Tips and Tricks While Traveling to Seattle with the Kids

Traveling With Kids

Tips and Tricks While Traveling
to Seattle with the Kids

Planning and executing your family vacation to Seattle may seem a little stressful, but can be easily managed by taking a deep breath and following these simple tips and tricks for travel.

Packing for Seattle:
Depending on the age of your child, you will most likely be packing their bag or at least overseeing the process. Be sure they pack clothing and footwear appropriate for rainy weather and for the activities you have planned throughout the trip. If your child is still in diapers, over pack said diapers and wipes. You never know when you may need an extra! Handy tip: keep a pack of diapers and wipes in your main bag and the rest in a bag that is readily available.

You know what your child needs as far as their essentials go (diapers, bottles, formula, and medication). All that will fit in your main and carry-on bag, no problem. A little trick to keep your child entertained during the flight is to pack a smaller bag just for them to carry that is full of fun activities to pass the time. Coloring books, reading materials, crayons, a disposable camera, and stickers are all kid-friendly activities that will entertain for hours. Plus, by giving them their own bag, it will make them feel responsible for their own belongings. Handy tip: be sure that you are the one packing this bag. Talk with your child about what small activity they would like to have to ensure over packing.

Boarding the Plane to Seattle:
Security can be a pain. When the time comes, be sure that everyone is wearing easily removed shoes for quicker process. Before you board the plane, be sure that everyone has used the bathroom or change diapers whether it seems to be clean. Also, it is best to find a spot near your terminal, but isn’t as crowed to let your little one(s) crawl and walk around. This allows them to burn off extra energy before your flight to Seattle.

Arriving in Seattle:
Depending on the adventures you have planned in Seattle for the family, packing healthy and non-sticky snacks for the kids is a must. Having individual bags of food for each child ensures less fighting between who gets what.

And last but not least, if you don’t like to use child leashes, invest in a child locater to easily find your child if they get loss. Along with that, you can always write your name and number on your child’s arm and spray water-proof sunscreen over it to help hold it in place.

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