Petra Café Seattle

When it comes to vacation destinations that invite visitors to come and spend ample time exploring, Seattle, Washington has long been a place that’s beckoned guests from near and far. Visitors head to The Emerald City with visions of the Space Needle in their minds only to find that the city is much more than they ever expected! Between the impressive markets, bustling downtown, exciting stores, and opportunities to encounter nature on an entirely different level, Seattle is a city that has the power to change perspective, making it a great place to return time and again.

The restaurant scene in Seattle is just as exciting as the rest of it and invites guests to enjoy a variety of fare that comes from across the globe. When you’re looking to continue exploring but are craving some Mediterranean fare on the go, head over to Petra Café in Seattle for an order of something savory before you head out on further adventures.

A Charming and Savory Stop

Petra Café Seattle is located at 1933 7th Avenue and is easy to miss because it’s integrated into the bottom of a towering apartment building. Once you’ve got your sights set on where it’s situated, Petra Café promises to be a place you won’t soon forget. This casual dining establishment is popular as a food-to-go stop, and if you swing by during the afternoon, it’s likely you’ll be in line with plenty of employees of local, nearby businesses who have discovered it’s easy, savory flavor and fun atmosphere. Petra Mediterranean Café is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm making it the perfect locale when you need a quick bite for lunch.

How It Works

A visit to Petra Mediterranean Café is much like a stop at a sandwich shop. Guests are asked to take their spot in line and once you reach the counter, you’ll have a plethora of options to create your own customized lunch bowl from Café Petra’s Mediterranean cuisine. This takeaway concept means you likely won’t linger after you order, but you’ll have a delicious meal in hand that’s sure to please. The chicken bowl with Tagine sauce comes highly recommended as does the gyro rice bowl with mixed veggies on top. No matter what you order, be sure to pair it with a coconut lemonade for a fresh twist to your mid-day meal.

Savor Café Petra’s Mediterranean Cuisine & More in Seattle

Whether you’re here for the food, fun or entertainment, Seattle is a city worth visiting and the team at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is happy to help you book beautiful accommodations to match. Contact us today for more information on our many property options throughout the city.