Pike Brewing Company in Seattle

Seattle is a city that’s known for its unique versatility. Between the amazing landscape, dramatic weather, culture, arts and entertainment, it’s a place where it’s easy to find reasons to return time and again. The same can be said for Seattle’s culinary and beverage scene. As the city has grown, so has its many options for indulging the taste buds across a diverse selection of preferences. For those that have a passion for beer and can’t wait to combine that love with a little education into the industry, a trip to the Pike Brewing Company in Seattle is an absolute must while you’re here.

Beer, Brewing and Beyond

The Pike Brewing Company is located at 1415 1st Avenue and is a well-known and popular place for locals and visitors to be entertained while in Seattle. While Pike Brewery Seattle provides guests with a warm welcome that makes it feel like you’ve stepped into a small-town pub, the experience to be had here goes well beyond the menu. Since it’s founding in 1989, this independent craft brewing company has continued to grow and find new ways to introduce the greater population to the joys and flavors of brewing. When you come to Pike Brewing Company to grab something to drink or eat, you’ll also enjoy the option of visiting the on-site brewery or even visiting the attached Beer museum. Here, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the brewing process while the museum makes it easy to follow along with the history of brewing’s rise to fame. There’s something about learning how your beer is made that makes it somehow that much more savory!

Fan Favorites at Pike Brewery Seattle

While the listing of locally brewed beers is practically irresistible at Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, it’s possible to order up a mouthwatering meal while you’re here too. This locale serves up everything from burgers and pizza to salad and clam chowder when you’re in the mood for something from the sea. Pair your plate with a pint and get ready to enjoy some quality time dining alongside friends and family in true Seattle style.

Savor the City of Seattle

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