Hot Tub Boats

When you’re looking for an experience in your vacation that brings you a unique mix of relaxation, adventure, and iconic scenery, then you must be thinking of hot tub boats. It’s the latest attraction to come out of Seattle. As a melting pot of cultural trends, Seattle has always been ahead of other cities in setting the tone for the next new thing, and hot tub boats reflect this free-thinking environment quite well. The boat itself is a unique design that combines classic structure with modern amenities to create an experience that is the talk of the city. Started with a small idea that brought together a team of enthusiastic artists and engineers, it has grown into a successful business that serves the community.

Relaxation and Adventure

Yes, hot tub boats can bring you a deep sense of relaxation akin to the one you get from a long session at a spa or a health center. The hot water in the wood tub has a great effect on your body and muscle structure, loosening the tension and stress that builds up over time. Combine that with different amenities that make the journey a truly gratifying one. But this is not another hot tub; this is a hot tub floating in the ocean. So, yes, you’re moving while you’re soaking your body. And if you’re wondering how that feels, you just wait till you’ve tried it.

Soak up the Scenery

Seattle is blessed with great scenery. Most of it is natural, while the architecture adds to that beauty rather than detracting from it. All you need to get on one of these hot tub boats is a driver’s license. Get your friends in the tub, and with a simple joystick, you can navigate the boat in the water. Enjoy the amazing scenery around you at your leisure. Seattle certainly looks different when you observe it from a floating hot tub boat. Hot Tub Boats is located on Lake Union, beneath the AGC Building. Call them at (206)-771-9883 or email them for more info.

Why Our Vacation Rentals?

Our years of experience managing vacation rentals have taught us a lot about the tastes of the customers. People take a vacation to experience a change of scenery and also a change in the accommodation. While we strive to make the vacation rental as comfortable as your own home, we know that you look for more amenities and services that you don’t often get at home. And that’s what makes our vacation properties so special. We always go the extra mile to make it more comforting and ultra-luxurious. Call us today to learn more about our great offers.