Save Bag Fees-Stay at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals!

The joy just keeps getting sucked out of airline travel. Lines, computer glitches, weather delays, indecent X-ray screenings, and bag fees, lunch fees, gate fees, and any other fee the airlines feel the consumer will put up with can make airline travel feel like a trial to be endured instead of the beginning of an adventure.

Spirit Airlines announced last week that beginning November 6, 2012 passengers arriving at their departure gate with a carry-on bag would be charged $100. For a carry on. This does not included fees for checked bags. And they are of course, not the only ones doing this, just at this writing the most expensive.

Airline add-on fees can tack on $25-$200 to the price of your airline ticket.
The good news is you CAN reduce your vulnerabity to these add-on fees. What if you didn’t need 50 pounds of luggage for your week’s vacation? Consider, instead of a traditional hotel, a vacation rental. Besides being larger (usually), and equipped with a kitchen (most), many vacation rentals provide their guests with washers and dryers. ALL of the units available via Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals come equipped with a washer and dryer.  This is an especially attractive feature for families traveling with kids, or people staying longer than a few days, or folks on an extended, multi-destination trip. Instead of packing an outfit a day for each kid, plus jammies, plus “emergency” outfits for example, minimize luggage, add on costs, backache, and stress by utlitizing this vacation rental perk. 

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