Chihuly Garden and Glass

Creativity reigns supreme in the innovative and versatile city of Seattle, Washington. Those visiting the Emerald City with a passion for the unique and inspiring won’t want to miss out on a stop at the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Conveniently settled downtown, the Chihuly Garden and Glass is a dual-purpose gallery and garden that invites visitors to immerse themselves in something truly spectacular and perhaps even a bit unexpected.

Ambitious Art

The Seattle Art Center has a history with artistic undertakings that reaches back to the World’s Fair of 1962. Since that time, Seattle has continued on a path of creativity that has captivated the minds and imaginations of travelers from across the country and globe. The concept for Chihuly Garden and Glass was born from the desire to rejuvenate the Seattle Center with new, vibrant life. Artist Dave Chihuly was commissioned to create a space where nature and glass works would come together in a beautiful balance of exhibits. The result was a strikingly colorful and serene space where guests can wander through an array of plant life intermixed with gorgeous glassworks.

Stunning Scenery

A garden, glasshouse, galleries, and theater make up the Chihuly Garden and Glass. The glass- house is often highlighted as the centerpiece of the exhibit with towering ceilings rising to heights of 40 feet tall and a sprawling exhibit space stretching across 4,500 square feet. Impressive palettes of colored glass cover the ceilings, shifting their reflections and hues with the changing of the light. Eight separate galleries make for a wonderful stroll through the many hand-crafted works Chihuly has contributed to the museum. Learning how these pieces came to be is best experienced in the on-site theater where a film captures the process of glass blowing from start to finish. A trip to Chihuly Garden and Glass should end with a stroll through the stunning gardens. Permanent glass installations create a striking contrast against the natural landscape and demand visitor attention with their bold colors and unique shapes. Wherever you start or end your visit, a trip to this one-of-a-kind museum promises to make for lifelong memories.

Chihuly Garden Glass In Seattle

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