Baseball & Brew: A Seattle Pastime

Baseball and beer have recently become a classic combo throughout the United States, but it has been a tradition in Seattle for more than a century. Dating back as far as 1870 (when the city founded its first amateur team and brewery), Seattle has been consistently building excitement around their alcohol and athletes, and they might very well be at their peak in both categories right now. While Seattle already had countless attractions worth visiting, the city’s passion for their baseball team—the Mariners—is electric and can be felt throughout the city and makes a baseball game a perfect choice for your vacation.

Both beer and baseball were favorites of the earliest settlers in Seattle, but it was the vision and subsequent work of Emil Sick that made it all possible when he brought the two together while founding Seattle’s first baseball team. That team, the Seattle Rainiers, set the table for modern day Mariners and put Seattle firmly on the map as an entertainment powerhouse of a city.

Seattle is the Place for Baseball Experiences
Very few cities are able to provide the combination of experiences that Seattle can, and the atmosphere surrounding the Mariners (and baseball a whole) in the city is unlike many other sports experiences. So, after you’ve booked in to one of Seattle’s finest hotels, indulged in the city’s finest culinary offerings, and struck up a conversation with some of the locals, do yourself a favor and catch a Mariners game and continue the conversations there.

Despite not making the playoffs since 2001, the Seattle Mariners have been able to build excitement and put together competitive teams for the past few years. No longer is the team afraid to spend money on players, so you can be sure that you’re paying to watch a team worth the price of admission. In many situations when a team has been mired in a slump as long as the Mariners have, sadness will be present throughout the stadium. But it is nothing but positivity and hope for the future with the Mariners now, and your fandom will only add to that.

Even this season, the Mariners are averaging more than 24,000 fans per game—more than teams from busier cities such as Chicago (the White Sox) and Miami (the Marlins). The fans of the Mariners are some of the most loyal in Major League Baseball, and that only looks to improve moving forward as the team moves back towards the playoffs. Starting with the action-packed career of Ken Griffey Jr in the 1990s, then shifting with the excitement centered around Japanese-import Ichiro Suzuki in the mid-2000s, the Mariners have decades of proof of their competitiveness, and are eager to carry the torch forward for Seattle baseball.

If you are a baseball diehard or merely maintain a passing interest, Seattle is a perfect location for you to immerse yourself into the sport. Boasting one of the most popular stadiums in the league, Safeco Field has been a source of memories in Seattle for decades. Since it opened in 1999, countless home runs, walk off hits, and masterful pitching performances have happened within the stadium’s gates—with the future only promising even greater excitement.

The National Pastime in one of the Nation’ Greatest Cities
Baseball is undoubtedly a beloved sport around the world, and you need to look no further than the game’s increased globalization over the years as proof of that. If you’re in Seattle on vacation and have a bit of free time, why not squeeze in a Seattle Mariners game? With tickets available for every possible budget, there are no excuses why you shouldn’t catch a game at Safeco Field.

The city of Seattle offers tons of exploits and chances for indulgence, and the Seattle Mariners rank very high near the top of that list of attractions. After all, you don’t want to look back and think that you missed a game during the Mariners’ greatest season in their team history. Stop by Safeco Field, buy a ticket, a hot dog, and a few beers, and experience baseball like only Seattle can offer you.

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