Washington State Ferries

Visitors to Seattle, Washington are quickly enamored with the diversity of the cityscape and landscape that can be enjoyed. From shows, dining and museums to whale watching, hiking, and sailing, the sheer diversity of available activities make this a destination worth visiting. The mountains, forests, and waterways create a lovely backdrop for a visit any time of year, but also mean transportation must be taken into unique consideration when it comes to moving people, vehicles and goods across these staggering landscapes. For those looking to move quickly and conveniently between Seattle and off-shore destinations or other landmarks in Washington, the Washington State Ferries are key to getting where you’re going.

An Icon of State Transportation

With a fleet of 22 vessels moving between 20 terminals and through 10 distinct routes, Washington State Ferries has earned the title of the largest ferry system in the nation. The system serves eight Washington counties and extends up into Canada providing top-tier service to British Columbia as well. This notorious marine highway services daily commuters, commercial passengers and tourists upon the same vessels. Crossing the Puget Sound and inland waterways, Washington State Ferries service over 23 million passengers comfortably. The fleet is made up of seven different types of vessels that can accommodate people, machinery, vehicles, and goods efficiently and effectively.

Fares and Logistics

The cost of booking a place on a Washington State Ferry is highly dependent upon the circumstances surrounding travel. Guests can customize their ticket to include a one-way voyage or round-trip experience and will need to include information on the weight and length of a vehicle if traveling with this type of cargo as well. Once a ticket is booked, getting to where you’re going is easier than ever. Determine your terminal and if you’re traveling with a car or truck, simply drive the vehicle onto the vessel as indicated by port staff. While the Washington State Ferries are the ideal way to move vehicles throughout the coastal portion of Washington, it is also the most convenient mode of transportation for those guests looking to visit destinations such as the San Juan Islands. Whether your trip is for fun or for business, the Washington State Ferries have provided the means to make travel feasible since they began operation in 1951.

Ferries In Washington

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