Wooden Boat Museum

The appeal Seattle, Washington holds for visitors lies as much on land as it does in the sea. This port city has long been defined by its maritime history and perhaps no place in Seattle does a more comprehensive job of retaining and relating these seaworthy stories than the Wooden Boat Museum. Officially titled The Center for Wooden Boats, the curators of this establishment are dedicated to sharing and preserving Seattle’s maritime history through hands-on exhibits and personalized stories that bring the past to life. Whether you’re an avid lover of the sea or simply interested in a closer look at Seattle’s intricate story this museum is well worth a visit when you’re in town.

Maritime Marvels

Located at Valley Street, The Center for Wooden Boats began as a simple boat rental company at the hands of Dick and Colleen Wagner in 1968. For 10 years, this small family managed a fleet of wooden boats as rentals before realizing that the popularity merited a larger venue to continue thriving. The Center for Wooden Boats was born out of their growing collection of vessels and has continued on since that time to become an interactive and educational facility where the general public can enjoy and engage with the importance of sailing. Admission to the museum is free and guests are invited to make their way over the docks, view the vessels and browse the many displays that speak to a rich maritime past in the Pacific Northwest. At the Wooden Boat Museum, education goes hand in and with experience. Guests are encouraged to try their hand at fastening a plank or hop onboard one of the boats for an impromptu sail.

Enjoy Learning the Ropes

Classes, lessons, and boat rentals are readily available to guests at The Center for Wooden Boats. Sailing instruction is split up according to age group for more effective classes with family instruction available upon request. Those who are interested in vessels specific to fishing or crabbing excursions need only ask the staff on hand for advice as to which boat is available for rent that fits the bill.

Wooden Boat Museum In Seattle

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