Last Weekend for Rosalie Whyel’s Museum of Doll Art

A true treasure in Western Washington is about to close its doors forever on March 1.

Rosalie Whyel’s Museum of Doll Art, located in the downtown Bellevue, is a wonderful place; a unique museum that draws visitors in with history, beauty and fun.  Due to declining attendence, the museum will close its doors for good next Thursday, and I encourage you to make a visit with someone special this weekend.

A recent visit with my own daughter found the museum busy.  While many visitors appeared to be moms and daughters, or aunts and nieces, or grandmothers and grand-daughters, there were men and boys in attendance as well, and all seemed to be enthralled with the displays. 

Dolls range from wax models to Barbies and everything in between.  Displays of tribal wear document garments worn by many Native American and African tribes.  Period dolls display fashions of the day of both men and women, and I myself was fascinated by the early mechanical features in dolls.  There were dolls from the 1800s that walked and ate, but also dolls that played the harp, powdered their nose, or rode a camel!  The museum is interactive, with videos and pull out drawers to add dimension to the displays. 

I highly recommend this fantastic place.  Spend a few hours here this weekend before you lose the chance forever!

Picture courtesy of Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art

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