Shorty’s Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a city where the possibilities for fun are truly endless. Those who love to kayak, hike, and boat will find the beautiful waterways and mountains beckoning. Those with a heart for shopping, arts, culture, and entertainment will find a vibrant downtown packed with options. Still, those with palates designed for flavor will find the culinary scene in Seattle as diverse as the city itself. One of the most eclectic and fun stops by far is Shorty’s in Seattle. Find your inner child when you make your way to this delicious joint that serves up fun on a plate and in the form of arcade games too.

The Best of Games and Flavor

Shorty’s bar in Seattle is a long-loved bar located at 2316 2nd Avenue. Often described as whimsical, Shorty’s has become a household name amongst visitors and locals alike to the city. Colorful, captivating and perhaps bordering on kitsch décor, Shorty’s welcomes guests with a circus tent-inspired façade with options to take a seat indoors or on the front patio when the weather is in agreement. Red, yellow and white fence panels line the patio where guests are greeted by a notoriously friendly staff. Shorty’s Seattle is open from 11:30 until 2:00 pm every day and has a popular happy hour but is more well-known for the collection of vintage video and pinball games that are open to guests to enjoy while they wait or after they dine. Dim lighting accented with neon and bistro lights sets the arcade ambiance that makes adults feel like kids again in no time!

Menu Favorites

The fare at Shorty’s is undeniably reminiscent of a family-fun carnival and features everything from hot dogs and burgers to nachos and sandwiches. While the Chicago-style gourmet hot dog comes highly recommended, those that lean green will enjoy the options of ordering up a tofu salad sandwich or veggie dog upon request. Chili nachos take the concept of chips and topping to the next level while ordering the sausage and kraut is a sure way to experience the best of German fare right in the heart of Seattle. The full-service bar at Shorty’s bar in Seattle makes it easy to pair your plate with just the right beverage including beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails.

Make the Most of Seattle

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