Seattle’s Craft Beer Scene

Seattle’s Craft Beer Scene

The Pacific Northwest is known for its epic scenery, delicious coffee, amazing coastally-inspired food, and rain. It’s also well known for its micro-brewing community. Some even say that Washington State reignited the microbrew scene in the ‘80s and since then has held the country’s largest concentration of breweries. This is perhaps due to the state’s local resources, lush and available ingredients, plus fresh spring water that help inspire breweries to create sudsy masterpieces beer fans covet.

Hunting for Hops
When on the search for local brews, one may only have to travel as far as a nearby corner pub or market to discover new flavors. Many local bars carry the native beers that the public demands and seasonal offers are always a pleasant surprise. Many Seattle restaurants also offer local brews. If you find a place that has a knowledgeable staff, they will be happy to walk you through options that pair with your meal. All you have to do is ask.

Tour de Brewer
Many local breweries offer tours of their facilities. Visitors can check out a wide variety of breweries and see first-hand how the beers go from grain to glass. Road Dogs Brewery Tours offers chauffeured tours that explore three breweries in three hours. Each stop has its own experience that starts with the history of the brewery and ends with delicious tastings. Many breweries have full menus that showcase a variety of brews and how they pair with different dishes.

Beerfest is Best
There are also many festivals surrounding the love of a good, locally crafted, pint. The Washington Beer Commission’s Brewers Festival happens twice a year, once in June and once in December. The Seattle International Beerfest is a three-day event that breaks the seal in July. It features over 200 local, craft, and exotic beers for visitors to toast to.

Whether you are in the mood to explore the breweries, or just wanting a quiet cozy night at home with a movie and a pint, Seattle offers plenty of choices when it comes to local beers. Join a tour or enjoy a pub crawl to learn more about why Washington is a top spot for craft beers and locally-sourced barley pop.

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