, traveling can take a lot out of you, especially if you travel more than once every other week. Relaxation aids are there to help you feel more at home no matter where you are staying. iPods are great devices to listening to your favorite music and e-readers allow you to bring a multitude of books from which to choose.

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