Local 360

Seattle is a city that beckons travelers to come and enjoy the innovative downtown destinations that range from shows and concerts to museums, architectural stops and historical landmarks too. While it’s an incredible place to jump into the heart of city-based fun, Seattle’s location puts it in proximity to some of the lushest landscapes imaginable. Out of these landscapes come a recipe for farm-fresh ingredients and natural produce that has many of Seattle’s restaurants teeming with potential. While there are many dining options in the Emerald City, those that are looking for a fresh, organic and sustainable take on dining will want to be sure to enjoy time spent at Local 360 in Seattle.

A Sustainable and Flavorful Establishment

Located at 2234 1st Avenue, Local 360 was developed on a belief that natural and whole flavors are the first steps towards attainable and sustainable eating. The team at Local 360 works hard to ensure that each of their ingredients is sourced from a local farm within 360 miles of Seattle to create a space where clean, natural and organic food can be indulged in any time guests stop by. Local 360 doesn’t aim to be a restaurant that’s blazing the trail with new ideas but rather prides itself on being a restaurant where simplicity is valued in the name of designing delicious and nutritious plates people can enjoy together in great company.

Local 360 Menu Highlights

Local 360 aims to inspire by returning to the basics and providing food that’s good for the mind, body, and soul. Come in and enjoy brunch, dinner or happy hour and remember what it’s like to indulge in clean, savory eating. Local 360 in Seattle integrates a vegan menu as well, making this an extremely versatile dining stop for those who eat according to specific dietary restrictions. The brunch menu focuses on fan favorites like buttermilk biscuits, shrimp and grits, corned beef hash and salmon crab Caesar. The dinner menu highlights the best of seafood, meats, and vegetables with selections ranging from pacific oysters and wild mushroom tartine to wild salmon filet and beef tartare. A selection of meticulous curated and creative hand-crafted cocktails are also on the menu when you’re searching for just the right meal pairing. When you’re done with dinner, be sure to make space for dessert with options that include a Northwest cheese plate or ice cream and sorbet for those with a sweet tooth to tend to.

Seattle is Waiting for You

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