Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle, Washington is a city with a reputation for growth. Whether it be in the name of innovation, business, natural wonders or opportunities, Seattle has long been a place the progressive at heart have come to see growth at its finest. While it’s an amazing opportunity to come and see Seattle as it pushes the boundaries of population, artistic endeavors and business it’s also a city that has found a sense of balance within its commitment to conservation. When your travel plans take you to the Emerald City, make some time to stop by the Woodland Park Zoo while you’re here. As fun for the adults as it is the kids, Woodland Park Zoo is a great example of how efforts to maintain precious animal populations and help species thrive, even within the urban boundaries of the city, take a special priority in this Pacific Northwest destination. 

A Commitment to Conservation

Located at 5500 Phinney Avenue in the neighborhood of Phinney Ridge, the Woodland Park Zoo is an impressive destination created to provide a space where research, education, and conservation collide in the best way possible. From amphibians to mammals, reptiles to insects, the Woodland Park Zoo has a little bit of everything for every interest and passion a visitor may hold dear. Woodland Park Zoo covers a sprawling 92 acres of land and the design of the zoo is divided by bioclimate zones to promote authentic living conditions amongst the many creatures that call this zoo home. From tropical to desert ecosystems, the Woodland Park Zoo is a vast experience in displays and exhibits that take guests on a tour around the globe. Be sure to explore the lions that lounge on the African Savannah before making your way over to the Arctic Penguin exhibit. You won’t want to leave without a trip through the famed butterfly garden as well. The diversity and beauty of this zoo make it a popular place for events, educational programs and class field trips throughout the academic school year. 

Planning a Visit

The Woodland Park Zoo is open to the public Monday through Friday 9:30 am until 4:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays until 6:00 pm. Adult ticket prices begin at $22.95 while children 3-12 get in for $13.95. Guests will want to be sure to check the zoo’s daily calendar for a list of feeding times, demonstrations and classes that are regularly hosted. 

Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

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