Spring Packing for Seattle

Spring Packing for Seattle

Spring Packing for Seattle

Spring is finally here, which means weather changes abound. With wintery conditions safely in the past, Seattle now turns towards sunnier days, but let’s face it, those days will probably end up being a tad wet. Changing into spring is a wonderful time in Seattle yet packing for your time there can be a bit tricky because you never know exactly how the weather will be from one day to the next.

Whether you’re in Seattle on vacation or for business, packing for your trip is a major factor on how enjoyable your stay will be.

First, check the weather forecast a few days before you travel. This will give you a good gauge as to what is expected and how to prepare. Many weather websites provide a 10-day forecast.

After checking the weather forecast, start packing. Clothes can be a pretty easy task when you know what you have planned for your stay. If you are visiting Seattle on business there are a few items that are a must.

  • A stylish blazer, preferably in a neutral color. Perfect for complementing tops of any color, style, and fabric. They also hold up during unwelcoming weather wonderfully.
  • Pick a few blouses in a range of color. Finding tops that are prone to not wrinkling is a styling tip for looking your best in a cinch.
  • Depending on your job, nice looking jeans may pull a great outfit together. But if you job requires a full professional ensemble, black or gray pants pull together any piece.
  • Since Seattle tends to be rainy in the spring, be sure to pack a rain resistant jacket and always bring an umbrella.

For those just on vacation,

  • Pack comfortable pants that are sure to hold up during any hiking adventure.
  • Comfortable and supportive shoes are a must during your Seattle vacation. Weather resistant shoes or boots are great for the spring season.
  • Non-wrinkling shirts are very handy while traveling. Pack your comfiest shirts that are sure to not shrink if they get wet in case need to dry them quickly.
  • Seattle’s rainy days will put a damper on any vacation but by packing a rain resistant jacket, you will be able to step out into the drizzling rain without fear.
  • Dressing in layers is good as days can get warm in between showers. So add in a sweater or sweatshirt.

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