Seattle’s Hottest Chefs

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Seattle’s Hottest Chefs

The rock stars of cooking, these incredibly talented chefs are making headlines and creating new and exciting food that will ignite your taste buds with flavor.

While you’re visiting Seattle, be sure to check out one or all of the restaurants that contain these five rising stars. You’re sure to experience tasty food combinations that will have your taste buds soaring.

Chef Shannon Martincic is the Chef de Cuisine at Bar Noroeste
2051 7th Avenue

Featuring a culinary resume of an international proportion, Shannon Martinicic’s plates are sure to get your taste buds intrigued. Currently running a taco bar and Bar Noroeste, Shannon is far from serving standard Mexican food. Her tacos begin with venison crudo and are bristling with almond slivers and fizzled shallots. With hardly any citrus and no avocados, these tacos will delight your taste buds and have you singing Chef Martinicic’s praises.

Chef Kris Kim is the Chef de Cuisine at Trove
500 East Pike

Applying new techniques to age-old traditions, Chef Kris Kim showcases innovative dishes with flavor. Chef Kim’s petit tender is poached in tallow and then rubbed with smoky-sweet onion ash. A quick rise to Chef de Cuisine, Kim has opened opportunities for other chefs to show off and share their ideas with Trove Trials.

Chef James Saito is a Sushi Chef at Sushi Kashiba
86 Pine Street Suite 1

James Saito has learned the ways of traditional minimalist Edomae-style sushi. Working under Seattle’s own sushi legend, Shiro Kashiba, Chef Saito prepares omakase alongside Kashiba while other nights making nigiri and rolls for tables in the dining room. He loves to continue learning more of the sushi trade and has said that learning is the biggest joy of this job.

foodChef Taylor Thornhill is Chef de Cuisine at Bateau
1040 E Union Street

Infusing animal steak house with classic French technique gives Taylor Thornhill unique dishes unlike anything else. Taylor Thornhill apprenticed with butchers in Spain and France, giving him a culinary advantage. With plates filled with milk-braised sweetbreads that mingle with a potent tang of pickled elderflowers, you just won’t find plates prettier than his.

Chef Dezi Bonow is a Chef at The Carlile Room
820 Pine Street

With 12 years across the Tom Douglas empire, Dezi Bonow has accomplished an, “interesting vegetables” theme to complement an original steak house concept. Sparkling innovation radiates from each dish like blistered sugar snap peas and pea sprouts in dill butter with a juniper-carrot “ginaigrette.” Bonow keeps his dishes fresh which pleases many consumers greatly.

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