Seattle Area Summits for Day Hiking

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Seattle Area Summits for Day Hiking

The lush, green wilderness of Seattle makes every nature enthusiast swoon. From rolling hilltops, to spanning valleys below, Seattle offers optimal terrain for those looking for a great outdoor adventure. Here is a list of hiking summits ideal for every type of hiker, so grab your hiking boots and bring plenty of water because these summits are sure to please.

Mount Ellinor – 3.2 miles round trip
It’s the southern-most prominence on the eastern front of the Olympics and just a short climb from an upper trailhead with amazing views to boot. From the lower trailhead it’s 6.2-mile round-trip. Cutting 900 feet of elevation from the short and near-vertical Olympics trail, Mount Ellinor offers the reward of seeing Puget Sound vistas and a popular mountain goat hangout.

Westberg Trail – 4 miles round trip hike
This trail offers a view for miles while enjoying nature at its finest. It’s great for a climb even when the high country is covered in clouds. Being a four mile round trip, this trail makes for a quick jaunt or if you want to extend that trip, you can add on another six miles with a visit to the University of Washington’s Manastash Ridge Observatory location.

Mount Pilchuck – 6 miles round trip hike
Located near Granite Falls, Washington, this is a hike for a beautiful day. Rocky uphill trails through boulder fields leave little shade, but offer wonderful views. Throughout this trail are views of the Central Cascades and a cool old wooden lookout. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Cape Horn – 7 miles round trip hike
A delightful hike throughout the seasons! This volunteer-maintained trail offers beautiful views of the majestic Columbia River Gorge and an intimate look at Cape Horn Falls. Not only a good work-out. The Cape Horn trail will also have you in awe of its natural surroundings.

Tiger Mountain Trail North – 15 miles round trip hike
Tiger Mountain offers many trails ideal for casual ramblers and speed hikers. Rather than a direct route, this hike is a long meander through Tiger Mountains. Once you get to the top, you obtain a front-row seat to the launch ramp for paragliders that sail down into Issaquah.

Hoh River – Five Mile Island – Miles upon miles of trails
Hoh River trail is set within Washington’s rainforest and hiking right after the autumn rains have begun turns this trail into a majestic woodland experience. These trails offers 2, 10, or even 35 miles of mossy, green forest filled with elk, ancient trees, and growing fungi. Be sure to have your camera ready while walking through these trails!

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