Geocaching Treasures in Seattle

Geocaching Treasures in Seattle

One of the best ways to discover new places in any city is by Geocaching. No matter where your travels take you, there is a Geocache waiting to be discovered. Seattle offers an abundance of Geocaches for the avid treasure hunter.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a popular, world-wide treasure hunting game for people of all ages. It’s perfect for travelers as there are millions of Geocaches across the globe. Participants find the Geocaches using a GPS-enabled mobile device. Getting started is simple, just go to and sign up for free. Use the online site to discover where the Geocaches are located near you and let your GPS mobile device lead you to the hiding spot. Find the cache, sign the log, and place it back where you found it. Then log your find on the website. Sure, it sounds simple, but it’s incredibly fun and addictive.

Plenty to see in Seattle

There are hundreds of Geocaches in the Seattle area. One look at the map on and you won’t have a problem planning out your excursions. Many caches take you to fun points of interest in Seattle or areas that may be off the grid to most.

Favorite caches to catch

Hop on or google “Seattle Geocaching” and you’ll find some top caches that showcase the city. Below are the caches, their numbers, and descriptions with links to each site.

Carkeek Cache (GC33A) – Said to be the oldest cache in Seattle. Wooded trails, salmon spawning, or a leisurely bench walk in the Carkeek Park make this a must-find.

Department of Magnetism and Gravitation (GCQY5T) – Leisurely wander the University of Washington campus to find this cache. You can also try to solve the Department of Forensic Morphology Annex (GCNFWZ), another local favorite. 

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble (GC24H25) – Downtown, near Pike Place Market. Discover the world-famous gum-wall.

Fresh Fish (GC16WQW) – A creative hide and Fisherman’s Terminal is the real deal – fresh fish, right off the boats. Are you a "Deadliest Catch" fan?

Hamilton Viewpoint (GCHEGW) – West Seattle. One of the best Seattle views, looking northeast from Alki Point. On most days, you can see Elliott bay, downtown Seattle, Bainbridge Island, the Space Needle, and most of Seattle’s major hills.

Olympic Sculpture Walk Park (GC1A2TN) – Downtown. Great waterfront art park – stroll the gardens admiring the sculptures and then enjoy the beach views. The Seattle Art Museum has created a downtown gem. 

Still Sleepless in Seattle (GCNHNH) – East Lake Union. Those picturesque house boats, made famous in, "Sleepless in Seattle."


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