Got it Bad for Belltown


Got it Bad for Belltown

What to See and Do in This Downtown Seattle Neighborhood

All along the waterfront, the city’s still buzzing from the night before. After making a night of it at the local haunts, you’re ready to explore what daylight has to offer, and this is the perfect time to take it all in. The smell of freshly baked bread wafts by as you window shop. The café manager is sweeping up from last night’s crowd, ready to start again. A boutique owner puts the finishing touches on a new display and flips his sign to ‘open.’ Baristas are pouring their own sleepy cups of coffee to prepare for the busy day. This is the atmosphere you love – charming but vibrant, welcoming but electric. This is Belltown.

The Belltown Backstory
Though the neighborhood is still sophomoric in terms of popularity, Belltown is steeped in history. Indeed, even its visionaries couldn’t have imagined the lively cosmopolitan district that exists today. Once too hilly for the businesses and homes developers hoped to see, the City of Seattle regraded the area in the early 1900s. Yet, it didn’t see dramatic change until the 1970s. Over time, hip personalities began to flock to Belltown, bringing with them an unmatched energy and zest for life. The best time to experience Belltown is in the here and now.

What’s The Haps?
The better question is, what isn’t happening in Belltown? This district runs along the Puget Sound waterfront and features several beautiful parks, offering a scenic foray into downtown. Take a leisurely stroll by the water, or put on your running shoes for the best morning workout of your life. The shopping, too, is top-notch. From jewelry to furniture, hand-made specialties to high-end consignment wear, there’s little you can’t find here. If you appreciate art, the galleries are just as incredible as the glassblowing studios. And for a quiet evening out, try the historic Cinerama, a vintage movie theater with ultra-contemporary décor, gourmet popcorn, plush seating, and even grown-up beverages. It’s an experience that can’t be beat, which you’ll find to be true of your entire trip to Belltown.

The Eats and The Drinks
For most people, the most brag-worthy component of a Belltown experience is the food. Belltown restaurants offer comfort foods (think: biscuits and gravy), ethnic delicacies for adventurous palates, and upscale bistros for dates or celebrations. Whatever you’re after, Belltown has it, and the same is true for the night life. For those who love to go out on the town, look no further. Experience a hole-in-the-wall where locals learn your name, or take your night game to the next level at a speakeasy or nightclub.

Walk ‘N’ Roll
For locals and guests, the best way to get around the neighborhood is to walk. Anything you dream of doing, seeing, tasting, smelling, or buying is within a breezy walk around the most dynamic part of town. Adventurers and exercise enthusiasts, consider Segway or bicycle rentals!

To get to Belltown, you can certainly hitch a Lyft or hail a cab. Even public transportation is a cinch with a map and a little patience. If you’d like to drive yourself, check out Parkopedia for locations, suggestions, and costs.

You’ve Got It Bad for Belltown
After your trip to Seattle, you’ll think back to the weeks, days, or hours you were able to spend in this eclectic, dynamic section of the city, and you’ll realize you’ve got it bad for Belltown. Don’t fret, though – Belltown will be waiting for you, with even more to share on your next trip to the Pacific Northwest. Visit Seattle Oasis Vacations to start planning!

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