Seattle and Mary Jane

.. or What Washington State’s legal pot laws look like to the marijuana tourist.

legal pot in Seattle tourismHas Washignton State’s new pot laws got you thinking that Seattle is the paradise on Earth that deserves your attention as your next vacation nirvana?

Great, and welcome!

But before you book, please read on to understand what legal marijuana in Washington actually looks like, and what that will mean to you, as a marijuana tourist.

First off, and speaking just for Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals, ALL of our rental properties are non-smoking. That means you can’t smoke tobacco, you can’t smoke a salmon, you can’t smoke pot. Period. In any of our vacation rentals. Or in any of the common areas, such as roof top decks. Nor off your balcony. No smoking anything. Which I realize kinda sucks, especially when you take into account the second point, below, but that’s the way the cannibus-infused brownie crumbles.

The second point, smoking pot in public is not legal. Because even though Washington has legalized pot, as a general rule, Washington is also one of the hardest places in the US to smoke, like just regular tobacco. All bars, restaurants, nightclubs and within 25 feet of a public doorway are no smoking zones. So it should come as no surprise that toking up in pubic is verboten, and is a civil issue (in other words, a ticket, not an arrest). For more about that side of the issue, check out SPD’s Marijwhatnow page, a surprisingly good read about legal pot in Washington.

Lastly, buying retail pot is, as of this writing, still not happening in the State of Washington. Soon, very soon, I am sure there will be Yelp reviews and pot tours. Currently, the state has issued licenses for retail pot locations, and the most recent word from our fearless leaders is that locations should start doing business in June. Out of staters can buy pot in Washington (provided you are over the age of 21) but cannot take it home. For information about the general state of pot in Washington, check out the Seattle P-I’s Pot Blog.  

All this to say, coming to Seattle purely to score some legal grass, man, is not as easy as you might think. You won’t step off the plane and be greeted by doobie filled vending machines (though I have to admit, that certainly might improve the attitude in the lines at the TSA check point). However, there is so much to do, in addition to legal marijuana, I invite you come anyway. You’ll won’t be disappointed!

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