Marrakesh Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a renowned destination for witnessing American innovation in the fields of commerce, transportation, and business. Travelers to Seattle often come to see the place where phenomenally successful companies such as Starbucks and Boeing were born. Whether you spend your time exploring museums and art galleries or can’t wait to get out on the water or into the mountains, Seattle is a city dedicated to all that is extraordinary and progressive.

This theme extends to Seattle’s global perspective as well. For all the city of Seattle has contributed to American growth, it’s a destination that’s immersed in culture, tradition and amazing flavors that reflect a global outlook too. Many of these cultures are reflected throughout Seattle through flavor. When you’re craving an authentic Moroccan experience in the heart of Seattle, there’s no need to look further than a dinner spent at Marrakesh Seattle.

Authentic Moroccan Flavor at Marrakesh Seattle

Traditionally, hospitality is of the utmost importance in Moroccan culture and guests to Marrakesh will find that the value is extended with each and every visit. Located at 2334 2nd Avenue, Marrakesh is a flavorful, fun and authentic way to enjoy Moroccan cuisine in a setting that transports you to a world away. Communal pillows, colorful scarves, and tents, as well as plush couches, set the scene for a dinner that promises to be as delicious as it is intriguing. Rich hues, rugs, and tapestries fill every corner of the dining room, providing guests with a sense of what it truly means to dine in Moroccan style. Marrakesh Seattle is open for dinner daily from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Once you’ve enjoyed a savory meal with family or friends, those who are members of Marrakesh are free to use the Hookah lounge from 9:00 pm until well beyond midnight.

Menu Highlights

The team at Marrakesh does an amazing job of providing guests with a menu that reflects the heart and soul of Morocco through flavor. Enjoy menu selections that include everything from a Tagine of lamb or chicken to couscous or Breka. Dinner can be served a la carte or as a traditional five-course meal that includes lentil soup, salad, and B’stilla Royale. Mint tea and dessert are a must when it comes to a palate-pleasing follow up to dinner. If you happen to be dining at Marrakesh Seattle in a large group, decadent banquet rooms can be reserved in advance for a more intimate experience.

Seattle is for Everyone

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