Momiji Sushi Seattle

Capturing the essence of the city of Seattle during a visit can mean many things to excited travelers. For some, it comes down to time spent out in nature, exploring the diverse landscape and making the most of the mountains, forests, and waterways. For others, it’s about savoring the arts, culture and entertainment that brim over the downtown scene. Still for some travelers, it’s more about experiencing the flavors of the city and fortunately for them, Seattle is a city that’s known for its diverse restaurant collection. When you’re in the mood for Japanese fare and are looking for a setting that feels authentic too, make your way to Momiji Seattle and enjoy a meal that’s sure to please!

Captivating Flavor in the Heart of Seattle

Situated at 1522 12th Avenue, Momiji sits in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, making it a convenient stop for those looking to enjoy bold and authentic flavors. Momiji’s kitchen is open daily from 4:00 pm until 12:30 am making it a great place for guests looking for dinner options or late-night bites. The fare at Momiji comes with a reputation earned on its handcrafted appeal while the service here is known for being friendly at all hours. The atmosphere created for guests at Momiji is colorful and welcoming. Perhaps the highlight of a stop at Momiji Sushi Seattle is the Kyoto garden that accompanies the restaurant and provides a spot for tranquility in an otherwise busy city. Large group reservations are welcome at Momiji and can be placed by calling 206-457-4068. Momiji’s 12th Avenue location provides plenty of street parking, making it simple to find a place to settle in without stress.

Menu Highlights at Momiji Sushi Seattle

While the menu is vast and varied at Momiji, those looking to enjoy Happy Hour options will find this restaurant hosts two daily between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm as well as between 10:00 pm and 12:30 am. When it’s dinner you crave, Kyoto style dishes range from Goma Tofu and Vegetable Gyoza to Ikura Somen. Noodles and small plates are just as easy to order up and provide a great option when you’re looking to snack. The raw bar is always a possibility as well and provides plenty of ahi poke and salmon tartare to go around! Sushi and sashimi combo platters are the perfect option when you’re looking for a robust meal with plenty of flavorful choices. No matter what you select, make sure to ask for a sampling of sake while you’re here.

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